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Beijing Olympics Begin Amid Atrocity Crimes
Sanction Myanmar’s Coup Leaders in Australia
Europe: found an alternative to Russian gas
Australia recommends that its citizens refrain from traveling to Ukraine
Revenge for Djokovich? Serbia broke contract with Australian concern Rio Tinto
Davos Agenda Closes with Calls for New Models of Public-Private Cooperation
‘We saw people running from tsunami, screaming’
Now because of buying asian countries grow prices for coal
80% of Tonga population impacted by eruption and tsunami
World Bank Provides US$8 million to Support Tongas Volcano and Tsunami Response
First Quantum Computing Guidelines Launched as Investment Booms
At least 3 dead, amid severe destruction
Favela hip-hop empowerment, neighbourhood nursing revolution and eradicating hidden hunger
Too soon to assess damage
UN stands ready to support after volcano eruption and tsunami
Two countries joined diplomatic boycott of Olympics in Beijing
Scandal with Novakki Djokovich in Australia continues
Davos Agenda 2022 to Mobilize World Leaders around Global Challenges
Zhirinovsky predicted evacuation of millions of US inhabitants to Siberia
Azerbaijani banknote has become best and reached final of contest “The most perfect monetary sign of 2022”
Emerging Economies More Optimistic about Artificial Intelligence, Survey Finds
Largest trading transaction entered into force
UNESCO marks semi-centennial anniversary of biosphere preservation
United States went to opponent: wish visa from China to their officials on Olympics
Scandal in Israel: Patriarch Manukyan terrorizes Armenian community of Jerusalem
Cut Defense Ties with Myanmar Military in Japan
Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Urges All Parties to Pull Back from Posture of War in Ethiopia
Experts stated most dangerous countries for traveling in 2022
WHO in collaboration with GISAID organizes training workshops for laboratory experts
Indonesias Economy Grew in 2021 Despite Covid, Will Accelerate in 2022, World Bank Report Says
Human rights defenders under attack in Asia – UN experts
Stop reprisals against woman human rights defender – UN expert: Indonesia
Australians build a new and fast road to Azerbaijan
Human Rights Council to Hold a Special Session on 17 December to Address “Grave Human Rights Situation
Free Prominent Blogger in Vietnam
Washington Post: world is not ready for a new pandemic
Public-Private Collaboration Will Define New Era for Cities as Summit Spurs New Initiatives
France refused to support boycott of Olympiad in Beijing
New partnership to combat antimicrobial resistance in gonorrhoea
In China, they said that United States will pay for a boycott of Olympiad
Press Laos to Respect Rights in Australia
Countries with regulations against industrially produced trans fats tripled over past year
Countries with regulations protecting people from industrially produced trans fat tripled over past year
Against anyone a new Aukus block
IMF Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Australia
Press Vietnam to Respect Rights in Australia
“Black Box” of Earth will collect data for future generations
Mass protests in Serbia