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Tokaev instructed to strengthen control at border due to influx of Russians to Kazakhstan
Report details disturbing trends as reprisals continue against people cooperating with UN
Listening to Kazakhstan: Survey Spotlights Challenges Along with Optimism on Economic Prospects
Tokaev excluded Nazarbayev’s Day from among state holidays in Kazakhstan
Parviz Shakhbazov on contribution of Azerbaijan to energy integration of Turkic countries
Azertelecom and Kazakhtelecom signed a memorandum of strategic partnership on Trans -Caspian project
Kazakhstan confirmed rejection of Armenia from teachings of CSTO
Kazakhstan: broadcasting of some Russian television channels disconnect
Kazakhstan does not give Russians to Russian military commissariats
Afffa and de Biazi: How to fire a coach after three victories?
Kazakhstan may limit stay of Russians in country
Azerbaijan will not take part in “Children’s Eurovision Council-2022”
Heads of CIS intelligence services will gather in Moscow
Nazarbayev’s nephew was sentenced to six years in prison
And in Tajikistan they abandoned “world”
Gianni de Biazi about defeat of Kazakhstan
Head coach of Kazakhstan about a major defeat from Azerbaijan and conflict with de Biazi
League of Nations: Azerbaijan accepts Kazakhstan
Gianni de Biazi about match with Kazakhstan, absence of Gar Garaev and his contract
Office of High Commissioner Describes Climate of Repression in Belarus, Deterioration of Human Rights Situation, Serious Violations
“brainchild” of wives of Nazarbayev is excluded from school curriculum of Kazakhstan
Effective and good practices from Member states”: “pathways to moratorium on use of death penalty
And Uzbekistan abandoned “world”
Kazakhstan: exercises of CSTO will be held
League of Nations: Azerbaijan visiting Slovakia
Nazarbayev’s nephew pleaded guilty in court
Kazakhstan will not interfere with entrance to country of Russians
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan banned their citizens to fight in Ukraine
Forum Spotlights Role of Public Procurement in Post-Crisis Recovery, Sustainable Development
Kazakhstan conducts exercises of troops of Teroborons
Extraordinary presidential elections will be held in Kazakhstan
In Kazakhstan, Armenia and Vietnam, they ceased to accept Mir cards
Kazakhstan began to detain Russian trucks
Tokaev approved: Nur-Sultan again became Astana
Tokaev approved: Nur-Sultan again became Astana
Human Rights Council Marks Thirty-fifth Anniversary of UN Declaration on Right to Development and Begins Interactive Dialogue
Ministry of Finance: “The situation in Ukraine will not affect manat course”
Kazakhstan: rumors about exit of country from CSTO commented on
Comrade Xi promised to support Kazakhstan in defense of territorial integrity
Pope urged to pray for peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia
Will Kazakhstan send its peacekeepers to Armenia?
Tokaev turned to Azerbaijan and Armenia
Human Rights Council Discusses Situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan, with Focus on Situation of Women and Girls
Human Rights Council Discusses Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar and in Sri Lanka
Kazakhstan denied expulsion of Ukrainian ambassador
Dollar millionaires massively withdraw money from Russia
Putin on mass move of Russians to Armenia
More Efficient Residential Heating in Kazakhstan Can Help with Cleaner Air and Improved Health, Says New World Bank Report