All kazakhstan news and updates

Bagirov quarreled, killed and sat down for 17 years
Tashkent communique was adopted
Putin talked with Tokaev
Kazakhstani media write about hospitalization of Nazarbayev
Aliyev: Azerbaijan has largest trade fleet in Caspian
“Neftechchi” concluded contract with French football player
Kazakhstan deputy paid for pro -Russian statements
Heydar Aliyev will be transferred to Astana Street in Astana
Kazakhstan tightens Rules for “Eurasians”
Azerbaijanis began to buy less housing in Turkey
Russia demanded gas pipelines of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Multi -billion Russian assets are blocked in Belgium
Forbes explained Turkish “Diplomacy of drones”
Azal will bind Baku and Astana
Nazarbayev’s family will lose right to inviolability of property
Zakharova: abolition of CSTO exercises in Armenia creates difficulties
Kazakhstan has terminated agreement with Russia on mutual convertibility of currencies
Kazakhstan answered Zakharova
Law on First President was canceled in Kazakhstan
Aliyev: Not single manat from anyone
Azal launches Baku – Almaty – Baku flights
Gunai Mammedzade won tournament in China
Gunai Mammadzade in leaders in tournament in China
“Wild Arman” left in custody
Crime authorities from Azerbaijan arrested in Prague
Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia will discuss construction of transport corridor
McDonald’s leave Kazakhstan
Special services of Russia and Kazakhstan reported liquidation of criminal group in Baikonur
Azerbaijan and Kenya – countries with highest economic optimism in world
Putin congratulated Kocharyan, Schroeder and Berlusconi
Kazakhstan: new protests predicted
Germany finally said goodbye to Russian oil
Whatever day, then medal Kadyrov
Presidential Gift: Rights presented CIS leaders
Caspian countries abandoned export quotas for black caviar
Informal summit of CIS heads began in St. Petersburg
South Korea opened fire on DPRK drones
Deputy Prime Minister of Russia: “In Azerbaijan – gas deficit”
Astana announced negative impact of anti -Russian sanctions on Kazakhstan
Tokaev wished Aliyev health and success
UN experts: Independent watchdog paramount to torture prevention
Neqsol Holding strengthens corporate management of new purposes
Russia is counting on construction of railway between border of Azerbaijan and Iranian Risa
Leaders of China and Kazakhstan congratulated Aliyev
Kazakhstan replaces Russian oil in Germany
Citizens of Kyrgyzstan are going to restore destroyed by Russia Mariupol
Shoigu: Russian Army is main guarantor of world in Karabakh
Around the world: 16 Days of Activism