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Uzbek-Chinese Textile Forum was held in Tashkent
Türkiye rose to 11th place in ranking of countries with highest installed power of renewal
Kazakhstan: an agreement was ratified with China on international road transportation
Sherali Kabir: We want to completely integrate and unite economies of Tajikistan and Turkey
Official parliamentary delegation of Council of Republic of Belarus arrived on visit to PRC
First cargo train arrived in Turkey on modernized route of railway line
Tokyo: world in Taiwanese Strait is important not only for Japan, but for entire world community
Analytics – Putin’s visit to China: is eastern alliance become stronger?
International half marathon One Run was held in Bishkek
Russian Foreign Ministry announced Putin’s visit to PRC “fateful for entire planet”
Canada: it is recommended not to use Tiktok media platform
Putin: In Russian Federation, about 50 thousand receive higher education
Japan expressed protest of Russia and PRC in connection with their concern with “radionuclide water” from Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant
US Nuclear Airman Ronald Reagan left base in Japan 9 years later
Russian Federation and China will actively cooperate in order to strengthen security in Persian Gulf
Tokaev: Kazakhstan was and remains reliable partner of China
Putin: relations between Russia and China are not conjunctural and are not directed against anyone
Zelensky stated situation in Donetsk and Kharkov directions by heavy
President Erdogan is most revered leader in most Western Balkans countries
Putin will visit China with State University on May 16-17
President of Uzbekistan noted dynamically developing cooperation with China
United States imposed sanctions against another 37 companies from China
Positive balance of China in first quarter of 2024 amounted to $ 39.2 billion
Third Chinese aircraft carrier “Futsyan” completed its first test campaign
International marathon Run Silk Road was held in Kyrgyzstan
Work on modernization of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway is completed
FSB reported liquidation of “agent”, which prepared terrorist attacks in Russian Federation
Senate of Kazakhstan ratified protocol on transit of Russian oil to China through republic
Chinese scientist who opened Covid-19 genome was expelled from laboratory
Crew of Chinese space station “Tiangun” returned to Earth
Xi Jinping: China and United States should be partners, not competitors
Meeting of ministers of defense of SCO members is held in Astana
PRC published new crew of National Space Station
Councils of Russian Federation: partnership of Moscow and Beijing – sample of interaction of large powers
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Relations of Moscow and Beijing are dynamically and comprehensively develop
Azerbaijani-Chinese relations are being discussed in Baku
Formulv-1: Max Ferstappen won Grand Prix of China
Salikha Korkmaz and Meriem Bekmes won ticket to 2024 Olympic Games in Paris
Chinese telescope Fast discovered over 900 new pulsar
China launched satellite of remote sensing of Earth “Gaozzin-3 01”
Between China and DPRK, first meeting at highest level has been held over past 5 years
Formula-1 won Grand Prix of Japan
Oldest panda died in Japan
President of Uzbekistan adopted Minister of Public Security of China
Secretariat “Central Asia – China” begins its work in Siana
By 2030, 62,300 MW atomic energy will be put into operation in world
USA is world leader in field of capture and storage of carbon
Tokaev spoke in China about international initiatives of Kazakhstan