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Bloomberg: world economy without a dollar can not do
UN elects five new members to serve on Security Council
UNESCO report highlights need for greater investment, diversity in science
NATO Audience Research: pre-Summit polling results 2021
Statement for healthcare professionals: How COVID-19 vaccines are regulated for safety and effectiveness
Main obstacle to development of China
US will spend $ 250 billion on technical confrontation with China
IMF Executive Board Concludes Financial System Stability Assessment with Hong Kong SAR
Global Recovery Strong but Uneven as Many Developing Countries Struggle with Pandemic’s Lasting Effects
Visit of US Senators to Taiwan in China has been provocated by provocation
US Congress demanded transfer of Olympics of 2022 from Beijing
Oil is poorly cheaper
IMF Deputy Managing Director Tao Zhang to Leave Fund
Global Launch: Tracking SDG7: Energy Progress Report
FINANCIAL TIMES: In world, record increase in food prices
UN health agency urges nations to donate 250 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine
China called on to explain outbreak of a mysterious disease in laboratory of Wanne
Biden introduced to “black list” dozens of leading Chinese companies
Restoration call for area ‘the size of China’ to protect falling biodiversity and food insecurity
Account for Tiananmen Massacre: China
Comrade C on wire with Ilham Aliyev
Foreign Ministers prepare NATO Summit, exchange views on NATO 2030
American billionaire told currency that will replace dollar
Pervasive Discrimination Under Two-Child Policy: China
China: revealed a new outbreak of Covid-19
American scientist warned about threat of COVID-26 and COVID-32
Wife of a virusologist from Uhanny died from Covid-19 to a pandemic
Western special services consider believable leakage of COVID-19 from laboratory
Telegraph: British special services help US to establish origin of Covid-19
Millets prove tasty solution to climate and food security challenges
Pharmaceutical companies urged to support knowledge-sharing platform
Armed man attacked schoolchildren in China: there are wounded
World Health Assembly adopts new resolution on malaria
Human Rights Watch Mourns Loss of Robin Munro
Human Rights Council Establishes International Commission of Inquiry to Investigate Violations
Human Rights Council Opens Special Session on “the Grave Human Rights Situation
Facebook will no longer remove posts about artificial origin COVID-19
United States encouraged to continue investigation into origin of COVID-19
Russia’s Economic Recovery Gathers Pace, Says New World Bank Report
Carbon Prices now Apply to Over a Fifth of Global Greenhouse Gases
Chinese leader congratulated Ilham Aliyev
Bitcoina price fell 50% per month
World No Tobacco Day 2021 awards – winners
US intelligence: virologists in Uhana were hard to pandemic
China: 21 athlete frozen death during marathon
A UN Resident Coordinator’s blog
Statement following Twenty-Eighth IHR Emergency Committee for Polio
Everyone will lose unless humanity makes ‘peace with planet’, declares UN chief