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Large -scale forest fires in Australia require evacuation of about 30 thousand
Forest fires in Australia can achieve “catastrophic proportions”
Kyiv: 52 UN and EU countries called on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine
Turkish racers will take part in World Superbike Championship
KGB of Belarus: in UAE, wide contacts with West in matter of fight against terrorism are established
Google will pave new Internet cable along bottom of Pacific Ocean
Moscow and Tehran condemned attacks on territory of Yemen
Ex-President of Russian Federation: United States is trying to distract attention from Ukraine from Ukraine
Turkish tennis player Synmes reached final round of qualification Australian Open-2024
Cyclone “Jasper” flooded several settlements in Australia
Heritage of great poet-mystical poet of Mevlana is of interest around world
Fifa disqualified ex-president of Spanish Football Federation
Turkish motorcyclists will take part in competitions abroad
Australia: new coins with portrait of Charles III will go into circulation
International Assistance continues to enter affected by Libya
Max Ferstappen won Japanese Grand Prix
Russia: II International Festival of Circus Art “without borders” started
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on September 13
Hakan Fidan held telephone conversation with Australian Foreign Minister
Novak Djokovic won US Open-2023
Erdogan: Mikta created 10 years ago has come long way based on common vision and values
Countries G20 agreed to provide status of permanent member of African Union
G20 leading summit starts on September 9
EU imports record amount of LNG from Russia
El Nigno: What is natural phenomenon leading to
Patrushev: United States expand military infrastructure in Asia -Pacific region
US Navy, Australia, Japan and India conduct joint military exercises
Australia Ministry of Defense: Hopes to find crew of MRH90 helicopter alive
Joint exercises of United States and Australia are suspended due to collapse of helicopter
Australia called on Russia to return to grain agreement
Ukraine will receive more than 1.5 billion
Second day of NATO summit started in Vilnius
Vilnius is preparing to accept NATO summit
Over 3 % of world population lives outside country of their birth
Australia will allocate $ 3 million for humanitarian aid to Sudan
Turkish athlete Ramil Guliev took third place in tournament in Australia
Australia will prohibit construction of new embassy of Russian Federation near parliament building
In United States, light bulb is on 122 years
Turkish Dorçe Prefabrik supplies modular structures to many countries of world
Quad leaders will meet in Hiroshima
G7 summit started in Hiroshima
More than 2 thousand will be present on Charles III
Flagship of Turkish Navy arrived in Izmir
Flagship of Turkish Navy headed from Istanbul to Izmir
Head of Ministry of Defense of New Zealand: Wellington and Ankara are tied by strong ties
Australia will transmit drones to Ukraine
Crash of aircraft in Philippines: there are dead
Tsuckerberg announced paid verification on Facebook and Instagram