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G7 summit started in Hiroshima
Türkiye celebrates 104th anniversary of beginning of national liberation struggle
Lavrov: Russian Federation is ready for close cooperation with friends from Muslim world
Ways of deepening cooperation of Bishkek and Beijing discussed ways
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban congratulated Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Elections to European Parliament are scheduled for June 6-9, 2024
Tourist villages in Kyrgyzstan teach fight against plastic pollution
In Turkish Shirnak, 2 more RKK terrorists were eliminated
Drought in southern Spain threatens famous palace of Algambra
Turkish intelligence services neutralized PKK/YPG terrorist in northern Syria
In Georgia, they protest against air traffic with Russia
In Turkmenistan, they discussed role of neutral countries in security and dialogue
In Turkmenistan, they discussed role of neutral countries in strengthening security and dialogue
First flight of Azimut Moscow-Tbilisi was confirmed on May 19
EU: high turnout in elections – commitment to people of Turkey to democracy
Special forces of gendarmerie neutralized 2 more terrorists in Shirnak
34th race of memory of Ataturk and world started
EU stated results of first tender of gas -shaped mechanism
Azerbaijan will accept what rhythmic gymnastics
EU announced readiness to simplify visa regime for citizens of Kazakhstan
Heads of diplomacy of Azerbaijan and EU discussed prospects of cooperation
World press widely covers elections in Turkey
Eurasian Development Bank hopes for accession of Turkey
Finland: large -scale military exercises began
Japan is concerned about military cooperation of Russian Federation and China in Asia
In Baku ended World Cup in shooting
Brussels: meeting of Aliyev, Michel and Pashinyan began
Zelensky arrived on visit to Germany
Brussels: meeting of Ilham Aliyev and Charles Michel began
President Ilham Aliyev arrived on working visit to Brussels
Erdogan urged to rally efforts in name of strong and developed Turkey
Cruise ship “Europa” delivered more than 340 tourists to Bodrum
Erdogan urged to rally efforts in name of strong and development of Turkey
Berlin will transfer to Kyiv weapons in amount of € 2.7 billion
From beginning of year, 17 terrorists have neutrally neutralize efforts of special services of Turkey
Turkish Armed Forces neutralized 5 terrorists in north of Syria
Turkish intelligence services neutralized in north of Syria one of leaders PKK/YPG
Turkish army neutralized two terrorists in north of Iraq
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: London transmission Storm Shadow missiles to Kyiv leads to serious escalation
Life is normalized in areas of Turkey, purified from terrorists
France prosecutor’s office demanded trial of ex-president of Sarkozy in case of “Libyan money”
Borrel: EU countries will increase military costs by € 70 billion
Germany will allocate another € 1 billion for maintenance of refugees
NATO: troops of Russian Federation at front use old T-54 tanks
Explosion in north of Syria, there is dead
Tatarstan: preparations for Kazanforum 2023 are completed
Kremlin announced US statement of victory in Second World War
Syrian opposition fighters prevented sortie of terrorists in Tall Ryfat