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Georgia plans to build new airport in Tbilisi – Prime Minister
Azerbaijan and Hungary signed new contract for gas supply
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on May 28
Prime Minister: Georgia expects only correct decision from EU – providing status of candidate
Garibashvili: Georgia expects only correct decision from EU – granting status of candidate
Garibashvili: Georgia expects only correct decision from EU – status of candidate
Georgia celebrates Independence Day
Railway transportation issues were discussed in Turkmenistan
Ilham Aliyev: Baku supports signing of peace treaty with Yerevan
Georgian Airways told President of Georgia “Persona Non Grata”
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on May 21
GDP per capita in Russia approached record
Georgian parliament was held against direct air traffic between Russia and Georgia
Georgia issued permit for flights of Russian airline Red Wings
In Georgia, they protest against air traffic with Russia
First flight of Azimut Moscow-Tbilisi was confirmed on May 19
From May 15, Russia cancels visa regime for Georgian citizens
Georgia will not impose direct sanctions against Russia – Kobahidze
President of Georgia stated abolition of Russian Federation for Georgians unacceptable to unacceptable
Putin congratulated number of CIS leaders on anniversary of Victory
Mustafa Schentop: Türkiye will continue efforts to achieve peace in Ukraine
European Union provided additional military assistance to Moldova and Georgia
Turkmenistan intends to launch transport corridor to Iran, Iraq and Turkey – President
Volume of cargo transportation according to railway BTK exceeded 2.4 million tons
Baku and Tbilisi deepen defense cooperation
Aliyev: relations between Baku and Tbilisi are developing in defense sector
Türkiye will help to build school for children of Turks Ahhysk in Bishkek
Foreign Minister of Ukraine: It’s time to turn Black Sea into NATO Sea
200 containers with humanitarian aid from China to be delivered to Turkey via Kazakhstan
Prospects for the Azerbaijan-Turkey-Balkan Region Cooperation Format
Norway threatened Georgia
European Union is concerned about Georgian law on “foreign agents”
Rivals of Azerbaijani national team at U-20 European Championship in basketball
In Georgia, they to reduce food prices
Georgian authorities explained why they did not go to Kyiv
Special representative of EU in South Caucasus
Garibashvili went to Turkey
Georgia wants peace with Russia
NATO Secretary General made sharp statement
Saakashvili: “We are at final stage of special operation for my liquidation …”
Saakashvili gets worse
Foreign Ministry called on Lukashenko to respect territorial integrity of Georgia
In Tbilisi, they create headquarters for liberation of Saakashvili
Saakashvili lawyer appealed court decision
Tehran is ready to meet heads of Foreign Ministry of format “3 + 3”
Zakharova is sure: Zelensky awaits fate of Saakashvili
Saakashvili supporters protest again 21 February
Tour find in Azerbaijan is growing