All ukraine news and updates

Russia sent nuclear submarines to banks of USA and Canada
Before G20 summit, Putin was offered plan for “peace agreement” with Ukraine
Car with local residents was blown up in border with Ukraine of Russian region
Putin’s mistakes were stated in NATO
European Parliament was called upon to recognize PMC “Wagner” with terrorists
Republican senator called on Biden to provide Ukraine F-16 and NASAMS
British intelligence: Russian fleet in Novorossiysk under threat
Russia lost tens of thousands of wagons due to war
Orban scarf caused scandal in Romania
Russia: students from Uzbekistan were summoned for conversation with security forces
IMF Reaches Staff-Level Agreement with Republic of South Sudan on Third Review of Staff-Monitored Program
Germany told how Sholts and Putin communicate personally
Polish army was declared best in Europe
WHO: lives of millions of Ukrainians will be at risk
Ukrainian army received Turkish high -precision missiles
Chess World Cup: Azerbaijan takes 2nd place
In United States, details of Russian-Iranian agreement on drones were disclosed
IMF Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on Extended Credit Facility Arrangement with Guinea-Bissau
Soviet-Russian singer called for “picking up” Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev
Civilian casualty update 21 November 2022: Ukraine
NATO: Russia was recognized as terrorist state
IMF Staff Reach Staff-Level Agreement with Democratic Republic of Congo on Third Review Under Extended Credit Facility
NATO Secretary General explained impossibility of creating baseless zone over Ukraine
NATO Secretary General addresses NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Madrid
Moscow announced “destruction” of Ukrainian saboteurs
Stoltenberg: Russia in Ukraine retreats daily
Kremlin answered question of changing power in Kyiv
IMF Staff Concludes Visit to Lithuania
Explosions are in Kherson, and in Makeevka captured by Russians they blew up oil depot
Poland will place air defense on border with Ukraine
“Mozart” against “Wagner” in Ukraine?
Israel protested Russia
Head of Pentagon explained future support of Ukraine
Heavy battles in Luhansk region: Ukrainians destroyed column of Russian troops
Lao PDR: Reform Essential to Restore Economic Stability
Medvedev wants to “return” Kyiv
Poland and Finland for confiscation of Russian assets in Europe
Kiviryan: If France really wanted to help Armenia
Ukraine received anti -aircraft systems from France and RSOs
Zelensky announced fracture battle for Kherson
Daily Mail: Russia has prepared for revenge
Ukraine announced losses of Russian army 20 November
Zelensky Office: Russia did not offer us truce
Taiwan will help Ukraine against Iranian drones
Washington Post: Zelensky manipulates West
Head of Pentagon about “impressive weapons” of Russia: “War is not only weapons”
CNN: Putin is becoming more and more isolated in world
USA and Canada announced long -term assistance to Ukraine