All kazakhstan news and updates

Azerbaijan Ambassador awarded in Kazakhstan
World Economic Forum Jobs Reset Summit: Building Back Broader in Economic Recovery
All rivals “Neftchi” in 1st round of Champions League
20-year-old Gunai Mamedzade wins party for party in tournament of strongest chess players of world
Neqsol Holding successfully passed ISO certification, confirming high level of compliance
Nursultan Nazarbayev and President of Uzbekistan congratulate Ilham Aliyev
Ilona Mask proposed to build a plant in Turkestan
Russia: co-owner of famous network of coffee shops Pyrics will appear before court
Human Rights Council to Hold a Special Session to Address “Grave Human Rights Situation
World Bank Vice President Welcomes Uzbekistan’s Commitment to Continue Market Reforms Despite Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic
Ilham Aliyev awarded Olzhas Suleimenova
Ilham Aliyev told President of Kazakhstan on situation on border with Armenia
Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev called Ilham Aliyev
Minthouse and social protection about care that veterans are surrounded
Lavrov criticized politicians for provocative words about Kazakhstan
Deputy of time of Nurullayev: “Official people robbed country and worked in name of their interests”
Gracious fire went in temple of Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem
Russia: introduce new rules for migrants
Kazakhstan wants to help Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to make
NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme develops a strategy in support of professional military education
Equitable Human Capital Is a Top Priority for Kazakhstan
Nazarbayev passes part of his authority Tokayev
US Secretary of State held an online meeting with heads of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Central Asia
World Malaria Day: WHO launches effort to stamp out malaria in 25 more countries by 2025
US does not plan to return to Astana Process on Syria
Innovative Restoration Plans for Aral Sea Region Announced at Global Disruptive Tech Challenge 2021
Scandal with a pig farm in Kazakhstan: Honorary Consul of Armenia sent under house arrest
Azerbaijan guaranteed a 1st place in selection for Euro-2022
Positive Tech Solutions will forge recovery: Global Technology Governance Summit Concludes
President of Kazakhstan was given by Russian “satellite V”
Improving Transport Connectivity in Central Asia Requires a Coherent Approach
Jeyhun Bayramov met with head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan
Official took a bribe of rams and lost his position
FSB detained a citizen of Azerbaijan for smuggling cigarettes
Venice Commission publishes opinions on 10 countries
Kazakhstan: earned a new TV channel Turkistan
An unofficial summit of Turkic-speaking countries will be held in Kazakhstan
Shoigu urged not to interfere in relations between Russia and Kazakhstan
Up to $ 60: Bank of America raised its forecast for oil prices
DJ from Kazakhstan won a Grammy award
Azerbaijani karate fighters win 4 medals in Istanbul
President of Kazakhstan awarded Mikhail Gusman
Russia has set a record for food exports
Up to $ 80: Goldman Sachs predicts a rise in oil prices
Zhirinovsky: if Soviet Union had not collapsed
UN report calls for scaling-up carbon capture, use and storage
Opening of New IMF Regional Capacity Development Center for Caucasus, Central Asia, and Mongolia
Kazakhstan’s Economy to Recover Modestly in 2021, But COVID-19-induced Poverty on Rise, Says World Bank