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AI PIN gadget is harbinger of new era in AI
Ukraine and Albania signed an agreement on friendship and cooperation between two countries
China plans to carry out 100 space launches in 2024
At exhibition MWC 2024 in Barcelona introduced novelties of mobile industry
Tusaş CEO: In first flight, Turkish fighter Kaan stayed in air for 13 minutes
Erdogan: Türkiye has reached new heights in defense industry
Fifth -generation Turkish fighter Kaan successfully made first flight
Kazan will accept new high -tech tournament – “Games of Future”
Türkiye successfully develops laser weapons
Turkish President arrived on an Egypt
Turkish President left for Egypt
Turkish scientists: an increase in number of icebergs in Southern Ocean – certificate of climate change
President Erdogan arrived in UAE
Time of broadcasting return of AXIOM-3 mission with ISS is
Belarus is interested in intensification of political dialogue with Sri Lanka
Turkish scientific expedition reached Antarctic
As part of Teknofest this year, competitions will be held in 46 categories
AX-3 mission with Turkish astronaut Alper Goseravja will leave ISS tomorrow
Zakharova said “recklessly” decision of Ecuador on transfer of Russian technology
Türkiye and Mali discussed prospects of cooperation
Goseravji at International Space Station conducted an experiment “Gmetal”
President of Belarus: Minsk is interested in strengthening interaction with New Delhi
Moldova and Hungary discussed prospects of investment cooperation
Ministry of Defense of Belarus: army is able to give an adequate response to any threat
President of Uzbekistan and Prime Minister of State Council of PRC discussed expansion of cooperation between two countries
UMUT YILDIZ: Cosmic Ecosystem of Turkey should grow and develop
Türkiye actively masters space
In Davos, they discussed strengthening of partnership of Moldova with EU countries
SpaceX postponed launch of AX-3 mission with Turkish astronaut
Estonia plans to establish its own manufacture of ammunition
IL Messaggero: Togg in focus of CES 2024 exhibition in USA
In United States banned sale of latest smart watches Apple
Robotized surgery reduces stay of patients in hospital
Another meeting of Turkmen-Turkish interdirmy on economic cooperation was held in Ashgabat
President Erdogan departed from Qatar
In center of Chisinau, movement is difficult due to farmers’ protests
President Erdogan got acquainted with Expo 2023 exhibition in Doha
President Erdogan arrived in Qatar
Lukashenko: green agenda in international cooperation is meaningless in confrontation
Kazakhstan launched digital tenge
Thy reported to eliminate failures in system
US congratulated Turkey on 100th anniversary of republic
Turkish and Somali leaders met in Istanbul
Bishkek discussed prospects and measures to deepen cooperation between SCO members
Russian astronaut gave Turkish flag to training center in Turkey on Day of Republic
Putin noted importance of mutual trust and manifestation of respect in financial sphere
T3 Turkish Foundation expands projects in Azerbaijan
Türkiye takes part in International Congress of astronautics in Baku