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In Baku, they called up head of Foreign Ministry
China launched satellite for environmental monitoring
Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombardment: beginning of nuclear century
Foreign Minister of Russian Federation and China discussed Russian-Ukrainian crisis
Deputy head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation: participation of BRICS countries in meeting in Gidd will help convey common sense to West
In Saudi Arabia, consultations began on peaceful settlement of Russian-Ukrainian war
Economics – Priority of Georgia relations with China
Iran three times increased oil supply to China for period 2020-2023
China and Georgia announced establishment of strategic partnership
Representatives of foreign companies are satisfied with results of IDEF-2023 exhibition
Garibashvili met with chairman of China Xi Jinping
Erdogan met with Foreign Minister of PRC
New Chinese Foreign Minister will visit Turkey on visit
China Foreign Ministry again led Van and
Azerbaijani President: Launch of Zangezur corridor will create additional opportunities to increase cargo flow
During collapse of ceiling at school in China, 11 people died
Trump told crazy idea of Ukraine to join NATO
Hakan Fidan held consultations with chapters of Iraqi, Saudi Arabia and Egypt and Prime Minister of Libya
Hakan Fidan held consultations with chapters of Iraqi, Saudi Arabia and Egypt
Crew members of Chinese ship “Shenzhou-16” will soon go into outer space
Kazakhstan and Russia plan to extend transportation of Russian oil to China for another 10 years
Australia called on Russia to return to grain agreement
Brent is traded at price of $ 78.58 per barrel
“Sultans of Network” – path to victory
Erdogan congratulated Turkish volleyball players on victory in League of Nations
Turkish women’s team for first time became winner of volleyball league of nations
China condemned incidents with defiles of Qur’an
USA and China discussed relations in military sector
Lavrov discussed in Jakarta an increase in cooperation of Russian Federation with countries of ASEAN
UN Human Rights Council condemned facts of burning Qur’an
US President will visit China
Number of multiple births in world grows after pandemic
Population of Earth is reduced, although number of inhabitants of planet exceeded 8 billion
China launched new experimental satellite into space
Türkiye takes 18th place in ranking of countries in terms of population
Biden and Kristerssa discussed issues in field of defense and membership in Sweden in NATO
China warned Seoul and Tokyo against revival of Cold War mentality
Iran officially joined Shanghai organization of cooperation
State Department advised Americans to postpone travel to China
Head of US Ministry of Finance discussed with PRC subsidiary importance of general work on global challenges
Head of US Ministry of Finance will discuss in China topic of global problems
Head of US Ministry of Finance discussed in China topic of global problems
Summit of EU leaders continues in Brussels
Mongolia Prime Minister arrived on visit to China
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Beijing expressed support for leadership of Russia in connection with events of June 24
US military budget for 2024 financial year may amount to $ 886.3 billion
Among countries of Middle East, interest in BRICS is growing
Calls were discussed in Baku to Turkic world