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India cannot establish connection with spacecraft “Chandrayan-3”
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 22
India stopped issuance of visas to Canada citizens
Iraq: project “Development Roads” is considered important with Turkey
Private plane caught fire in India, three were injured
Hakan Fidan: Turkey, UAE, Iraq and Qatar continues intensive negotiations regarding project “Development Road”
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on September 13
At least 20 people became victims of powerful rain in India
“Corridor wars” in global geopolitics
Prime Minister of Canada will be able to leave India no earlier than September 12
Lavrov: Armenian leadership actions are regretted
Chairmanship in G-20 passed to Brazil
Erdogan met with Prime Minister of India on G20
Erdogan and Aliyev discussed situation in region
Erdogan and head of European Council discussed membership of Turkey in EU
Erdogan took part in final session of G20 summit
Leaders of Turkey and Egypt discussed energy cooperation
Erdogan and Prince Salman discussed bilateral relations
Leaders of G20 countries adopted final declaration of summit in New Delhi
Modi announced achievement of “consensus” according to final declaration of G20 summit
Countries G20 agreed to provide status of permanent member of African Union
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 9
President Erdogan arrived in India to participate in G20 summit
Russian Foreign Minister visited Bangladesh on working visit
G20 leading summit starts on September 9
Erdogan departed to India to participate in G20 summit
Erdogan will go to India tomorrow to participate in 18th Summit G20
G20 will receive African Union in its ranks as “permanent member”
Mountain Massive Aladaglar – “Turkish Alps”
Xi Jinping will not go to G20 summit in India
Central Asian countries: new locomotive for development of Asian region
BRICS attracts attention of whole world, including Africa
In India, they closed school due to beating of Muslim student on basis of Islamophobia
Prime Minister of India proposed to make African Union permanent member of G20
As result of explosion at Pyrotechnics Factory in India, at least 7 people were killed
In fire in train carriage in southern India, 10 people were killed
Alternative markets are becoming increasingly important for Russia
Indian Luno Road began research on surface of moon
Putin congratulated new BRICS countries on entry into association
BRICS will include six new countries
At least 17 people were killed during collapse of bridge in India
Putin: BRICS overtook “large seven” by parity of purchasing power
Erdogan will raise problem of climate change at G20 and GA UN summit
14.7 thousand work in Kazakhstan
Russian Foreign Minister arrived at BRICS summit in South Africa
Greece: “hot point” climate change in Mediterranean
Brix summit starts in Johannesburg
RF: West ignores signals about danger of spread of weapons supplied to Kyiv