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First mosque and educational center associated with IGMG have opened in USA
In Turkmenistan, they discussed cooperation in field of environmental protection
Turkmenistan: an exhibition of goods and services of Afghanistan takes place
Moldova is interested in project of “green” Corridor of Azerbaijan-Es
Kazakhstan intends to simplify cargo transportation with Uzbekistan
11th meeting of Committee on Legal Affairs and International Relations of Turkp was held in Baku
New Azat-Kamikadze drone is preparing for operation
Can AI replace person?
Azerbaijani team in judo among young men took first place in European Cup
Forum in Antalya contributes to effective diplomacy
Foreign Minister of Turkey held number of bilateral meetings on fields of diphorum in Antalya
Azerbaijan State Information Agency Azertaj will be 104 years old
Moody’s predicts growth of Turkish economy
Moldova President did not exclude voting by mail in presidential election at end of year
Russia: from March 1, ban on export of gasoline entered into force
Europe has increased power of LNG Terminals from February 2022 by 53.5 billion cubic meters
Number of European countries filed complaints about META
Hakan Fidan met with Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Murat Nurtleu
Foreign Ministry and Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan resolutely condemned report of European Parliament
Yerevan announced absence of decision to leave CSTO
Turkey: Alzheimer’s disease will be detected by AI
Putin: Strategic nuclear forces of Russian Federation are “in state of full readiness”
Novak: ban on gasoline export is one of measures to stabilize market
Kyiv: Russia cannot act as peacekeeper in Transnistrian settlement
Ursula von der Layen proposed to arm Ukraine by frozen assets of Russia
Erdogan: Turkey is ready to restore negotiations between Ukraine and Russia
Ukraine and Albania signed an agreement on friendship and cooperation between two countries
Speaker of Sejm Lithuania: statement of President of France – signal to both Kyiv and Moscow
Peskov: Lithuanian statements about “neutralization” of Kaliningrad – “hostile rhetoric”
Coach of Azerbaijani FC “Karabakh”: For us, main motivation is name of team
Tokaev positively appreciated measures to turn Kazakhstan into main transit hub in Eurasia
Kyrgyzstan is ready to create all conditions for Turkish entrepreneurs
Turkish companies showed great interest in construction exhibition in Uzbekistan
Estonian Foreign Ministry: Tallinn is interested
President of Ukraine arrived in Albania
Moldova sent new party to Ukraine to Ukraine in amount of 250 thousand euros
At exhibition MWC 2024 in Barcelona introduced novelties of mobile industry
Turkish intelligence services neutralized dangerous YPG/YPJ terror in northeast of Syria
Bulgaria banned two Russian citizens to enter country and EU
Efforts of Turkish special services in north of Syria were captured by PKK terrorist
RSC terrorists/YPG killed 2 and wounded 5 civilians in Deir ez-Zor
Kyiv: 52 UN and EU countries called on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine
UK: 500-kilogram bomb is neutralized by Second World War
Air Force of Ukraine destroyed A-50 A-50 Air Force of Russian Academy of Sciences
Ukraine and Denmark signed security agreement
Turkish special services detained one of leaders of RSC terrorists
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Any unfriendly shares on part of West will receive an adequate answer
United States for first time since 1972 landed spacecraft to surface of moon