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Minister Babayev: all attention and care of Azerbaijan are directed to heroes of Karabakh
Head of Association of GrainSods of Azerbaijan: “There is no prerequisites for increasing bread prices”
End Attacks Against Viasna Human Rights Group: statement on Belarus
Special Representative of European Union will go to Agdam
Ruslan Aliyev entrepreneurs: concessions will be, but
Allegations of Killings, Disappearances, Torture in Burundi
In Italy to work only on a COVID passport
Baku submits to International Court of Justice lawsuit against Armenia
World Leaders Should Address Rights Crises: UN
Global community of practice grows to over 500 WHO trained infodemic managers
Government Raids Targeting Critics in India
Committee on Rights of Child holds day of general discussion on alternative care
Africa faces 470 million Covid vaccine shortfall this year
Submission to Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Review of Ecuador
Sanctions Can Create Severe and Undue Suffering for Individuals who have Neither Perpetrated Crimes nor Otherwise Borne
Conference League: “Karabakh” takes Swiss Basel
Council of Europe called on Armenia to disclose cards of all minefields in Karabakh
Corporate Account Payments Kapital Bank now in Milliön terminals
Armenian special forces to shake muscles on border with Azerbaijan
International Organizations, Vaccine Manufacturers Agree to Intensify Cooperation to Deliver Covid Vaccines
European Union stated that he could not recognize elections in Russia
Global Plastic Action Partnership Making an Impact in Fighting Plastic Pollution
Montenegro must step up efforts to prevent sale and sexual exploitation of vulnerable children – UN expert
Armenian Foreign Minister ignored CSTO for sake of meeting with European officials
BBC praises Baku: a combination of antiquity and modernity, skyscrapers and fortresses
EU cannot shirk its responsibilities towards Afghans in need of international protection
Promising initiatives against domestic violence but urgent steps needed to combat other forms of violence against women
Kapital Bank increased limit on “fast tender”
“Major Success”: Macron stated murder of head of “IG in Big Sahara”
People with Disabilities Face Election Barriers in Iraq
Drop Charges Against Vigil Organizers in Hong Kong
Manuela Ferro, World Bank Vice President for East Asia and Pacific
Plane from Antalya filed a distress signal
Overwhelming Majority of Unilateral Measures Applied Today are Illegal under International Law
Broad Facial Recognition Use Undermines Rights in Russia
Time stated a hundred influential people of 2021
Dangerous Custody Law to Take Effect in Greece
Urgent action needed over artificial intelligence risks to human rights
EU Special Representative came to Jazhun Bayramov and discussed situation on border
Member of executive committee Affa Zaur Akhundov: “The limit on legionnaires must be tightened”
NATO Deputy Secretary General’s visit to Italy
2.2 Billion People Are Without Guaranteed Access to Safe Drinking Water and 4.2 Billion Are Without Basic Sanitation
Europe is waiting for Ahmad Masuda
Global economy projected to show fastest growth in 50 years
Following gas more expensive and oil
Congress President: “Cities and regions build a democracy of proximity”
Gurbanov Gurbanov about tomorrow’s match “Basel” – “Karabakh”
Pashinyan explained why Azerbaijani toponymy uses