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Foreign Minister of Venezuela and Gayans discussed controversial region of Essekibu
Turkey: military exercises “Nusret-2023” are held
Football world honors Maradona’s memory
Ronaldo approached new world record
100th anniversary of republic is legend of heavy athletics: to Suleimanoglu
Ring -shaped solar eclipse will occur on October 14
Audience of Instagram has reached half billion daily users
International community condemned terrorist attack in Ankara
Drought in Amazon basin can touch up to 500 thousand
Presidents of Russian Federation and Iran discussed situation around Karabakh
Sergey Lavrov met with UN General See Gaterrish
Number of victims of hurricane in south of Brazil has increased to 48 people
Chairmanship in G-20 passed to Brazil
Erdogan took part in final session of G20 summit
Erdogan discussed Turkish-Brazilian interaction with President of Brazil
G20 leading summit starts on September 9
Over 20 people became victims of hurricane in south of Brazil
BRICS attracts attention of whole world, including Africa
Ronaldino was banned to leave Brazil
Putin congratulated new BRICS countries on entry into association
BRICS will include six new countries
Putin: BRICS overtook “large seven” by parity of purchasing power
Russian Foreign Minister arrived at BRICS summit in South Africa
Brix summit starts in Johannesburg
Ronaldino announced his visit to Kyrgyzstan
RF: West ignores signals about danger of spread of weapons supplied to Kyiv
Lukashenko suggested Brazil to determine road map of development of relations
Mete gas won title of world firing champion
Deputy head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation: participation of BRICS countries in meeting in Gidd will help convey common sense to West
In Saudi Arabia, consultations began on peaceful settlement of Russian-Ukrainian war
UN Security Council will discuss extension of supplies of humps to north-west of Syria through Turkey
Ex-President of Brazil Bolsonar was removed from elections for 8 years
Among countries of Middle East, interest in BRICS is growing
Kremlin said “lies” of Zelensky that Russian Federation is preparing terrorist attack on ZAES
Number of casual victims in Brazil has increased to 16 people
Head of Turkish CEC advocated introduction of an electronic voting system in country
Turkey: exercises “Anatoly Phoenix-2023” were successfully conducted
Brazil team will play in black form for first time in protest against racism
Qualifying matches of Phygital Games finals were held in Kazan
Cappadocia awaits record number of tourists
Cruise liner Marina moored in port of Bodrum
Mexico police liberated 113 migrants from hands of people’s traders
Maduro: Lavrov’s visit – contribution to relationship of Karakas and Moscow
Lavrov: Russian Federation is interested in speedy end of war in Ukraine
President Lula visits flood-hit Brazilian state
Participants of meeting of G20 in India did not agree because of Russia and China
Livni in Brazil claimed lives of more than 40 people
Seljan Makhsudova won World Cup medal in Baku