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Deputy Secretary General inaugurates Jordan’s Military Women’s Training Centre
NATO Secretary General: Summit will be pivotal moment
Defence Expenditure of NATO Countries
Brussels landmarks go NATO blue for Summit
MONEYVAL acknowledges San Marino’s progress in measures to combat money laundering and terrorism financing
NATO Audience Research: pre-Summit polling results 2021
Newly elected ICC Prosecutor Karim Asad Ahmad Khan QC to be sworn in on 16 June 2021: Practical information
Secretary General speaks with Ukrainian President ahead of NATO Summit
Implementing ECHR judgments: Latest decisions from Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers
Co-operation key to tackling challenges new and old Secretary General tells OSCE Permanent Council
Coronavirus Response: NATO and Poland support Iraq
Netherlands passes NATO Committee on Gender Perspectives Chair position to Portugal
Despite progress, discrimination persists against national minorities such as Serbs and Roma, says national minorities committee
Police services and other law enforcement authorities join forces to fight fake medical products
Statement to UN Security Council on Situation in Darfur, pursuant to UNSCR 1593
Ten Allies start new era in pilot training
MONEYVAL recognises progress made by Holy See and encourages it to further strengthen measures to combat money laundering
Third Regional Seminar “Faro Convention for concrete action on cultural heritage”
NATO Secretary General meets with members of U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C
Sanctions and measures without deprivation of liberty grow in Europe: annual statistics for 2020
40th Session of Congress, 15
NATO Secretary General meets with President Biden at White House
Deputy Secretary General underlines NATO support for Ukraine
Secretary General in discussions with senior EU representatives
Secretary General previews NATO Summit in keynote speech
Opinion on same-sex unions draft law presented to Serbian authorities
MONEYVAL: States must improve their effectiveness against money laundering and terrorist financing
Secretary General welcomes Prime Minister of Lithuania to NATO Headquarters
Romania urged to effectively prosecute human traffickers and ensure access to compensation for their victims
Coronavirus response: NATO and Poland support North Macedonia
Secretary General lauds UK’s role in NATO, discusses Summit plans with Prime Minister Johnson
Montenegro should do more to punish perpetrators and ensure access to justice and compensation for victims
NATO Defence Ministers endorse new policy on preventing and responding to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence
Raoul Wallenberg Prize 2022 – Council of Europe launches call for candidates
NATO Defence Ministers address Afghanistan and NATO 2030 agenda
Foreign Ministers prepare NATO Summit, exchange views on NATO 2030
Foreign and Defence Ministers meet ahead of NATO Summit
Secretary General previews meetings of NATO Foreign and Defence Ministers ahead of NATO Summit
NATO Deputy Secretary General’s visit to Romania
Coronavirus response: Montenegro and NATO sign cooperation agreement for purchase of medical equipment
Cybercrime Convention Committee approves E-evidence Protocol
Australian delegation unveils artwork donation to International Criminal Court
NATO announces nomination of General Philippe Lavigne, French Air and Space Force, as Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
United Kingdom – Publication of Fifth Round Compliance Report
Secretary General visits HMS Queen Elizabeth on NATO exercise Steadfast Defender
Austrian and Italian scientists join forces to strengthen health and safety in workplaces
ICC concludes confirmation of charges hearing in Abd-Al-Rahman case
Secretary General visits Portugal to prepare NATO Summit, inaugurate new cyber academy