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Elderly Ukrainians care about dozens of homeless animals in Orekhov
Maduro: Venezuela will take new measures to protect Essekibu region
Save Children condemned London for “abstinence” when voting in UN Security Council on Gaza
UN Secretary General will continue to insist on humanitarian ceasefire in gas sector
Hakan Fidan will meet with Secretary of State Blinken
Heritage of great poet-mystical poet of Mevlana is of interest around world
Ex-president of Russian Federation: threat of direct clash with NATO has never been so real
Tokaev and Pashinyan discussed promising directions of building contacts
Lithuanian President will run for second term
Farmers flow to Kishinev center for protest campaign
UN: armed conflict in Sudan took lives of over 12 thousand people
“Besiktash” and “Fenerbach” will meet in Istanbul derby
In Turkish horse, they honor legacy of great poet-mystic “Mevlyana”
Turkish Ministry of Defense: Since beginning of year, over 2 thousand have been neutralized
Greece for maintaining positive atmosphere of relations with Turkey
Belarus is ready to hold meeting of Council of Ministers of Defense of CIS countries
President of Uzbekistan pardoned more than 330 prisoners
President of Turkey and Prime Minister of Greece held negotiations in Athens
Iranian Navy intercepted two tankers with smuggling fuel
Turkey: healthcare costs are growing
Türkiye and Greece are aimed at expanding cooperation
Turkish satellite-observation of Goktyurk-1: Seven years in orbit
“Anadola” captured work of mortar calculations of Armed Forces in Zaporozhye
President Erdogan arrived on visit to Greece
Robotized surgery reduces stay of patients in hospital
Council of People’s Commissars appointed President of Russian Federation for March 17
President Erdogan left for Greece
As part of COP28 in Dubai, decarbonization of energy sector of Moldova was discussed in Dubai
Another meeting of Turkmen-Turkish interdirmy on economic cooperation was held in Ashgabat
Foreign Minister of Venezuela and Gayans discussed controversial region of Essekibu
An earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred in Azerbaijan
Vladimir Putin arrived in Saudi Arabia
France “froze assets” of Yahya Synera, which does not exist
Iran detained two tankers in Persian Gulf
Zakharova: West “betrayed” Ukraine and took advantage of trust of Ukrainian people
President of Ukraine congratulated military on Day of Armed Forces of country
Over 30 migrants were saved off coast of Turkey
Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine accused Poland of capturing Ukrainian economy
President of Turkmenistan: Türkiye – Leading Trade and Economic Partner of country
Iran Foreign Minister: Relations with Azerbaijan are in right direction
Three terrorists of RKK are neutralized in north of Iraq
Maduro included “Sporting Essekibo Region” in new Venezuela map
Lukashenko: Belarusians and Finns need to restore lost connections
Ilham Aliyev: There was large Armenian contingent in Karabakh
State Department: Türkiye played an active role in fight against deash
Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan and Iran discussed bilateral relations 6 December
United States introduced export restrictions on 28 Russian companies
68 Turkish citizens and their relatives left gas