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WHO global infodemic manager community of practice is growing and tackling Covid, monkeypox and other outbreaks
UN experts call for peaceful elections: Brazil
Renewable energy jobs rise by 700,000 in year, to nearly 13 million
Renewable energy jobs hit 12.7 million globally
Influential young changemakers recognized by UN
Domestic action lays foundation for addressing global challenges, Brazil’s Bolsonaro tells UN
World Bank Vice President Martin Raiser to Visit Bangladesh
Top Human Rights Tweets of Week
Human Rights Council Concludes Interactive Dialogues on Right to Development and Starts to Discuss Right to Privacy
Brazilian artist’s mural ‘for planet’ proves big draw for UN General Assembly
World Bracing for Severe Effects of Climate Change, New Survey Finds
Scored Samedov beat in Baku Brazilian and ended his career
Ministry of Health: In Azerbaijan there is no smallpox
World food prices drop for fifth consecutive month: FAO
World Economic Forum Research Provides Comprehensive Blueprint for Future-Ready Cities
Ospop monkeys: number of infections exceeded 50 thousand
Johannes Zutt is new World Bank director for Brazil
Coffee is facing a rise in price
UN chief ends Europe trip with visit to ‘vessels of hope’
Ilham Aliyev appointed new ambassadors 20 August
Ilham Aliyev recalled ambassadors
Grain deal ‘victory for diplomacy,’ UN chief tells journalists in Ukraine
Brazil’s national team coach answered Mbappa: “We do not have Azerbaijan, with all due respect”
Indigenous Rights Under Serious Threat in Brazil
Will be replaced by Chinese? USA “froze” Brazil’s request for purchase Javelin
Rafael Physiev in Baku: “For four days he ate five rams …”
Major fall in global food prices for July, but future supply worries remain
After lengthy debate, Brazil’s Drink-Driving Law is fully ratified
Algeria wants to join Brix
Brazil: first case of death from monkeys is recorded
Children at risk of new ‘unexplained acute hepatitis’ outbreak
WHO launched new implementation guidance for simplified and differentiated service delivery of pre-exposure prophylaxis
Deadly Police Operation in Complexo do Alemão in Brazil
Why UN General Assembly must back right to healthy environment
Mega-drought, glacier melt, and deforestation plague Latin America and Caribbean
“Karabakh” signed a Brazilian football player
ILO Director-General welcomes BRICS commitment to green jobs, skills development, workers’ protection
Healthy public food procurement and service policies
President of Brazil knows how to end war in Ukraine
Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to join Brix
Candidates Should Address Human Rights in Brazil
WHO about growth of Covid-19 in world
Armenia was included in “black list” USA
United States included Armenia in “black list”
555 million people were ill with Covid-19
Rafael Physiev first went under flag of Azerbaijan to battle in UFC
Human Rights Council Adopts Seven Resolutions
Brazilian President: sanctions against Russia did not work