All armenia news and updates

In New York on Saturday, 41st traditional Turkish march will be held
Presidents of Belarus and Azerbaijan visited revived territories in Karabakh
Heads of parliaments of Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed to continue dialogue
Ministry of Defense of Armenia and India signed plan for cooperation for 2024-2025
General Staff of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan: Peacekeepers of Russian Federation made efforts to ensure peace and stability in Karabakh
Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan: Baku regards Delimitation as historical event
Azerbaijani President: It’s time to abolish Minsk OSCE group
Another 136 residents returned to Azerbaijani city of Shusha
Foreign Minister of Armenia: Yerevan is interested in restoring railway message with Azerbaijan
Astana discussed strategic partnership of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in Astana
Symbol of successes of Azerbaijan: 101st anniversary of Heydar Aliyev is celebrated
Kremlin met President of Russian Federation with Prime Minister of Armenia
Putin: 90 percent of trade in EAEU is in national currencies
President of Russian Federation urged to stop attempts to distort history
Government of Russian Federation introduced temporary ban on export of sugar from country
Head of Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan: achievement of sustainable world in region will open Zangezur corridor
Foreign Minister of Armenia: There are problems between Yerevan and Moscow
Another 65 inhabitants returned to Azerbaijani Lachyn
Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan will make every effort to continue peaceful agenda
More than 720 families returned to Azerbaijani Fizuli as whole
Aliyev: We highly appreciate peace negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia
Turkish-Russian monitoring center in Karabakh has stopped activities
More than 780 families returned to Azerbaijani Fizuli as whole
Presidents Aliyev and Zhaparov laid foundation of school in Agdam
Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan spoke at Czech Institute of CEVRO about country’s foreign policy priorities
Ilham Aliyev: France, India and Greece arm Armenia against Azerbaijan
Baku: Armenia carried out ethnic cleaning against Azerbaijanis
Baku informed Prague about process of normalizing relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia
President of Azerbaijan: Now there is general understanding of how peace agreement should look like
More than 740 families returned to Azerbaijani Fizuli as whole
39 more families returned to Azerbaijani Fizuli
Stockholm positively evaluates agreements of Baku and Yerevan according to state border
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: Armenia agreed to return four villages of Azerbaijan under occupation
Pashinyan: Early elections are not planned before division of borders
Baku: decision to withdraw Russian peacekeepers was made by leadership of Azerbaijan and Russian Federation
Process of withdrawal of Russian peacekeeping contingent from Azerbaijan began
France withdrew its ambassador in Azerbaijan for consultations
In Azerbaijani Hankendi, weapons and ammunition were discovered 16 April
Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan: Yerevan must reciprocate Baku’s efforts in world and creation in region
Turkey exports to neighboring countries in first quarter of year exceeded $ 5.9 billion
In Azerbaijani Hankendi, weapons and ammunition were discovered 10 April
Nikol Pashinyan: Yerevan does not mind starting division of borders from four villages
Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced shelling by Armed Forces of Armenia
Baku: Armed Forces of Armenia again fired at territory of Azerbaijan
In Azerbaijani Hankendi, weapons and ammunition were discovered 9 April
Baku reported next shelling of territories of Azerbaijan from Armenian side
Positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan were fired by Armenia
Baku: Armenia fired Azerbaijani positions