All ukraine news and updates

Protests of representatives of agricultural sector continue in France
Magate inspected South Ukrainian NPP in Nikolaev region
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation: Air Defense intercepted more than 20 UAVs over different regions
Zelensky believes that Europe will not cope without support of USA to Ukraine
Vladimir Putin: Nazi crimes have no statute of limitations
Greece will acquire 40 American F-35 fighters
Putin: Kyiv knew about Ukrainian prisoners of war aboard IL-76
Peskov: Russian Federation does not abandon its requirement for non -profit of Ukraine in NATO
Peskov: Russian Federation was, is and will be open to negotiations in Ukraine
GUR of Ukraine: On board IL-76 there should be military-political VIPs of Russian Federation
National Bank of Ukraine retained accounting rate of 15%
Andrey Shevchenko was elected President of Ukrainian Association of Football
SBU opened case on fall of Il-76 aircraft near Belgorod
Russia announced discovery of black boxes of victim Il-76
Peskov told “monstrous act” an IL-76 incident in Belgorod region
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation: Armed Forces of Ukraine were struck by IL-76 of Russian Air Force using anti-aircraft missile system from Kharkov region
In Russia, they told “act of crazy barbarism” incident with IL-76 near Belgorod
Prime Minister of Ukraine counts on constructive dialogue with head of Government of Slovakia
MO Ukraine: Kyiv in 2024 will receive weapons, which “not yet”
Head of US Department of Finance and Prime Minister of Ukraine discussed financial support of Kyiv
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation: air defense environment intercepted 4 UAVs over Oryol region
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation announced application of “group strike” on KVP of Ukraine
Foreign Ministry of Latvia: Ukraine is united as ever
Polish Prime Minister arrived in Kyiv
Antoniu Gutherrish condemned blow of Armed Forces of Ukraine on Donetsk
Blow to market in Donetsk will be one of topics of discussion in UN Security Council
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported interception of UAV over Tula and Smolensk
Ukrainian police care about homeless horses in Kharkov
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported confusion of Ukrainian UAV over Bryansk region
President of Ukraine: United States can provide Kyiv more help to win
Ambassador of France was called to Russian Foreign Ministry
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation: 17 group strikes were inflicted in enterprise of KVP of Ukraine in week
Prime Minister of Greece believes that before next European council there will be an agreement on € 50 billion for Ukraine
Ministry of Culture: Estonia will transfer to Ukraine 274 archaeological artifact
Minsk and New Delhi discussed regional security issues
Volodin: State Duma of Russian Federation will turn to parliament of France due to incident with “mercenaries” in Kharkov
Prime Minister of Moldova: Our future with EU
Zelensky and Macron agreed to start preparing visit of French president to Ukraine
France and Ukraine announced creation of “artillery coalition”
Estonian Ministry of Defense: Strengthening protection of eastern borders is preventive nature
Lithuanian President called to continue support from Kyiv at all costs
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of 60 “foreign mercenaries” in Ukraine
Foreign Minister of Ukraine: There are no manifestations of signs of “tiredness from war” from West
President of Poland warned against “tired of war”
Ex-president of Russian Federation: there is hundred percent probability of new conflict with Ukraine
In Kyiv and Moscow, they reported night attacks by regions
Zelensky: Ukraine can get an advantage in air
Zelensky and Stoltenberg discussed defense needs of Ukraine in Davos