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Russian Ministry of Defense reported interception of 60 UAVs over Krasnodar and Belgorod
President of Azerbaijan took part in opening of mosque in liberated Zangilan
Floods in Afghan province of Mountains carried away lives of at least 50 people
Anniversary of deportation of Crimean Tatars: pain of tragic events does not subside for 80 years
Drone attacked car of local communal enterprise in Kursk region of Russian Federation, there is dead
Powerful rains led to large -scale flooding in Germany
President of Moldova: Germany is strong and important ally of republic on way to EU
Belarusian President told Ethiopia significant and reliable partner in African region
President of Ukraine approved law that allows us to call prisoners into army
Presidents of Belarus and Azerbaijan visited revived territories in Karabakh
Japan expressed protest of Russia and PRC in connection with their concern with “radionuclide water” from Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant
President of Belarus: resumption of dialogue between Minsk and Oslo in interests of both sides
US Nuclear Airman Ronald Reagan left base in Japan 9 years later
Russia announced expulsion of attache on defense of British Embassy
Russian Federation and China will actively cooperate in order to strengthen security in Persian Gulf
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation announced destruction of 12 sulfate boats in Black Sea
Heads of General Staff of NATO countries are discussing in Brussels acceleration of support for Ukraine
President of Belarus: in relationship of Minsk and Baku there are no closed topics
Volodin accused Kyiv of drawing in United States and European countries “in big war”
Number of victims of mud lava and floods in Indonesia grew to 67
Almost 8.8 thousand were evacuated from Kharkov region
Negotiations are negotiated by presidents of Azerbaijan and Belarus
Ukrainian swimmer received Turkish citizenship
President Erdogan accepted speaker of Ukrainian parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk
Czech Republic announced support of European integration process of Moldova
Speaker of Parliament of Ukraine praised relationship of Kyiv and Ankara
US Secretary of State announced additional military assistance to Ukraine in amount of $ 2 billion
Zelensky stated situation in Donetsk and Kharkov directions by heavy
Moldova and Netherlands discussed ways to expand trade and economic cooperation
Foreign Minister of Ukraine met with shadow ministers of Great Britain
US Secretary of State met with representatives of Dejure Foundation and Corruption Countering Center in Kyiv
Anthony Biginen: USA bring Ukraine closer to NATO
Hakan Fidan met with speaker of Ukrainian parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk
Presidents Macron and Zelensky discussed situation in Ukraine by phone
Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan met with Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustema Umarov
Kremlin stated ban on US imports from Russian Federation by manifestation of “unfair competition”
Turkish and Mongolian scientists will look for traces of Turks in Tuul Valley
Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan and Ukraine discussed cooperation in various fields
US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrived in Ukraine
Greece Prime Minister Kiriaconikiyakis arrived in Ankaru
Greece Prime Minister Kiryaki Mitsikitis arrived in Ankaru
Lavrov: summit in Ukraine in Switzerland comes down to “formulation of an ultimatum for Russian Federation”
United States imposed sanctions against another 37 companies from China
In city of Belgorod in Russian Federation, 19 people died due to shelling
Residents of many regions of Northern Hemisphere observed northern lights
Turkish Female Fatherland Firing Block Luke has become European champion
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation announced confusion of more than 20 reactive shells and 16 UAVs
President of Moldova: Ukraine is fighting to preserve peace throughout Europe