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China: SCO forum “Year of Tourism 2023” takes place
Beijing made it clear to United States that Taiwan should not support and prevent development of PRC
Leaders of United States and China met in San Francisco
Xi Jinping arrived in San Francisco to participate in APEC summit
International Gas Forum started in St. Petersburg
Zhaparov: SCO – reliable platform for formation of fair world order
Bishkek discussed cooperation of Kyrgyzstan and China
Kyrgyz Prime Minister Zhaparov met with Prime Minister of State Council of China Lee Lee Qian
Head of Ministry of Defense of PRC Lee Shanf was removed from his post
Visor between Kazakhstan and China will begin to act on November 10
Putin met with Xi Jinping in Beijing
Initiative “One belt is one path”: fundamental stone of strategy of growing force of China
They plan to build an indoor ice resort in Uzbekistan
Putin: No one should allow possibility of nuclear war
About 1 million
Largest investor in economy of Kyrgyzstan in 2022 became Türkiye
UN: UN delegation in Karabakh has not discovered any evidence of violence against Armenian civilian population
UN Mission arrived in Karabakh economic district of Azerbaijan
Turkish male sports gymnastics team won Olympic license
Aliyev: Expanding cooperation with China one of main priorities of foreign policy of Azerbaijan
Moscow format opposed placement of military infrastructure of third countries in Afghanistan
Zhaparov: Geopolitical shocks increased interest in Central Asia
Lavrov: Russian Federation does not accept return of military infrastructure of United States and NATO to Afghanistan
Presidents of Russian Federation and Iran discussed situation around Karabakh
Shoigu: Armed Forces of Russian Federation, against backdrop of Western supplies of weapons of Kyiv, continue to increase combat power
Kyrgyzstan: first World Cup to fight on horseback continues
India cannot establish connection with spacecraft “Chandrayan-3”
President of Kyrgyzstan and UN Secretary General discussed international cooperation
Putin: Russian Federation is in contact with Baku and Yerevan
Africa seeks to increase role in UN system
Britain: retired pilots will be judged for training pilots in PRC
“Knowledge Day” in Karabakh: first school bell rang in Lachina in 32 years
Tokaev: Kazakhstan intends to strengthen its position as transit hub in Eurasia
Hakan Fidan: Turkey, UAE, Iraq and Qatar continues intensive negotiations regarding project “Development Road”
“Corridor wars” in global geopolitics
Countries G20 agreed to provide status of permanent member of African Union
G20 leading summit starts on September 9
Over 14,560 people received Kazakhstani citizenship in 7 months of year
China brought to orbit satellite of remote sensing of Earth “Yaogan-33”
In Turkey they can extend tourist season
Xi Jinping will not go to G20 summit in India
Türkiye in August set an absolute record for export
Russian Foreign Ministry announced abuse of United States, France and Britain authority in UN Security Council
Foreign Minister of China and Britain discussed war in Ukraine
El Nigno: What is natural phenomenon leading to
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on August 31
Central Asian countries: new locomotive for development of Asian region
For first time in five years, Foreign Minister of Britain will visit China