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Year of Brutality in Coup’s Wake in Myanmar
Beijing Olympics Begin Amid Atrocity Crimes
China appealed to USA and Russia
Medvedev: Russia will be able to do without a dollar
Journalists and customs officers merged into some rows: VAT + pen = force
Ukraine Blocked cargo traffic “China-Europe”. decision hits interests of Azerbaijan
In United States stated timing of “invasion of Russia to Ukraine
Halmilliard dollars will give China free of charge to countries of Central Asia
Rising caseloads, disrupted recovery, higher inflation: New IMF forecast
Deputy Secretary General stresses NATO will continue to increase Ukraine’s cyber defences
Comrade Si warned external forces: do not interfere in affairs of Kazakhstan
Urgent Action Needed to Block Foreign Revenue in Myanmar
UN chief calls for Olympic Truce to build ‘culture of peace’ through sport
USA went against cart
Urgent action needed to protect Vietnamese workers trafficked to Serbia
Davos Agenda Closes with Calls for New Models of Public-Private Cooperation
UN experts deeply concerned by alleged trafficking of Vietnamese migrant workers to Serbia
Now because of buying asian countries grow prices for coal
TotalEnergies Endorses Targeted Sanctions in Myanmar
US is not a decree: China told how much oil imported from Iran
WHO publishes new global data on use of clean and polluting fuels for cooking by fuel type
Iran, China and Russia begin joint military exercises
Sultan Qaboos University of Oman visits NATO Headquarters
Russia, Iran and China will hold joint military exercises
Favela hip-hop empowerment, neighbourhood nursing revolution and eradicating hidden hunger
China’s President Xi Opens Davos Agenda with Call for Greater Global Cooperation to Tackle Common Challenges
Ex-president of Iran Ahmadinejad: Russia and China will regret support of Taliban
Oil prices continue to grow
China: $1.9 Trillion Boost and 88 million Jobs by 2030 Possible with Nature-Positive Solutions
25-year-old Pact of Iran and China entered into force. West concerned
Taliban ask for help from China
Iran and China begin cooperation for next 25 years
Two countries joined diplomatic boycott of Olympics in Beijing
China has agreed with United States: Beijing prints strategic oil reserves
Green Infrastructure Development Key to Boost Recovery Along Belt and Road Initiative
Who helps Er-Riyadh produce ballistic missiles
Vietnams economic growth is expected to accelerate to 5.5% in 2022 and greening its trade would offer new opportunities
US imposed sanctions against citizens of Russia and China
Armenian Armenian again committed military provocation on border with Azerbaijan
Covid variants, rising debt, threaten global economic growth: World Bank
Residents of Chinese millionth city of Millionnica banned from home
Current vaccines may need to be updated, experts warn
Global economy promise a gloomy future
Global Growth to Slow through 2023, Adding to Risk of Hard Landing in Developing Economies
Hong Kong banned entry travelers from Azerbaijan
Strong earthquake brought down section of Great Wall
Time to rethink tourism, an economic lifeline for millions
20 Years of US Torture – and Counting