Brazilian President: negotiations in framework of peaceful conference in Ukraine are impossible without Russian Federation

A peaceful conference in Ukraine, which will be held in Switzerland on June 15-16, does not make sense without the participation of the parties to the conflict. This opinion is held by the President of Brazil Louis Inasiu Lula da Silva, whose words are given by the Brazilian media.

The Brazilian president noted that he does not see the opportunity that the peace conference in Ukraine will come to some decision without Russia.

There should be an agreement if (President of Ukraine Vladimir) Zelensky says that he does not want to talk with (President of the Russian Federation Vladimir) Putin, and Putin says that he does not want to talk with Zelensky, this will mean that they like the war. Otherwise, they would sit down and talk to find a peaceful solution, ”the president said.

According to the media, Lula met with the president of the Swiss Confederation Viola Ameherd to discuss the issue of Ukraine and Russia.

The President of Brazil noted that in connection with the conflict in Ukraine, trillions of dollars were spent.

“Brazil resolutely condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, it is already obvious that none of the parties can achieve its goals by military means,” he said.

Lula once again confirmed the position of Brazil on the issue of participating in the International Peace Conference in Switzerland. According to him, to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, the participation of all parties is necessary.

The President of Brazil was present at the Summit of the G7 leaders, which took place in the Borgo Enoperation (Italy).

The Peace Conference on Ukraine in Canton Nidvalden in Switzerland will be held on June 15 – 16, 2024.