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Human Rights Council Starts General Debate on Human Rights Bodies and Mechanisms
United States has introduced additional anti -Iranian sanctions
Taliban dispersed women in Kabul
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with its Advisory Committee and Starts Interactive Dialogue
Report details disturbing trends as reprisals continue against people cooperating with UN
Minister of Defense: Ukraine is already solving problem of Iranian drones
Iran and Emirates argue again from behind islands in Persian Gulf
Pashinyan Party discusses exit from CSTO
Moral police disappeared from Tehran’s streets
Iranian writer Iraj Metagi in an interview with “The real alternative to Hameni regime is cut of Pahlavi”
Addressing Legacies of Colonialism Can Contribute to Overcoming Inequalities Within and Among States and Sustainable Development
Human Rights Council Holds Panel Discussion on Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Begins Interactive Dialogue with Expert Mechanism
UN experts demand stay of execution for two women LGBT rights supporters
UN experts demand stay of execution for two women, including LGBT activist: Iran
Colonel KSIR was shot down in Western Azerbaijan
Human Rights Council Holds Annual Discussion on Integration of Gender Perspective
Iran wants to transfer Azerbaijani-Armenian negotiations to Tehran
Farah Pahlavi supported protests in Iran
Iran showed a new intelligence drone
UN Women statement on women’s rights in Iran
Daughter of ex-president of Iran was arrested
Foreign Policy: This time, protests in Iran will lead to changes
UN human rights office condemns violent crackdown against hijab protests
“Asian Maradonna” is accused of inciting protests in Iran
Concern grows over violence, internet restrictions in Iran
Odessa: explosions again
Iran: students boycotted their studies
Today’s crises highlight need for more multilateralism, stronger UN, says Canada’s Foreign Minister
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with Fact-finding Mission on Venezuela
Canada imposed anti -Iranian sanctions
UN chief calls for end to ‘nuclear blackmail’ and risk of ‘humanitarian Armageddon’
Iran: killers of famous nuclear physicist will be judged
Ukrainians attacked Russian Center for Management of Iranian Directors
EU condemns actions of Iranian authorities
Number of dead during protests in Iran reached 55 people
Greece: embassy of Iran attacked
Lapid: negotiations with Iran need from standpoint
Raisi for cooperation with Russia and China
Raisi commented on protests in Iran
Pekhlevi turned to Iranian opposition: goal is one – to save country
Foreign Ministry of Ukraine about “regrets” of Iran
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and Mary Arabidze became winners of first international tournament in Shush
Iran promised “reply” to Ukraine
Zelensky was criticized by Iran
Iran: for first time commented on internship of Internet
Office of High Commissioner Describes Climate of Repression in Belarus, Deterioration of Human Rights Situation, Serious Violations
Ukraine shot down an Iranian drone
Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry answers Iran: Tegeran was silent for 30 years old