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Heads of General Staffs of countries of Central and South Asia discussed regional security
Sergey Lavrov met with UN General See Gaterrish
Foreign Ministry: Pakistan considers Karabakh as sovereign territory of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: Armenia and separatist regime reject all proposals of Baku
Court in Pakistan extended term of detention of former prime minister of Imran Khan
September 11 – tragic date in US history
“The stigma of Guantanamo”: families of prisoners become outcasts in society
Ankara, Riyadh and Islamabad discussed defense cooperation
In United States, exercises are held with participation of units of Armed Forces of Central Asian
About 100 people were detained in Pakistan due to attacks on church
Head of Provisional Government of Pakistan took oath
Provisional Government of Pakistan is waiting for difficult trials
Lukashenko noted dynamic development of relations between Belarus and Pakistan
During shootout in Pakistan, 5 people died
Anti -Islamic provocations continue in Denmark
Uzbekistan ratified an agreement on military-technical cooperation with Pakistan
Number of dead during crash of train in Pakistan increased to 30
When train crash in Pakistan, more than 20 people died
In northeast of Afghanistan, an earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on August 6
Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan sentenced to 3 years in prison
An earthquake of magnitude 5 occurred in Pakistan 5
Arab countries condemned terrorist attack in Pakistan
Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned attack in Pakistan
Number of victims of attack in Pakistan has grown to 35
As result of attack in Pakistan, 20 people died
Türkiye and Pakistan intend to establish close cooperation in field of artificial intelligence
Foreign Minister of Pakistan and Russian Federation discussed resumption of “grain transaction”
Foreign Minister Pakistan and US Secretary of State discussed regional issues
Foreign Minister of Turkey and Pakistan discussed efforts to extend “grain transaction”
Hakan Fidan held consultations with chapters of Iraqi, Saudi Arabia and Egypt and Prime Minister of Libya
Hakan Fidan held consultations with chapters of Iraqi, Saudi Arabia and Egypt
Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan discussed construction of Transafgan railway line
Pakistan condemned authorities of Sweden for permission to burn sacred books
World leaders made messages on occasion of anniversary of events of July 15, 2016 in Turkey
Tehran and Islamabad discussed defense cooperation
UN Human Rights Council condemned facts of burning Qur’an
Until August 13, parliament can be dissolved in Pakistan – Minister
Pakistan: 224 people were saved in flood zone
Population of Earth is reduced, although number of inhabitants of planet exceeded 8 billion
Ankara: inter -mini consultations of Turkey and Pakistan were held
Mussonny rains in Pakistan took lives of 10 people
Pakistan Prime Minister called on India “not to use terrorism for diplomatic purposes”
Iran officially joined Shanghai organization of cooperation
Stockholm: burning of Qur’an can negatively affect image of Sweden
Islamabad and New Delhi were exchanged by lists of prisoners
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on June 29
Turkish President held telephone conversation with Pakistan Prime Minister