All azerbaijan news and updates

Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on September 26
Azerbaijan authorities sent medical supplies to help victims in Hankendi
Azerbaijan proposed organizing trips of activists from Armenians Karabakh to Baku
Turkish President left Nakhchivan
Erdogan: We expect Armenia to accept hand of world extended to her
3 agreements were signed between Turkey and Azerbaijan
Turkish gates to Turkic world: Nakhchyan
Negotiations of presidents of Turkey and Azerbaijan ended in Nakhchivan
Azerbaijani Shusha was declared cultural capital of Islamic world
During explosion of mines in Karabakh, 2 military personnel of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan were killed
Meeting of representatives of authorities of Azerbaijan and Armenian residents of Karabakh began in Khojaly
Two military Azerbaijani died in explosion of mines in Karabakh
Turkish President left for Nakhchivan
More than 2900 residents of Armenian nationality left Karabakh region of Azerbaijan
Baku: Armenian militants who committed terrorist attack in Khojavend
Hankendi city is connected to Azerbaijan energy system
Baku: disarmed Armenians are excreted through corridor
President Erdogan will visit Nakhchyan
Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense: Armenian residents large-scalely burn houses
Azerbaijan Foreign Minister told UN Secretary General about anti -terrorist events
President of Azerbaijan: All rights of Armenian population of Karabakh will be provided
Azerbaijan sent fuel to Armenian residents of Karabakh
Working group has been created in Azerbaijan to solve social and economic problems in Karabakh
Blinken: United States support sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries on behalf of all interested parties
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation: more than 800 units of weapons surrendered armed groups in Karabakh
Foreign Minister of OTG countries held meeting in New York
Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan gave Hakan Fidan Karabakh carpet
AV Baku discussed cooperation of Azerbaijan with World Bank
Central authorities of Azerbaijan sent food cargo to Armenians of Karabakh
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 22
In Kyalbadzharsky district of Azerbaijan, an ammunition warehouse was discovered
Dozens of demonstrators were detained in Yerevan
Azerbaijani doctors operated on wounded Armenian in Karabakh
Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry: France, with its statements, encourages separatism
Head of Ministry of Defense of Turkey congratulated Azerbaijan
Baku: meeting in Yevlah was held in constructive setting
Aliyev and Putin discussed situation in Karabakh
Meeting of representatives of authorities of Azerbaijan and Armenian residents of Karabakh ended in Yevlah
Baku denied reports on attack on Hankendi
Meeting of representatives of authorities of Azerbaijan and Armenian residents of Karabakh began in Yevlah
Organization of Turkic states condemned terrorist attacks in Karabakh
Foreign Ministry: Pakistan considers Karabakh as sovereign territory of Azerbaijan
Pashinyan: incident is in mind
Putin: Russian Federation is in contact with Baku and Yerevan
Baku announced meeting with representatives of inhabitants of Karabakh of Armenian origin
Ministry of Defense: Hankendi do not fire Azerbaijan
Baku: civilian population is still target for Armenian forces
Azerbaijani President: Anti -Terrorism events will be stopped if Armenian formations lay down weapons