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President Erdogan congratulated Shahbaz Sharif on re-election for post of Prime Minister of Pakistan
Azerbaijani President accepted Minister for Hajj and Umra Saudi Arabia
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: second meeting of UN Secretary General with special representatives in Afghanistan failed
9 militants were neutralized in Pakistani province
Minsk and Islamabad are interested in intensification of bilateral ties
Pakistan: during vote count, access to social network X was limited
Three police officers died in Pakistan during protest rally
In national elections in Pakistan, party of ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan leads
Heb of Pakistan released preliminary voting results
In Pakistan, they suspended service of mobile communications and Internet during election
Pakistan: an armed attack on polling station was committed, police officer died
In explosions in Pakistan, dozens of people died
Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was sentenced to 14 years in prison
Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Khan sentenced to 10 years in prison
9 people became victims of armed attack in southeast of Iran
Head of Armed Forces of Pakistan made sharp statements to India, Iran and Afghanistan
Foreign Ministry: Pakistan does not intend to aggravate situation with Iran
Army of Pakistan: Blows were inflicted on shelters of front of liberation of Belujistan and army of liberation of Belujistan
Foreign Minister of Turkey called on Islamabad and Tehran to restraint
Pakistani military: air strikes were applied inside Iran about 20 km from border
Pakistan’s temporary attorney was called to Iranian Foreign Ministry
Iran: civilians became victims of Pakistani attack
Colonel Ksir Iran was killed on border with Pakistan
Foreign Minister of Iran and Pakistan discussed tension between countries
Islamabad: Under consideration, all options for an answer to attack of Iran
In northeast of Afghanistan, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 occurred
Number of victims of attacks on police officers in Pakistan increased to seven
Pakistan experienced FATH-2 RSOs developed in country
Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan discussed with Taliban acceleration of construction of transafgan corridor
Supreme Court of Pakistan approved liberation on security of ex-Prime Minister of Imran Khan
Pakistan reported death of 25 military and neutralization of 27 militants
Turkey: military exercises “Nusret-2023” are held
As result of attack in Pakistan, six people were injured
Syria: members of pro -River groups were killed
Uzbekistan: 16th summit of organization of economic cooperation starts
Zhaparov: SCO – reliable platform for formation of fair world order
Pakistan accused India of supporting terrorism
Moscow format opposed placement of military infrastructure of third countries in Afghanistan
Turkish Foreign Ministry expresses condolences in connection with terrorist attack in Pakistan
34 people became victims of terrorist attack in Pakistan
Lavrov: Russian Federation does not accept return of military infrastructure of United States and NATO to Afghanistan
Heads of General Staffs of countries of Central and South Asia discussed regional security
Sergey Lavrov met with UN General See Gaterrish
Foreign Ministry: Pakistan considers Karabakh as sovereign territory of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: Armenia and separatist regime reject all proposals of Baku
Court in Pakistan extended term of detention of former prime minister of Imran Khan
September 11 – tragic date in US history
“The stigma of Guantanamo”: families of prisoners become outcasts in society