All kazakhstan news and updates

Tokaev: All conflicts should be resolved diplomatic
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: Armenia and separatist regime reject all proposals of Baku
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 17
President of Kazakhstan instructed to provide necessary assistance to grain producers
Erdogan: Even most ardent enemies of Turkey can no longer ignore our country
Dried Aral Sea is largest environmental disaster of Central Asia
Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan conducted joint exercises “Battle Sodrutmiy-2023”
Berdimuhamedov noted importance of expanding trade and economic ties between countries of Central Asia
Tokaev: Kazakhstan intends to strengthen its position as transit hub in Eurasia
Parliament of Kazakhstan ratified number of laws regarding activities of CSTO
Summit of heads of state of Central Asia starts in Dushanbe
Brent barrels Brent cost $ 92.22
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on September 13
“Corridor wars” in global geopolitics
Fidan: Relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan are developing successfully
Foreign Minister of Turkey will visit Kazakhstan
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 9
Belarus and Mongolia will join SCO in 2024
Since beginning of year, two terrorist attacks have been prevented in Kazakhstan
Parliament of Kazakhstan approved simplification of customs control procedures with Turkey
Over 14,560 people received Kazakhstani citizenship in 7 months of year
Tokaev: Kazakhstan is interested in establishing closer relations with Albania
Tokaev: Kazakhstan Armed Forces should be prepared for any challenges
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 3
Istanbul: meeting of assistants to heads of states of OTG countries took place
Lavrov discussed with Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Interaction in EAEU
President of Kazakhstan conducted mass permutations in country’s government
Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan conducts large -scale exercises
Belarus: exercises of CSTO “Battle Brotherhood-2023” started
Kazakhstan predicts decrease in inflation by end of year 2 times
In West Kazakhstan region, 45 people were saved and evacuated in fire
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on August 31
Constitution Day celebrates in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan celebrates 32nd anniversary of closure of Semipalatinsk training ground
Rare breed of dogs revives in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan in 2023 will supply at least 890 thousand tons of oil in Germany
Uzbekistan and United States discussed mutually beneficial cooperation
In Kazakhstan, they discussed development of military-political measurement of Svmda
Tokaev discussed situation in Afghanistan with special representative of UN General
Belarus: exercises of CSTO “Battle Brotherhood-2023” will be held
Special forces of Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan conducted joint exercises
Tokaev announced need to “move on” in cooperation with United States
On border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, kilometer queue of trucks is preserved
11 people drowned in Turkestan region of Kazakhstan
14.7 thousand work in Kazakhstan
Presidents of Kazakhstan and Vietnam visited ceramic village of Chu Dao
Tokaev announced his intention to support presence of Vietnamese businessmen in Kazakhstan market
In United States, exercises are held with participation of units of Armed Forces of Central Asian