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In fire in train carriage in southern India, 10 people were killed
Alternative markets are becoming increasingly important for Russia
Indian Luno Road began research on surface of moon
Putin congratulated new BRICS countries on entry into association
BRICS will include six new countries
At least 17 people were killed during collapse of bridge in India
Putin: BRICS overtook “large seven” by parity of purchasing power
Erdogan will raise problem of climate change at G20 and GA UN summit
14.7 thousand work in Kazakhstan
Russian Foreign Minister arrived at BRICS summit in South Africa
Greece: “hot point” climate change in Mediterranean
Brix summit starts in Johannesburg
RF: West ignores signals about danger of spread of weapons supplied to Kyiv
US Navy, Australia, Japan and India conduct joint military exercises
Parliament of India will consider vote of Modi’s mistrust
Uzbek-Indian cooperation was discussed in Tashkent
Deputy head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation: participation of BRICS countries in meeting in Gidd will help convey common sense to West
In Saudi Arabia, consultations began on peaceful settlement of Russian-Ukrainian war
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for August 5
Mousson rains in northern India took lives of about 200 people
When construction crane falls in India, 17 people were killed
Hakan Fidan held consultations with chapters of Iraqi, Saudi Arabia and Egypt and Prime Minister of Libya
Hakan Fidan held consultations with chapters of Iraqi, Saudi Arabia and Egypt
USA and China discussed relations in military sector
UN Human Rights Council condemned facts of burning Qur’an
Pakistan: 224 people were saved in flood zone
Population of Earth is reduced, although number of inhabitants of planet exceeded 8 billion
Türkiye takes 18th place in ranking of countries in terms of population
Moscow advocates for participation of Kabula in SCO projects – special representative of president
Russia remains largest exporter of raw oil to India
Pakistan Prime Minister called on India “not to use terrorism for diplomatic purposes”
Iran officially joined Shanghai organization of cooperation
Islamabad and New Delhi were exchanged by lists of prisoners
Passenger bus caught fire in India, 25 dead
Putin and Modi discussed Ukraine and interaction through SCO, BRICS and G-20
Among countries of Middle East, interest in BRICS is growing
Leaders of United States and India discussed war between Russian Federation and Ukraine
India approved construction of Micron plant worth $ 2.7 billion
In east of India, more than hundred villages flooded floods
Kremlin said “lies” of Zelensky that Russian Federation is preparing terrorist attack on ZAES
Interest in Indian handmade jewelry in Turkey is growing
166 people have already become victims of abnormal heat in India
Turkish Parabadmintonist won 2 gold medals at tournament in Canada
In Mexico in back of truck, 129 illegal migrants were found
India: an abnormal heat took away lives of almost hundred people
Heat in north of India took 34 people’s lives
Number of those killed in railway disaster in India increased to 290
In United States, light bulb is on 122 years