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Putin flies to India to negotiations with mod
Treasures of deceased on Mont Blanc of Indian aircraft were divided in half
Two provinces of Nepal equipped with increased oxygen generation capacity in preparation for potential Covid surges
Excess salt in soils puts food security at risk: FAO
India will stop producing helicopters and buy them in Russia
First Deputy Managing Director Geoffrey Okamoto to Leave IMF, Gita Gopinath to Be IMF’s New First Deputy Managing Director
“Omicron” got to India
Saxo Bank has published “shocking predictions” for 2022
Global displacement rising despite lockdowns that kept billions grounded
Comment by UN Human Rights Office spokesperson Rupert Colville on arrest of human rights defender Khurram Parvez and recent killings
Lavrov: Each schoolchild is known that United States surrounded Russia by military bases
Indian State of West Bengal Gets $135 million World Bank Loan to Improve Efficiency, Reliability of Electricity Supply
“Omicron” walks on planet
UN expert welcomes India plan to repeal laws that sparked nationwide protests and left 600 dead
UN expert hails India plan to repeal contentious farm laws, urges accountability for casualties
Kashmiri Activist Held Under Abusive Law in India
In Afghanistan for 100 days, 257 media closed
Interim statement on Covid vaccination for children and adolescents
Erdogan will chair meeting of ORC Committee
New World Bank Project to Improve Quality of Learning for Over 5 Million Students Across Andhra Pradesh
India and United States will hit oil prices
Azerbaijani national team won world championship medal in Dubai
Cats saved newborn girl thrown into sewer
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination Congratulate Singapore on Initial Report
ILO publishes report on work-related deaths and injuries in Qatar
India is armed with Russian C-400. Pentagon Unfallen
Remittance Flows Register Robust 7.3 Percent Growth in 2021
Famous French chef created a menu for a rich Azerbaijani family
India places Russian rockets along border with Pakistan
COP26 closes with ‘compromise’ deal on climate, but it’s not enough, says UN chief
Climate change increasing threats in southwest Pacific: WMO report
Landmine casualties ‘exceptionally high’, Syria and Afghanistan worst-hit
Address Abuses Raised at UN Review in Papua New Guinea
India: flash of a dangerous virus is recorded
British journalists about those killed from COVID: they are not 5, and 17 million
Bishkek: most dirty air in world
India’s Transition to Green Economy Presents $1 Trillion Opportunity
World: number of ill cronavirus exceeded a quarter of a billion
Six cities in world who can go under water until 2030
Iran began large-scale military exercises
Iran announced beginning of large-scale exercises
Fire in a Covid-19 hospital in India, there are victims
World Bank to Support Shimla Water Supply and Sewerage Services with another $160 million
Pakistan closed sky for Indian aircraft
By 2030, half world’s population will be exposed to flooding, storms, tsunamis
World food prices reach highest level in more than decade
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Commend South Sudan’s Progressive Legislation for Women
Scorpion poison will help in fight against Covid-19?