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Prigozhin suggested “catching, teaching and sending” to war son -in -law Shoigu
Commander of ground forces of Ukraine came to Bakhmut
Participants of meeting of G20 in India did not agree because of Russia and China
Sholts will demand from India to give clear definition of war in Ukraine
Macron urged China to put pressure on Russia
Lukashenko on February 24 spoke with Putin for long time
Ukraine will expand minefield on border with Russia and Belarus
“Moscow will be stronger”: Medvedev summed up results of year in Ukraine
Biden said what Ukraine needs now
“Not all at once”: Biden about return of Ukraine Crimea
Kazakhstan for “peaceful plan” of China
European Union is concerned about Georgian law on “foreign agents”
“Putin applauds”: Bayden criticized “peaceful plan” of China
Times: Ukraine can lose bahmut
Blinken and Guterryh about Ukraine
Russia and China are annoying NATO
British Minister: China can undermine its reputation
Ukraine lacks ammunition
UN: Moscow and Kyiv will start negotiations
Kadyrov awarded himself
Zelensky: I destroyed oligarchs
Zelensky about negotiations with Moscow
Kyiv is preparing for liberation of Crimea
World Bank allocated $ 2.5 billion to Ukraine
European countries can conclude an agreement between Ukraine and NATO
Russia: for year of war, losses are higher than in Afghanistan
Zelensky: Russia can invade another country
Kirby: peaceful initiatives in Ukraine should first take into account opinion of Kyiv
Zelensky: Putin needs to answer for crimes against Ukraine
White House: Russia offers Iran unprecedented cooperation in field of defense
Erdogan and Putin discussed situation in Ukraine
Moscow is open to “achievement of goals” of war in Ukraine “political and diolomatic”
Zelensky: I’m sure victory will be
Rivals of Azerbaijani national team at U-20 European Championship in basketball
Zelensky participates in negotiations of leaders G7
Fatf suspended Russia’s membership
Section of street near building of Russian Embassy in London was renamed Kyiv Road
Sweden will put Kyiv Tanks Leopard 2
Anti -war shares were held in Russian cities: there are detainees
Erdogan promised Zelensky any contribution
“Army of Russia will react”: Moscow warns NATO and Kyiv
Georgian authorities explained why they did not go to Kyiv
Political scientist is dissatisfied: Ukraine is billions of dollars, and Armenia is gendarmes
Paris announced strengthening of military support of Ukraine
In Russia, they are looking for those who have escaped with machine guns of military
Head of Pentagon: war in Ukraine will end with negotiations, output will be withdrawal of troops
NATO has no confidence in China
Zelensky was invited to NATO summit