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In Germany, they stated that NATO would not fight with Russia if she attacks Ukraine
Russia uses migrants to take Svalki corridor
Kremlin: Putin and Biden will discuss bilateral relations in a deplorable state
Ministry of Justice declared extradition of a fraudster from Montenegro to Azerbaijan
Lukashenko: reasons to lie and die, no
Citizens of Azerbaijan tried to illegally get from Ukraine to Russia
Poland calls by Bayden to hardness in negotiations with Putin
Britain changes rules of entry into country: this applies to Azerbaijan
Israel will require a strike from Washington on Iranian objects?
Nazarbayev believes that collapse of USSR was predetermined
Ex-leader of Belarus explained signing of collapse agreement of USSR under cognac
30 years old disintegration of USSR: Nazarbayev explained quarrel of Gorbachev and Yeltsin
In European Parliament nominated ultimatum Moscow
Bloomberg: “Stressful dispute” took place between Lavrov and Blinkken because of Ukraine
Maria Zakharov: Russian troops are located on territory of their country
Minister of Defense of Ukraine announced price of war with Russia
Pentagon stated that Russia is preparing for invasion of Ukraine
Belarus accused Ukraine in violation of state border
Putin and Biden will hold negotiations on December 7
Nazarbayev told Oliver Stone why he did not recognize Crimea Russian
An unknown company defeated in one tender
US intelligence: war between Russia and Ukraine is inevitable
Biden stated that he did not respect principles of Russia
IMF Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Fiji
Implementing ECHR judgments: latest Committee of Ministers decisions
Ireland’s human rights record to be examined by Universal Periodic Review
ICRC: Omicron highlights need to step up global vaccinations, including in conflict zones
Rector of Kiev University in an interview with “Pandemic has forever changed education system”
Lukashenko: Belarus will never become Ukraine
Lavrov and Chavushoglu discussed stabilization in Transcaucasus
Ganja: cohabitant tortured children in front of their father
Maria Zakharova declared Ukraine’s entry into NATO “Red Lini”
Lukashenko told Putin his brother
US Secretary of State once again warned Russia
Lavrov predicted Ukraine a catastrophe
Putin’s spokesman: “The situation in Donbas remains tense”
West urged Russia to “reduce temperature in region”
Secret and Tense Meeting of Deputy Prime Ministers of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia
Baku: trial began on Mukhtarov, who was looking for through Interpol
Svebran: child fell into toilet hole and died
Emergency aid needs set to rise by 17% to 274 million, UN humanitarians warn
World AIDS Day 2021 – Step up, be bold, end AIDS, end inequalities and end pandemics
NATO Secretary General discusses Russia’s military build-up near Ukraine, Belarus’ hybrid campaign against Allies
NATO Foreign Ministers discuss Black Sea security, Afghanistan, Western Balkans
Chavushoglu discussed South Caucasus with US Secretary
NATO: Ukraine can not count on security guarantees
Russia conducts exercises at borders of Ukraine
Mustafaev, Grigoryan and Overchuk begin today negotiations in Moscow