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IMF Executive Board Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with India
UN expert on Myanmar: Security Council resolution not strong enough on ‘systematic gross human rights violations’
Climate action, one recipe at a time
Russia is counting on construction of railway between border of Azerbaijan and Iranian Risa
Leaders of China and Kazakhstan congratulated Aliyev
WHO outlines year of challenges, says more information needed to combat COVID in China
Historic Censure of Myanmar Junta: UN Security Council
China swept new Covid wave: 800 million Chinese can get sick
“Flag of USSR” at meeting of Xi Jinping and Medvedev called commotion
New Financing to Support Cambodias Economic Recovery and Long-Term Resilience
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Maldives
Around the world: 16 Days of Activism
In Moldova, they are preparing to ban Telegram and Tiktok
India accumulated an unprecedented number of military on border with China
USA is afraid of exchange of strategies between Russia and China
China: Domestic and External Conditions are Leading to a Weakened Economic Outlook
Iran enriching ‘worrying quantities’ of uranium, in further blow for nuclear deal: UN political chief
UN conference concludes with ‘historic’ deal to protect a third of the world’s biodiversity
Kazakhstan against withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Cambodia
Kadyrov turned to Chinese in Chinese
Japan increases military power: defense budget will become third in world
UN Committee Receives Submission From Sweden on Child Rights
Monument to Pushkin was demolished in Dnieper
European Commissioner Visits NATO: Thierry Breton
And China reacted to situation on Lachinsky road
Kazakhstan Completes IMF Consultation for 2022
Thailand’s Economy Stays Robust Despite Global Challenges
Russia and Iran plan joint production of aircraft
Tension between India and China
US announced conditions of peace in Ukraine
US, Europe Lead in Daily Calorie Intake
Clash on Chinese-Indian border, there are wounded
UN Human Rights Official Wraps Up Visit to Costa Rica
Japan will purchase from USA “Tomagavka”
Saudi Arabia signed an investment agreement with China $ 50 billion
Xi Jinping invited Arabs to pay for oil and gas by yuani
Human Rights Council elects Václav Bálek of Czech Republic as its President for 2023
Amid intractable challenges, solutions are ‘within sight’: UN rights chief
Statement by IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva on Seventh “1+6” Roundtable in China
US will impose new sanctions against Russia and China
Human Rights Press Awards in Asia Relaunches for 2023
Government and business must address negative impacts of Train Maya project, say UN experts: Mexico
If necessary, are Russian leadership evacuated to Latin America?
Cambodias Economy is Recovering but Could Face Headwinds, World Bank Report Says
Ensure Respect for Rights in Massive Iron Ore Project in Guinea
China urged to increase assistance to Ukraine
“Shock-prognoses” for 2023 from Saxo Bank