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In north of Syria, Terrorist YPG surrendered to Turkish military
Türkiye has reached level of leading countries in field of stem cell transplantation
In Riyadh will resume work of embassy of Iran
Muslims in New York provide all possible assistance to migrants
Turkish Ministry of Defense: 2 YPG /PKK terrorists are neutralized in north of Syria
Iran Foreign Minister congratulated Hakan Fidan
In southeast of Turkey, 3 terrorists of RKK were liquidated
Turkish military in north of Iraq surrendered 3 terrorist RKK
Iran discuss development of ties with northern regions of Iraq
Ashgabat and Tehran discussed trade, economic and energy partnership
Top gas suppliers in Turkey include Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran
Raisi congratulated Erdogan on re -election for presidency
Speaker of parliament of Turkmenistan began working visit to Iran
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on May 28
Iran intends to expand cooperation with OPEC
Tehran: Zelensky attacks against Iran are aimed at increasing help of West
Protection of border of Turkey with Iran is provided by modern technologies
Chavushoglu: over 550,000 Syrians returned to their homes
Pashinyan: Free Trade Agreement of EAEU and Iran is priority for Yerevan
Iran: In case of gas export to Europe, Turkey’s route will be chosen
Parents of adolescents deceived by terrorists continue action in Diyarbakyr
Turkish intelligence services neutralized in Iraq of particularly dangerous terrorist of RSC 22 May
In southeast of Iran, five military
Tehran threatened Baghdad with new shocks on separatists in Iraq
Qualifying matches of Phygital Games finals were held in Kazan
Deputy Prime Ministers of Azerbaijan and Russia discussed development of transport cooperation
Tokaev urged Beijing to participate in expansion of capabilities of Caspian ports
Iran: 3 people were executed on charges of encroachment on state power
Turkish archers made two bronze medals at tournament in PRC
In Turkish Shirnak, 2 more RKK terrorists were eliminated
Russian bank first opened representative office in Iran
Turkish intelligence services neutralized PKK/YPG terrorist in northern Syria
Azerbaijan: persons involved in special services of Iran were detained
Lavrov: Russia has increased level of relations with Turkey and other countries
Special forces of gendarmerie neutralized 2 more terrorists in Shirnak
Tehran declared “unreasonable” accusations of United States of threat to shipping
Istanbul – leader in volumes of real estate sales in Turkey
Iran: active participation of Turkish people in elections – victory of democracy
Kyrgyzstan and Iran discussed renewal of direct flights
From beginning of year, 17 terrorists have neutrally neutralize efforts of special services of Turkey
Turkish Armed Forces neutralized 5 terrorists in north of Syria
Foreign Minister of Iran and Saudi Arabia discussed normalization of relations
Turkish intelligence services neutralized in north of Syria one of leaders PKK/YPG
Turkish army neutralized two terrorists in north of Iraq
Life is normalized in areas of Turkey, purified from terrorists
France called on PRC to convince Russia to respect sovereignty of Ukraine
Iran and Iraq agreed to jointly develop oil and gas fields
Mevlut Chavushoglu: Turkey, Russia, Iran and Syria will prepare “road map” in Syria