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Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with Independent Expert on Situation of Human Rights
Human Rights Council Hears Presentation on Cooperation with Georgia and Concludes Interactive Dialogue with Independent Fact-finding
In Dialogue with Georgia, Experts of Human Rights Committee Welcome New Mechanism for Responding to Views
Oral update by High Commissioner for Human Rights on follow-up to Human Rights Council resolution 49/33 on “Cooperation
Georgian deputy: While Saakashvili in prison, we will have problems
In Georgia a surge of Covid-19
In Dialogue with Ireland, Experts of Human Rights Committee Praise Legislation Combatting Hate Crimes
High Numbers of Civilian Casualties in Ukraine Raise Concerns that Attacks by Russia are not Complying with International
2030 Agenda is Characterised by Shallow Commitment to Racial Justice and Fails to Address Systemic Racism and Xenophobia
Due to Budagov’s irresponsibility, house in Batumi collapsed
Next meeting in “3+3” format will be held in Iran
Head of ruling party of Georgia: Zurabishvili was offended
Champion of Russia and twice best football player in Georgia turned to Neftechi
Tbilisi: a large -scale action is held with demand of government resignation
Thousands of Georgians protest against LGBT festival
Saakashvili will have mercy?
First ICC Arrest Warrants in Georgia
Situation in Georgia: ICC Pre-Trial Chamber delivers three arrest warrants
“NATO still cannot promise Georgia an entry into Alliance”
NATO leaders meet with key partners to address global challenges, Indo-Pacific partners participate
Telephone negotiations by Ali Asadova and Irakli Garibashvili
PACE deputies talk about risk of death of Saakashvili
NATO gears up for Madrid Summit
UN Human Rights Committee to review Luxembourg, Uruguay, Ireland, Georgia, Hong Kong and Macao
Ilham Aliyev called Irakli Garibashvili
NATO’s Deputy Secretary General: NATO supports for Ukraine is for long-term
NATO will expand Georgian support
Arahamia promises to prove involvement of Georgia in bypass of anti -Russian sanctions
Smuggling of Azerbaijani fuel to Georgia was prevented
Human Rights Committee Opens One-Hundred and Thirty-Fifth Session
Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia will conduct joint military exercises
Georgia will not miss Russian oil that has arrived in Batumi
Georgia suspended work point on border with Russia
Five things you should know about International Criminal Court
A tanker with suction Russian oil arrived in Georgia
President of US National Foreign Policy Committee in an interview with “The USA and Europe cannot fight Russia”
Akayev about his biggest mistake as president: “Once Nazarbayev called me …”
Zelensky turned to demonstrators in Tbilisi
Georgia: a lot of thousands against authorities: they require resignation of Garibashvili
Famous Georgian businessman was shot in Tbilisi
Georgian Prime Minister about his resignation
Ireland supports Action Plans and joins Human Rights Trust Fund
A general who captured Azerbaijan is sung in occupied Crimea
Georgian President commented on EU decision
Garibashvili: Georgia deserves status of an EU candidate more than Ukraine and Moldova
European Parliament urged Ukraine and Moldova status of candidates for European Union
Armenia is threatened with hunger because of war in Ukraine
France: an international network of Armenian pimps was liquidated