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Tokaev and Pashinyan discussed promising directions of building contacts
Ilham Aliyev: There was large Armenian contingent in Karabakh
Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan and Iran discussed bilateral relations 6 December
United States introduced export restrictions on 28 Russian companies
Baku: responsibility for departure of Armenian residents from territories of Azerbaijan lies with Armenia and separatist regime
First meeting of CIS Human Rights Commission was held in Minsk
US Secretary of State called President of Azerbaijan
During meeting of Armenian government, light turned off
Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan attaches special importance to relations with OIS
Baku offered Yerevan meeting to discuss peace process
Baku: Armenia should look for roots of world in region, and not in Washington
CSTO Secretary General: Armenia asked CSTO partners to remove document from agenda for help from country
CSTO: no applications for exit of Armenia from organization were received
Turkish parliament extended mandate to stay Turkish military in Azerbaijan
Turkish parliament will consider extension of mandate for stay of Turkish military in Azerbaijan
Aliyev: Azerbaijan as member of OEC takes an active part in organization of organization
Azerbaijan celebrates Victory Day
Vagif Khachatryan, found guilty of committing genocide in Azerbaijani village interfered and sentenced to 15 years
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: Armenia has not yet returned 8 occupied Azerbaijani villages
Armenia announced detention of group that planned seizure of state buildings
Baku: Part of ammunition discovered and Karabakh was made in 2021
Baku and Moscow discussed situation in region
France will put air defense system in Armenia
On Friday in Tehran, meeting of heads of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 3+3 format will be held
Ilham Aliyev: Most of colonial crimes were committed by France
Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan for speedy signing of peace treaty with Armenia
Another 83 residents returned to Azerbaijani Lachyn
Army Prime Minister considers it possible to sign an agreement on peace with Azerbaijan until end of year
Ilham Aliyev laid foundations of new villages in Karabakh
Another 25 families returned to Azerbaijani Lachyn
Azerbaijan Police is serving at points released by Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh
Aliyev: If any new confrontation occurs in region, then France will be guilty of this
As result of explosion of mines in Tereter district of Azerbaijan, peaceful resident
Azerbaijani President: In coming days, UN mission will visit Karabakh again
Leaders of Azerbaijan and Germany discussed situation in region
Baku rejected unreasonable accusations of Foreign Minister of France against Azerbaijan
Turkish Ambassador for normalization with Armenia: Foreign Minister of Foreign Ministry needs “basic geographical knowledge”
Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan: False statements of French Minister do not contribute to world
Shoigu: There are no plans for additional mobilization in General Staff
UN: UN delegation in Karabakh has not discovered any evidence of violence against Armenian civilian population
Baku: Azerbaijan began practical reintegration of Armenians Karabakh
UN Mission arrived in Karabakh economic district of Azerbaijan
State Department: United States is committed to ensuring safety of diplomats
Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense: As result of shelling, Azerbaijani military was killed from territory of Armenia
Heads of Ministry of Defense of CIS countries discussed issues of military-technical cooperation
In Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, military positions left by Armenians are eliminated
As result of attack of Armenian groups on Azerbaijan Embassy, 25 police officers were injured in Lebanon
UN: In relation to Armenians leaving Karabakh, no incidents were recorded