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Seljuk Bayraktar remembered Karabakh and announced end of piloted aviation
AIPB will cooperate with Ukrainians
Overwhelming Majority of Unilateral Measures Applied Today are Illegal under International Law
“Iron Dome” will cover Ukraine?
World Bank Vice President Reaffirms Support for Ukraine on First Visit to Kyiv
Human Rights Council Continues General Debate on High Commissioner’s Global Human Rights Update
Ukraine threatens Europe to block gas
Ukraine will buy another 24 drone from Turkey
Implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments 13 September
Biden said: “Ukraine must be in NATO”
AIPB told how to deal with dangerous pests of trees
Ukraine announced threat of Russian-Belarusian military
Ukraine: there are mass detention of Azerbaijanis
Zelensky stated that he would not run for a second term
Powerball US jackpot reached $ 409 million, Azerbaijanis can win a huge prize on this Saturday
And in Ukraine bitcoins became money
FSB confirmed: CIA helped Ukraine to delay dozens of Russians
Crystal Scales of Justice Prize: shortlisted projects announced
Human Rights Council to Hold its Regular Forty-Eighth Session from 13 September to 8 October 2021
Neqsol Holding received another international award
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Kiev will never be alone with Moscow
Habib Nurmagomedov Oh Boy with Azerbaijanis: “I assumed him in a couple of minutes. It was light money”
Peskov said question of Crimea is closed
New “Kurt Volker” in Ukraine will not
Son Rusovana Akperova left Azerbaijan
But Ukraine is ready to accept Afghans
Kremlin: United States and Ukraine are friends against Russia
Ukraine strengthens military cooperation with Turkey
Zakharova proposed to rename Ukraine in Ukris
Ukraine joins Council of Europe’s drug policy cooperation platform Pompidou Group
COVID jabs needed for educators and kids to keep schools open: WHO, UNICEF
14th Medal of Azerbaijan on Paralympiad in Tokyo
Moscow agreed to take about a thousand Afghans
Ex-President of Ukraine announced negotiations with Putin most difficult
High Commissioner for Human Rights Urges Special Session of Human Rights Council on Afghanistan to Establish Dedicated Mechanism
In Moscow, they stated that they could do without gas transit through Ukraine
Odessa: detained American in T-shirt with inscription “Russia”
Crimea: Secretary General underlines Council of Europe’s support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity
NATO Deputy Secretary General: Crimea is Ukraine
Turkey again declares: Crimea is Ukraine
Kremlin declared initiative of Anti-Russian
Aliyev wrote Zelensky that Azerbaijan and Ukraine unites history
Zelensky recognizes: Ukraine herself will not be able to return Crimea
Turkey is adjacent to deoccupation of Crimea
Merkel told when Europe will cease to depend on Russian gas
That Merkel will tell Putin for goodbye
NATO Military Committee convenes special meeting with Resolute Support Mission Partners