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Bloomberg: China Reduces Gas Purchases
Ukraine conflict putting global trade recovery at risk: WTO
Human Rights Watch Film Festival Returns to New York
Israel’s special services check suspicious circles donated by Queen of China to Israeli Minister
United States ordered staff of Consulate Protection to leave Shanghai
In Russia there will be a deficit of toilet
Restless night in regions of Ukraine: Fights in Kherson region
IT Holding Softline goes to different dirty frauds for non-payment of debt creditors in Azerbaijan
Moscow: detained a picket with a book of a thick “war and peace”
Berlusconi disappointed in Putin
Head of Ukrainian delegation on negotiations with Russia: Positions for rapprochement not so much
Zelensky wants to see India and China as guarantors of security of Ukraine
UN start meeting on suspension of Russia’s membership in Human Rights Council
NATO Allies agree to further strengthen and sustain support for Ukraine
Armenians can in NATO
Chinese companies began to buy coal and oil in Russia for Yuan
In China, they said that NATO had long been to become a “part of story”
Cooperation with Moscow can cost much: US warns India
Statement of ICC Prosecutor, Karim A.A. Khan QC, at opening of Trial
China called on United States “Stop waving sanction dubbing”
Treatment for Non-Covid Illnesses Denied in China
What can UN do? 5 of your questions answered
China in UN Security Council: We are not configured to monitor situation in Ukraine
Borrel: European Union finances war against Ukraine
China adopted credentials of representatives of Taliban
US Secretary of State announced end of era who changed cold war
End landmine scourge once and for all: Guterres
China does not intend to take steps to bypass Western anti-Russian sanctions
China: new rampage of Covid-19
China will seek peace in Ukraine “in its own way”
UN’s rights council adopts ‘fake news’ resolution, States urged to take tackle hate speech
China’s leader turned to world because of Ukraine
In framework of “Spring Campaign” Muganbank increased interest on deposits
Key to climate action and sustainable peace? Women’s full and equal participation
Free Uyghur Scholar’s Students in China
Digital Silk Road project in center of international attention
Lavrov declared desire of Russia “Remove tensions” in conflict with Ukraine
No Business as Usual at China Summit: EU
Ukraine has declared possible guarantors of its security: Turkey, USA, United Kingdom
Statement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People’s Republic of China: United States will not succeed in keeping in China and Russia
China and Russia are named main threats for United States
Turkey: demands of Russia to Ukraine in Crimea and Donbass stated “unrealistic”
Zelensky stated regions of Ukraine, where situation is very complicated
UN Security Council will meet due to situation in Ukraine
FINANCIAL TIMES: Russia is ready to refuse most of its requirements for Ukraine
Moving away from coal ‘will not be easy’ but it is essential for our common future, UN deputy chief says
Guterres appeals for ‘immediate humanitarian ceasefire’
Largest Lokdunk stated in Shanghai in two years