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Azerbaijanis more than 858 apartments in Turkey
Fights between “Taliban” and army of Ahmad Masuda junior shifted to border of Tajikistan
Sanctions Can Create Severe and Undue Suffering for Individuals who have Neither Perpetrated Crimes nor Otherwise Borne
Raisi first chose Tajikistan
Iran’s Ambassador for second time went to Hickmetu Hajiyev
EU cannot shirk its responsibilities towards Afghans in need of international protection
Shots and explosions are heard in Tehran
Overwhelming Majority of Unilateral Measures Applied Today are Illegal under International Law
In Tehran, they stated that “enemy agents” prepared terrorist attacks in Iran
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan delayed Iranian drivers on Goris-Kafan motorway
Pashinyan explained Azerbaijan’s actions on Goris-Kafan motorway
Israel Defense Minister: “After 2-3 months, Iran will be able to create a nuclear bomb”
Human Rights Council Continues General Debate on High Commissioner’s Global Human Rights Update
Impunity Continues Largely Unabated for those who Perpetrate Serious Violations in Yemen
Another Iranian reaction to check Iranian trucks in Azerbaijan
Fighting Continues Unabated in Tigray Region of Ethiopia but Solution Can Only be Found through Political Process and Dialogue
Iran’s Ambassador with concern came to Hickmetu Gadzhiyev
IAEA strikes deal with Iran on monitoring of nuclear programme
MP Gudrat Hasanguliyev: “Iran, supporting separatism should not forget about 30 million Azerbaijanis in its territory”
Tofik Zulfugarov called on authorities of Azerbaijan to establish a post in Lachin Corridor
Strong earthquake in Iran
URGENTLY: Azerbaijani MIA checks trucks from Iran, following in Karabakh
“Storm in Caucasus”: situation began to change on fifth-sixth day of battles
Baku warned Moscow along Lachin Corridor: this is a violation of laws of Azerbaijan
Main scouts of countries of Central Asia, Russia, Iran and China went to Pakistan
Human trafficking, migrant smuggling, still significant threats in Asia
Israel argues that Iran will soon receive an atomic bomb
Protective beard, smell of violence, quantities of corrupt officials: Named winners “Schnobelovka”
Iran hit Kurds in Iraq
Q&A on Afghans Fleeing Taliban
Taliban break wine bottles and destroy children’s books at Norwegian Embassy
Mass Expulsion of Asylum Seekers to Guatemala in Mexico
Lavrov: Russia will take invitation of Taliban if
Just try: Iran warns Kurdish separatists
NATO Secretary General sets out arms control priorities
Which Taliban countries were invited to announce their government
Ice drove? heads of intelligence of Turkey and Syria will meet in Baghdad
In Iran answered new US sanctions
Iranian scouts hit American sanction list
Iran must halt execution of Kurdish prisoner: UN rights experts
Iran must halt imminent execution of Kurdish prisoner – UN experts
Putin: Iran needs help
Zakharov in support of Erdogan initiative
Cristiano Ronaldo will not play Baku
Despite funding shortages, UN committed to staying in Afghanistan
Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran and Kazakhstan will hold military exercises in Caspians
Broken heart never healed: Why families of missing in Middle East deserve answers
New Iranian authorities have reminded US killing Sulejmani