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Merkel wants to attract Russia to ensure safety of Europe
Pushilin admitted: Liman is surrounded by Ukrainians
United States said they would not forgive annexation of territories of Ukraine
Lukashenko declared perpetrators of war in Ukraine
Ukrainians took control of village in Donetsk region
Zelensky explained position of China
Biden: results of “referendums” are fabricated in Moscow
Russia accuses Guterrisha: violated UN Charter
Henry and Gabrielyan spouses are accused of trying to espionage to Russia
US is preparing to create a command center in Germany
Army of Ukraine closed ring around estuary
Human Rights Council Starts General Debate on Human Rights Bodies and Mechanisms
Gutherrish criticized “referendums” in Ukraine: they have no legal force
US Senate approved financial assistance to Ukraine
Zelensky turned to peoples of Caucasus
Erdogan and Putin discussed Ukraine 30 September
Bulgaria refused to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with its Advisory Committee and Starts Interactive Dialogue
Putin: inciting conflicts in CIS – result of collapse of USSR
Zelensky convenes an urgent meeting of Security Council
At home Shoigu protests against mobilization
Minister of Defense: Ukraine is already solving problem of Iranian drones
Minister of Defense of Ukraine told “rubbish” nuclear weapons of Russia
Listening to Kazakhstan: Survey Spotlights Challenges Along with Optimism on Economic Prospects
Poland allowed NATO forces in Ukraine in case of a nuclear strike
Kremlin announced release of territories of Ukraine
Pashinyan Party discusses exit from CSTO
NATO Deputy Secretary General calls for strengthened partnerships to accelerate innovation
ISW: Russia is close to second major defeat in Ukraine
Remains of Azerbaijani family were discovered in Ukraine
State Department gave Good Armed Forces
In Kyiv, they promised Minsk an answer if
Sandu hopes: victory of Ukraine will help to solve problem of Transnistria
After a conversation with Zelensky, Erdogan will talk to Putin
Zelensky recalled: “Now is not 2014”
Addressing Legacies of Colonialism Can Contribute to Overcoming Inequalities Within and Among States and Sustainable Development
Head of Ukrainian intelligence explained negotiations of Kyiv and Moscow
IMF Reaches Staff-Level Agreement with Barbados for Resilience and Sustainability Trust program
US will transfer another 18 Himars to Ukraine
“Russia brought invasion of Ukraine to a new level”: European Union announced new sanctions
Russians are awarding subpoenas at border running to Finland
Zelensky predicted under what conditions war in Ukraine will end
Explosions rattle in Crimea
Zelensky thanks Erdogan for fundamental position
Sholts confirmed refusal to supply combat tanks to Ukraine
NATO Secretary General at EU Parliament: stay course on Ukraine
Armed Forces take Liman in a half -ring
Zelensky: No compromises with Russia