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Emine Erdogan congratulated Turkish people on day of memory of Ataturk, Youth and Sports
Deputy Governor of Iranian Province of East Azerbaijan: one of helicopters of presidential motorcade crashed
International half marathon One Run was held in Bishkek
Ilham Aliyev: Relations of Azerbaijan and Iran have reached highest level
Türkiye celebrates 105th anniversary of beginning of national liberation struggle
Erdogan: spirit of May 19 is greatest property of Turkey
Russian Foreign Ministry announced Putin’s visit to PRC “fateful for entire planet”
Russian Ministry of Defense reported interception of 60 UAVs over Krasnodar and Belgorod
President of Azerbaijan took part in opening of mosque in liberated Zangilan
Amnesty International: France should protect rights of indigenous peoples of New Caledonia
President Erdogan: Türkiye will continue to protect rights of Crimean Tatar people
Floods in Afghan province of Mountains carried away lives of at least 50 people
Kyrgyz Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged to be guided only by proven information on night events in Bishkek
Foreign Ministry: Türkiye shares pain of Crimean Tatars and fraternal peoples of Caucasus
Anniversary of deportation of Crimean Tatars: pain of tragic events does not subside for 80 years
Drone attacked car of local communal enterprise in Kursk region of Russian Federation, there is dead
Türkiye sent 24 tons of humps to victims of floods in Afghanistan
Powerful rains led to large -scale flooding in Germany
President of Turkmenistan congratulated compatriots on Day of Constitution and State Flag
President of Moldova: Germany is strong and important ally of republic on way to EU
Belarusian President told Ethiopia significant and reliable partner in African region
As result of night events, 29 people were injured in Bishkek
In New York on Saturday, 41st traditional Turkish march will be held
Canada: it is recommended not to use Tiktok media platform
Juventus “fired coach Allegry for behavior incompatible with values of club
Iran: during operation against Satanist group, 261 people were detained
President of Ukraine approved law that allows us to call prisoners into army
Erdogan: Water resources become source of conflicts
“Lost sleeve” of Nile River can solve secret of construction of Egyptian pyramids
Presidents of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan discussed prospects of cooperation
Tashkent hosts open championship of Central Asia for Handball
Leaders of Turkey and Kazakhstan discussed bilateral relations
Russia seeks to enter growing global market for halal products
Putin: In Russian Federation, about 50 thousand receive higher education
Presidents of Belarus and Azerbaijan visited revived territories in Karabakh
Heads of parliaments of Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed to continue dialogue
Kazakhstan plans to launch new production at Baikonur Cosmodrome
Japan expressed protest of Russia and PRC in connection with their concern with “radionuclide water” from Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant
Foreign Ministry of Mongolia: Ulan Bator is committed to strengthen cooperation with Riga
Parliament of Moldova appointed presidential elections for October 20
President of Belarus: resumption of dialogue between Minsk and Oslo in interests of both sides
US Nuclear Airman Ronald Reagan left base in Japan 9 years later
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of 102 UAVs over four regions
Toshiba plans to reduce 4 thousand
Referendum on entry of Moldova in EU will be held on October 20
Russia announced expulsion of attache on defense of British Embassy
Between Turkey and Georgia signed memorandum of understanding of cooperation in field of energy
Special education of France – New Caledonia became an arena of unrest using violence