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Insulting prophet Muhammad blew up India
In India, they demand to arrest a representative of ruling party
Tension between Muslims and Indians: India enhances safety measures
United States called on India not to increase purchases of Russian oil
China and India reduce effectiveness of anti -Russian sanctions?
Five new unstable members of UN Security Council were elected
US announced military exercises with India in Himalayas
Five countries elected to serve on UN Security Council
Putin: “Africa wakes up”
World’s most vulnerable now paying even more, for less food: FAO
WHO publishes new guideline with region-specific treatment recommendations
“The West knows that Iran does not seek to create an atomic bomb”
ILO World of Work Summit to discuss how to tackle multiple global crises
WHO publishes new guideline with region-specific treatment recommendations
Iran’s Foreign Minister was indignant at insult of prophet, arranged a demarch … and in morning he flew in Delhi
Call to Expand International Right to Education
Iran handed India a note
Open yoga lesson on cycling tract
Ukraine asked India to become a guarantor of her safety
Turkey abandoned Party of Indian wheat
Wheat in exchange for goods: Egypt agrees with India
Azerbaijan Ministry of Emergencies about search for a missing Indian tourist
Why mental health is priority for action on climate change
Teimur Rajabov plays with Magnus Carlsen in Norway
India will import as much Russian oil as necessary
20 days of ineffective searches of Hindu in Zagalic forests
A large Indian energy holding eliminates Russian “daughter”
New virus massively affects children in India
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov began Norway Chess with Victory, Teimur Rajabov lost
Special groups were involved in search for missing Indian tourist
WHO raises alarm on tobacco industry environmental impact
How Russian businessmen hide yachts to avoid arrest
5 ways UN Peacekeeping partnerships drive peace and development
World No Tobacco Day 2022 awards – winners
Asia first overtook Europe on purchase of Russian oil
New Bunch on Economics: What else India will experience world market
Army was connected to search for missing person
5 ways UN Peacekeeping partnerships drive peace and development
World Leaders Pledge to Fight for Freedom and Values with History at Turning Point
India discusses method of payment of Russian oil in conditions of anti -Russian sanctions
Reskilling Revolution: Leaders Preparing 1 Billion People for Tomorrow’s Economy
This time sugar: India shakes world market again
Private Sector Sends Powerful Market Signal to Commercialize Zero-Carbon Tech, as Key Coalition Tops 50 Members
Romani Refugees from Ukraine Face Segregation in Moldova
Governments Harm Children’s Rights in Online Learning
Deputy UN chief praises resilience of Bali students in face of disaster threats
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Bhutan
New Collaboration Seals $15 Million Funding for Entrepreneurs to Tackle Freshwater Crisis