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FMG has successfully introduced a business management system from Cubics Technology
Provocations against Turkey in north of Syria: why are they protested against Erdogan?
In Colombia, UN Women Executive Director galvanizes action for women’s leadership and gender equality
Vucich said that Serbia will be neutral
Concrete actions needed to ‘lay scourge of racism to rest’ – UN expert
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination Commend US on Covid Hate Crimes
HRC Advisory Committee Concludes its 28th Session
UN human rights officials to visit Bangladesh and Cambodia
‘Immensely bleak’ future for Afghanistan unless massive human rights reversal, experts warn
UN expert to visit Cambodia to assess human rights situation
UN human rights experts warn of bleak future without massive turnaround: Afghanistan
In Georgia, they called upon to control Russians
Iran considers proposals of European Union
European Commission introduces “stainless” duties against Russia and Turkey
Medvedev hinted to “accident” in nuclear power plants in European countries
Turkey and Pakistan will trade without restrictions
UEFA can disqualify only European level stadium in Armenia
United States received secret information about Chinese army
Choice of Kazakhstan: bypassing Russia through Azerbaijan
Latvia and Estonia ceased cooperation with China
Ilham and Mehriban Aliyev in Gobustan
‘Very alarming’ conditions at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, IAEA chief warns
Germany was in danger due to dry Rhine
Laurenciu Reghakampf: “If” Neftech “does not use such moments, then it does not deserve to go to next round”
Children with disabilities disproportionately impacted by war in Ukraine
Gas prices in Europe rose to $ 2,225
New UN disaster preparedness hub built on ‘frontlines of climate change’
UN chief appeals for end to military activities at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant
Ex-General Prosecutor General of Armenia was released on bail
Young workers have been hit hardest by COVID fallout, says UN labour agency
Safest city in Europe is
Sholts: restoration of Ukraine will be more expensive than “Marshall Plan”
Olaf Sholts: Putin is responsible for war in Ukraine
Russia can be taken from Russia except oil and gas
Russia commented on an agreement on import of gas between Azerbaijan and EU
In cities of China, Lokdowns were introduced for millions of inhabitants
Recovery in youth employment is still lagging, says ILO
“Neutrality does not mean demilitarization”: Moldova will strengthen her army
Turkish drones eliminated a particularly dangerous PKK terrorist
Germany has lost trust of European Union because of Russia
Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination Considers Situation in Nicaragua in Absence of Delegation
Taiwan rejected plan of China
A new battle between United States and European Union is coming from Bayden?
EU: Europeans should be ready to pay for support of Ukraine
Children affected by conflict cannot wait for their education
Lithuanian President: “If Russia succeeds in Ukraine, Baltic countries will be next purpose”
West saves Ukraine from default
UN trade body calls for action to curb cryptocurrencies in developing nations