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WB has increased forecast of economic growth in Turkey
Emine Erdogan turned to participants of Assembly of UN Habitat
Champions League Cup was put up in Istanbul
Minister of Defense of Russian Federation accused Kyiv of undermining dam of Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station
First meeting of new Cabinet of Turkey is held in Ankara
Members of new Cabinet of Turkey visited Mausoleum Ataturk
Zakharova: Permanent Representative of Russian Federation still warned UN about Kyiv’s plans for Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station
Authorities of Ukraine obliged Monks of UOC to leave Kiev Pechersk Lavra within three days
ICKK: collapse at Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station is one of most serious consequences of conflict
Investigative Committee of Russian Federation opened case on destruction of dam of Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station
European Union has submitted new plan for fight against illegal migration
Mirziyoyev: Qatar is promising partner of Uzbekistan in Muslim world
In north of Syria, Terrorist YPG surrendered to Turkish military
Istanbul: preparations for final of UEFA Champions League were completed
In control of army of Russian Federation, Novokakhovsky City District of Ukraine introduced State of Emergency
NATO Secretary General condemned bombing of Kakhovskaya hydroelectric station in Ukraine
Türkiye builds up trade in national currency
Türkiye has reached level of leading countries in field of stem cell transplantation
Export of agricultural products from Turkey beats records
Bayraktar kızılelma flights from flagship of Turkish Navy are scheduled for 2025
OSCE expressed support for reform process in Kazakhstan
Positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan were again fired from Armenian side
Shmygal: destruction of Kakhovsky hydroelectric power station is fraught with an ecological disaster for south of Ukraine
FSB: Ukrainian intelligence plans in Russian Federation terrorist attacks using “dirty bomb”
Rosatom announced absence of threat of ZAEC in connection with separation of Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station
Azerbaijan increases export of non
Light tanker from Algeria will reach coast of Turkey on June 8
Azerbaijan Foreign Minister performed at meeting of OSCE Permanent Council in Austria
More than 8 thousand have returned to Kazakhstan since beginning of year
Kyrgyzstan: over 30 people were detained on suspicion of trying to coup
First meeting of Cabinet of Council of Cabinet of Ministers in new composition will be held today
Emir Katara arrived in Uzbekistan
Appointed chief adviser to Turkish President
New head of Office of Office of Turkey was appointed
Türkiye and Egypt will exchange ambassadors
New head of General Staff of Armed Forces of Turkish Armed Forces
Kyrgyzstan: ethno-festival “Traditional cuisine of Turkic peoples” was held in Kyrgyzstan
New head of Ministry of Defense: Türkiye will continue to fight terrorism
Turkey and Pakistan are connected by fraternal ties – prime minister
Sweden entry into NATO depends on Turkey – Prime Minister
General Director Magate warned of threats against ZAES
Georgia plans to build new airport in Tbilisi – Prime Minister
In Riyadh will resume work of embassy of Iran
Russian Foreign Ministry appreciated prospects for extending grain transaction
Turkish Hakkari attracts tourists with flowering valleys and waterfalls
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported tortured attempt to penetrate from Ukraine
Tokaev: Independence is main value of Kazakhstan
Turkey: record export indicators in 2023 predict records