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Prime Minister of New Zealand does not share Biden’s assessment of leader of PRC
Kremlin said “lies” of Zelensky that Russian Federation is preparing terrorist attack on ZAES
Volume of foreign trade of Uzbekistan over 5 months of year reached $ 25.8
Stoltenberg: NATO will participate in climate protection
Turkey is discussing project of second nuclear power plant with South Korea and Russian Federation, and third – with China
Turkish companies are interested in VIE projects in Azerbaijan
Kremlin announced absence of stable basis for negotiations with Kiev
Chinese Skyworth will establish batteries in Turkey
Uzbekistan concluded contract with Russian Federation for supply of 2.8 billion m³ of gas
Peskov: There were no specific proposals from EU leaders in contacts with Putin
US Secretary of State arrived on visit to China
Russia was not invited to summit about new international financial pact
Rosneft and CNPC switched to payment of raw materials in national currencies
60 years have passed since world’s world
Founder of Microsoft Bill Gates visited PRC
Beijing called on Washington to refuse to intervene in internal affairs
People’s Bank of PRC for first time in 10 months reduced rate of short -term borrowing
Around Taiwan, fighters and ships of Army of PRC were again seen again 11 June
Number of those killed in forest fire in Kazakhstan region Abay increased to 14
Situation in area of forest fires in Kazakhstan was stabilized – Ministry of Emergencies
Army aviation was attracted to extinguishing forest fires in Kazakhstan
China violated airspace of Taiwan
Patrushev: peoples of Russian Federation and Ukraine are not interested in conflict
More than 8 thousand have returned to Kazakhstan since beginning of year
Pentagon: Beijing does not want to improve mechanism of conflict prevention
Ministry of Defense: China does not exclude use of force to reunite with Taiwan
University students of Turkey were among winners of Huawei Innovation Competition
Lavrov denied applications for Kiev’s non -use of weapons in Russian Federation
Russia heads list of exporting countries to Turkey
Xi Jinping congratulated Erdogan on victory in election
Greece blocked 11th package of EU sanctions against Russia
Azerbaijan: railway is being built in direction of “Zangezur corridor”
Bishkek will host international half -marathon “One Run”
China deepens cooperation with Russia contrary to pressure of West
Putin: Russian Federation is interested in honest, productive and pragmatic interaction
United States is considering creating small nuclear reactors in Armenia
Pakistan Foreign Minister: future of dialogue with India depends on New Delhi
Russia and China have agreed on cooperation in field of trade in services
Erdogan: Türkiye is aimed at good relations with Russia
Prime Minister: Russian Federation survived unprecedented sanctions pressure of West
SIAN summit as signal for growth of influence of China in Central Asia
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: result of meeting G7 became passages of anti -Russian and anti -Chinese nature
Beijing: “Big Seven” prevents international world
Erdogan: Ankara position on sanctions against Russian Federation remains unchanged
Tokaev urged Beijing to participate in expansion of capabilities of Caspian ports
Sadyr Zhaparov: Kyrgyzstan aims to strengthen political contacts in region
Chairman of PRC held number of meetings with leaders of Central Asia
Ways of deepening cooperation of Bishkek and Beijing discussed ways