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India: freight train drove without engineers 80 km
Russian Federation, as humans, delivered 200 thousand tons of grain to number of African countries
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: second meeting of UN Secretary General with special representatives in Afghanistan failed
Prime Minister of Armenia: Yerevan does not discuss possibility of joining NATO
Trai Young and Scotti Barnes became part of East team at match of all stars of NBA
Indiana Pisers continued win -win series in NBA championship
Head of Armed Forces of Pakistan made sharp statements to India, Iran and Afghanistan
President of Belarus: Minsk is interested in strengthening interaction with New Delhi
Japanese lunar module Slim was discharged by battery after successful landing
In United States, more than 80 people took extreme weather conditions
Minsk and New Delhi discussed regional security issues
Islamabad: Under consideration, all options for an answer to attack of Iran
Leaders of Russian Federation and India discussed Ukraine
Foreign tour of Istanbul in January-November 2023 grew by 9%
Argentina President notified exit from BRICS
Vladimir Putin accepted Foreign Minister India
Supply of Indian air defense systems “Akash” to Armenia will begin in coming months
Putin: coming decade will be for Russian Federation “The Decade of Great Construction”
Iran approved an agreement on abolition of visa regime with 33 countries
Zhaparov: SCO – reliable platform for formation of fair world order
About 1 million
Audience of Instagram has reached half billion daily users
Number of flood victims in India exceeded 30
An exhibition of jewelry started in Istanbul
India: at least 30 people disappeared after flooding
Pakistan accused India of supporting terrorism
India and United States conducted joint exercises in Alaska
Moscow format opposed placement of military infrastructure of third countries in Afghanistan
Zhaparov: Geopolitical shocks increased interest in Central Asia
Lavrov: Russian Federation does not accept return of military infrastructure of United States and NATO to Afghanistan
Indian businessman travels along “Road of Spices” by car of 1950
Presidents of Russian Federation and Iran discussed situation around Karabakh
India cannot establish connection with spacecraft “Chandrayan-3”
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 22
India stopped issuance of visas to Canada citizens
Iraq: project “Development Roads” is considered important with Turkey
Private plane caught fire in India, three were injured
Hakan Fidan: Turkey, UAE, Iraq and Qatar continues intensive negotiations regarding project “Development Road”
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on September 13
At least 20 people became victims of powerful rain in India
“Corridor wars” in global geopolitics
Prime Minister of Canada will be able to leave India no earlier than September 12
Lavrov: Armenian leadership actions are regretted
Chairmanship in G-20 passed to Brazil
Erdogan met with Prime Minister of India on G20
Erdogan and Aliyev discussed situation in region
Erdogan and head of European Council discussed membership of Turkey in EU
Erdogan took part in final session of G20 summit