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Quad leaders will meet in Hiroshima
G7 summit started in Hiroshima
More than 2 thousand will be present on Charles III
Flagship of Turkish Navy arrived in Izmir
Flagship of Turkish Navy headed from Istanbul to Izmir
Head of Ministry of Defense of New Zealand: Wellington and Ankara are tied by strong ties
Australia will transmit drones to Ukraine
Crash of aircraft in Philippines: there are dead
Tsuckerberg announced paid verification on Facebook and Instagram
Drawings of Aborigines can replace portrait of Elizabeth II on Australian dollars
Australia imposed sanctions against high -ranking military Iran
Shamil Tarpishchev showed disrespect for requirements of Azerbaijan: “This is nonsense …”
Most expensive hotel on planet opened in Dubai
Australian Open was banned to demonstrate flags of Russia and Belarus
Fatal blow to Russia’s oil income: Urals is sold for less than $ 40
G7 will set oil prices for oil products from Russia
Former first racket of world was diagnosed with two forms of cancer
World meets 2023. He has already come in Australia and New Zealand
People of African descent living under siege of racism, say UN experts: Australia
Generation Equality leaders UN Women and IDLO call for centring survivors in gender-based violence response efforts
Qatar World Cup Closes Without Migrant Fund
Sports Museum in Qatar: Ilham Zakiev, and near Messi, Pele, Mohammed Ali, Michael Jordan
Indonesia’s Economy Rebounding After Covid-19 Reopening in 2022
Pandemic Fund to Distribute First Funds
Charges Dropped Against Cambodian Union Leader Chhim Sithar
SE Asia Forum Prepares for Pandemic Flu: Stakeholders Unite
FIFA Misleading World on Remedy for Migrant Workers
Rising Poverty, Hunger Amid Economic Crisis in Lebanon
Medvedev seems enemies around world
ICC launches its first Strategy on Gender Equality and Workplace Culture
UN experts on people of African descent to visit Australia
10 Years Behind Bars for Ex-Minister’s Daughter in Eritrea
Ensure Respect for Rights in Massive Iron Ore Project in Guinea
Ban Taliban from Olympic Movement
Medvedev promises “walking burghers” “unimaginable” oil prices
Use Magnitsky-Style Sanctions to Target Abusers in Australia
First quarter -finalist of World Cup -2022 – Netherlands
Russia has collected fleet from old tankers for oil exports in conditions of sanctions
West imposes unprecedented sanctions against Russia: what’s next?
Finland Prime Minister: Europe is not strong enough
WHO urges more effective prevention of injuries and violence causing 1 in 12 deaths worldwide
Prime Minister of Great Britain: “The Golden Era of Relations with China is over”
USA: China has become threat in space
World Cup 2022: Australia beat Tunisia
Committee against Torture Adopts Concluding Observations on Australia, El Salvador, Chad, Malawi
UN Committee against Torture publishes findings on Australia, Chad, El Salvador, Malawi, Nicaragua, Somalia and Uganda
Iran Must Stop Violence against Peaceful Protesters, Release All those Arrested, and Impose Moratorium on Death Penalty
NATO Allies and Partners discuss maritime security