Google Chrome will now hide embarrassing notifications

In a COVID-19 world, screen sharing is more likely because of video meetings and other work-from-home activities.

Now when you’re sharing your screen, Chrome will automatically hide the content of web pop-up notifications. This includes notifications from Google Chat, email notifications, and other third party websites.
When you’re done sharing your screen, all muted notifications will be automatically displayed. Note that notifications are already muted when sharing a tab in Google Meet.

Announcing the privacy-enhancing feature, Google says that when users share a desktop screen from a Mac or Windows 10 PC, “Chrome will automatically hide the content of web pop-up notifications.”

There has been a dramatic shift in how many of us work – now more than ever, we’re relying on the use of Google Meet and other screen sharing solutions. We hope this feature will reduce distractions and prevent sensitive or personal information from accidentally being displayed while sharing your screen.