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Secretary General welcomes Ukrainian Parliament’s approval of Istanbul Convention
Council of Europe and UNHCR: anyone fleeing war or persecution has right to seek safety and protection
Chair of NATO Military Committee travels to Finland
Continued use of situation of Russian as minority language as pretext for aggression against Ukraine unacceptable
Moldova needs more resources and expertise to welcome refugees fleeing war in Ukraine
Venice Commission plenary underway
NATO Deputy Secretary General stresses importance of resilience at Prespa Forum Dialogue
NATO Defence Ministers lay ground for Madrid Summit 17 June
Romania has improved protection of women from domestic violence, but progress needed on definition of rape
Secretary General’s report on human rights situation in Crimea: Committee of Ministers gravely concerned
Anti-torture Committee reiterates its recommendations to address inter-prisoner violence, informal hierarchy
PACE session highlights: President of Hellenic Republic and King of Netherlands
Six Allies to explore innovative solutions for their future helicopters
Secretary General welcomes US Secretary of Defense to meeting of NATO Defence Ministers
Secretary General participates in Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting
NATO Deputy Secretary General opens “InnovX-BCR DemoDay” innovation conference
Kazakhstan: corruption is serious concern, more transparency and independence needed
NATO Secretary General previews meeting of Allied Defence Ministers
Slovakia should improve education of Roma children and support to national minority cultures
Lack of co-ordination continues to hamper protection of regional and minority languages
Secretary General joins meeting of seven NATO Allies to prepare Madrid Summit
Improve education about national minorities and support for Sinti and Roma, says Council of Europe committee
Brigitte Macron, guest of honour at first forum for secondary school pupils
Domestic violence: Countries should improve child custody safety and victim protection
NATO Secretary General: “Sweden and Finland’s security matters for NATO”
Brigitte Macron, guest of honour at first forum for secondary school pupils
Portugal urged to enable trafficking victims to access legal aid and compensation, better identify victims among asylum seekers
NATO Secretary General visits Finland
NATO Secretary General takes part in B9 Summit
Implementing ECHR judgments: Latest decisions from Committee of Ministers 11 June
Deputy Secretary General previews NATO’s next Strategic Concept at Copenhagen Democracy Summit
NATO and EU Directors General of Military Staffs discuss enhanced military cooperation ahead of Madrid Summit
Allied countries continue to resettle Afghans who worked with NATO 10 June
NATO Secretary General and German Chancellor discuss Madrid Summit preparations
NATO Deputy Secretary General: Russia’s war against Ukraine has ”galvanised our democratic society”
NATO and Japan are natural partners, says Chair of NATO Military Committee
Estonia should intensify efforts to integrate national minorities
Anti-racism commission publishes reports on Denmark, Monaco and Estonia
NATO Partners discuss interoperability, maritime and energy security
NATO Secretary General addresses deterrence and defence with Baltic Prime Ministers
Implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments 8 June
Prison overcrowding remains problem in prisons in French-speaking Switzerland: Anti-torture committee report
Hungary: improvements in fighting money laundering and terrorist financing have led to upgraded ratings
Progress on legislative reforms, but should avoid rapid deportations of foreigners without screening them
16 NATO Allies and partners take place in exercise BALTOPS 22
NATO Establishes New Platform for Cooperation Amongst Schools for Allied and partner Non-Commissioned Officers
New report on impact of artificial intelligence on doctor-patient relationship
Informal exchange of views between Committee of Ministers and civil society representatives on participatory democracy