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UN elects five new members to serve on Security Council
India: number of sick “black mold” increased by 150%
Confirmed Covid-19 cases in world exceeded 175 million people
Education Above All Foundation and World Bank Partner to Enroll 35,000 Out-of-School Children in Djibouti
More than 158 million people in world cured from COVID-19
India has installed a new anti-propelord for deaths due to Covid-19
Famous doctor dispelled myth of deadly danger of “black mold”
New WHO guidance seeks to put an end to human rights violations in mental health care
Number of cowid patients in world exceeded 174 million people
Chilliest Spring in years is cold comfort as CO2 emissions rise: WMO
Almost 158 million people in world cured from COVID-19
India: number of infected Covid-19 approached 29 million
“Cataclysmic” COVID-19 crisis demands human-centred recovery policies, says ILO Director-General
Head of WHO warned about “catastrophic consequences” for unvitable
India: in a fire on a hims plant, 14 people were killed
Global Launch: Tracking SDG7: Energy Progress Report
More than 157 million people cured from COVID-19
Pakistan urged to investigate incidents with uranium detection in India
In India, they tried to sell Uranus with inscription “Made in USA”
World Bank Approves $500 Million Program to Strengthen Performance of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in India
UN independent experts call for ‘full-fledged investigations’ into mass grave at indigenous school
UN health agency urges nations to donate 250 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine
UN experts call on Canada, Holy See to investigate mass grave at indigenous school
In India, they revealed dangerous for vaccinated Covid-19 strain
India: birth of a two-headed calf was found by end of pandemic end
Number of patients with COVID-19 reached 173 million people
More than 155 million people cured from COVID-19
Burned vessel with tons of chemicals provoked an ecological disaster
From immediate relief to livelihood support, UN Women drives investment and support for women and girls impacted by COVID-19
We are Generation Equality: Youth champions for change
Kalpana Kochhar, Director of Human Resources Department, to Retire from IMF
Amidst COVID surge, Asia-Pacific region needs ‘immediate and stronger support’
Expert’s Take: Investing in lives and livelihoods of India’s women is crucial to nation’s full recovery
WHO validates Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use and issues interim policy recommendations
India: put an experiment to mix vaccine from Covid-19
More than 153 million people cured from COVID-19
Houthis Risk Civilians’ Health in Covid-19: Yemen
“Sustier and healthier”: In India, prisoners refused to go out of prisons
Scientist warned about a more serious pandemic because of Indian strain
Israel banned its citizens to ride Russia
Number of cowid patients exceeded 170 million people
Millets prove tasty solution to climate and food security challenges
Vietnam: a new version of Coronavirus found
UN chief underlines need to step up COVID-19 vaccine production, equitable distribution
WHO supports people quitting tobacco to reduce their risk of severe COVID-19
More than 151 million people cured from COVID-19
Human Rights Council Establishes International Commission of Inquiry to Investigate Violations
UN chief appeals to business leaders to help quell ‘a tsunami of suffering’ caused by COVID