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Xi ordered army to prepare
Allow Everyone Rescued to Disembark in Italy
Turkey closed sky for Russian double registration aircraft
Carries more than two tons of missiles: new drone was shown in China
Algeria applied for joining BRICS
Tokaev instructed to increase oil supplies bypassing Russia
China secretly helped Iran bypass sanctions
American admiral: Ukrainian war is only a warm -up
Deputy Chairman of Central Bank of China was arrested for corruption
Xi Jinping: European Union must be independent
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Mexico
Sholts and Xi Jinping discussed Ukraine
Countries Could Cut Emissions by 70% by 2050 and Boost Resilience with Annual Investments of 1.4% of GDP
Tunisia’s human rights record to be examined by Universal Periodic Review
G7 will help Ukraine restore energy system
Russian resolution failed in UN Security Council
UN General Assembly did not support Russia’s resolution
Statement of Thirty-third Polio IHR Emergency Committee
Central Asia was called to be careful with Russia
Pork organs transplanted monkeys in China
United States can limit China, European Union against
Act to Stop Myanmar Military Abuses: ASEAN
IMF Launches Regional Economic Outlook Report for Asia and Pacific: Sailing into Headwinds
Putin said he did not notify Xi Jinping about invasion of Ukraine
United States told Russia and China “main threats of national security”
Putin: Why was it necessary to drag this grandmother on Taiwan?
Putin: Europe on any issue calls Washington Regional Committee
Tuberculosis deaths and disease increase during Covid pandemic
United States is not sure of “price ceiling” for Russian oil
Kazakhstan and European Union discussed Trans -Caspian Transport Route
We must get along with each other: Xi Jinping turned to USA
Coordinated Massacres by Islamist Armed Groups in Mali
Currency Depreciations Risk Intensifying Food, Energy Crisis in Developing Economies
Transkaspian route will become an important link
China threatened those who wanted to separate Taiwan
Armenians fired at Kelbajar and Tovuz
Russia became second largest gas supplier to China
Quotes fell sharply on Hong Kong Exchange
Secretary General was elected in China
Special services came to head of large military factory of Ukraine
Lachina: two people were blown up on a mine
China opposed anti -Iranian sanctions
China predicts a sharp fall in well -being of Russians
Without United States, nowhere
Saudi Arabia wants to join Brix
UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights issues findings on El Salvador, Guatemala, Italy, Luxembourg
State Department: Under Xi Jinping, China became repressive
Italians were asked to urgently leave Ukraine