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Forecast “shadow CIA”: war will be delayed
China believes that supply of weapons to Ukraine exacerbates conflict
In Nakhchivan there is cleaning “Talybovshchina”
In Europe, they found replacement for Chinese resources
Wel accuses China
Revelation about detention of ex-senior businessman of China
Russian political scientist urged to prepare for defeat in war
Fatal blow to Russia’s oil income: Urals is sold for less than $ 40
Chief expert in Russia was fired in China: I could not find out about war in Ukraine
Central Banks buy all gold of world
Russia and China discussed Ukraine
In one Chinese province, 90% of population infected Covid-19
Strategic bombers of China invaded Taiwan Air Defense zone
Saudi Arabia reduced oil prices for Asia and Europe
Against background of raging Covid, China canceled quarantine for visitors from abroad
Gunai Mammedzade won tournament in China
Stoltenberg announced dangers of Union of Russia and China
Gunai Mammadzade in leaders in tournament in China
Chinese tracking sensor was found in British government car
Court sentenced official to death penalty
Restoration of forest cut down by Armenians began
Snow is expected in Shush and Lachina
US is accused of China of “vaccine nationalism”
Berdimuhamedov came to negotiations with Xi Jinping
Crematoriums in China are crowded due to sharp increase in number of sick Covid-19
China is unhappy and threatens “countermeasures”
Azerbaijan voted for Palestine, against Israel
Turnover between Azerbaijan and Georgia has grown significantly
NASA: China can capture part of moon
Ex-General NATO predicts ceasefire in Ukraine
China is ready to improve relations with United States
US warned China after conversation of Xi Jinping with Putin
COVID is not given: countries of world tighten anticoronaviral measures
Putin: Moscow and Beijing contribute to formation of fair world order
Ex-president of Poland is confident that world is on verge of third world
WSJ: sanctions collapsed export Russian oil
US will test visitors from China
World economics predicted extremely weak growth
In West they are surprised by weak response of Moscow
Against background of raging Covid, China opens boundaries
China predicted date of completion of conflict in Ukraine
Candidates for post of successor Putin are
China sent record number of military aircraft to Taiwan
In China, they stopped publishing covid statistics. Millions of patients per day
China announced “strong as rock” relationship with Russia
American expert: China is shocked by Russian army
WMO releases ‘tell-tale signs’ of extreme weather conditions around the world
Coronavirus is raging in China: since beginning of December millions of infected