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Angela Merkel to receive UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award for protecting refugees at height of Syria crisis
Council of Europe experts call on Luxembourg to step up efforts to identify and assist victims
Progress on addressing inequalities, but more needed to protect LGBTI and Roma from discrimination and hate speech and help
35 years of Cultural Routes: Safeguarding European Values, Heritage, and Dialogue
Coronavirus response: NATO provides medical supplies to Republic of Moldova
Dublin conference discuss rights and best interests of child in parental separation and care proceedings
NATO Secretary General condemns Russia’s illegal attempts to annex Ukrainian territory
Deputy Secretary General at Helsinki Security Forum: Finland and Sweden will make our Alliance stronger
European justice ministers adopt “Dublin Declaration” on preventing violence through equality
Council of Europe leaders condemn illegal annexation of occupied territories of Ukraine
NATO Allies enhance readiness in Latvia exercise
NATO Deputy Secretary General calls for strengthened partnerships to accelerate innovation
Ireland must step up its fight against human trafficking
NATO Secretary General at EU Parliament: stay course on Ukraine
Alliance agrees Republic of Korea’s Mission to NATO
Migration and Refugees: Republic of Moldova fact-finding mission
Migration and Refugees: Poland fact-finding mission
NATO Secretary General convenes top Alliance procurement officials
Putting children at centre – Council of Europe and EU synergies in protecting children’s rights
War in Ukraine, Covid and climate change key challenges for national minorities
Committee of Ministers calls on member states to recognise right to clean, healthy and sustainable environment as human right
Using quantum technologies to make communications secure
Committee of Ministers adopts guidelines on preventing and remedying violations of European Convention on Human Rights
Unlawful dismissal: France violates European Social Charter
Deputy Secretary General: NATO is playing its part to keep digital space safe
Deputy Secretary General underlines NATO’s commitment to Ukraine ”for long haul”
Implementing ECHR judgments: Latest decisions from Committee of Ministers 23 September
Statement by North Atlantic Council on so-called “referenda” in parts of Ukraine
NATO Secretary General meets Chinese Foreign Minister in New York
NATO brings together aviation experts to address air safety after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
NATO Secretary General in New York
National minorities: new opinions on North Macedonia and Slovenia published
Greece: Anti-racism commission praises Greece’s national action plans, but concerns remain
NATO reaffirms support for Albania following cyber attacks
Anti Racism Commission calls for French progress on police identity controls and minority rights
Council of Europe Secretary General rejects so-called ‘referenda’ in occupied Ukrainian territories
Rain on range – Getting muddy with NATO’s multinational battlegroup in Romania
Implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments 21 September
NATO Secretary General joins world leaders at UN General Assembly
Anti racism commission releases new conclusions on Albania, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland
NATO Secretary General joins world leaders at state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II
NATO Chiefs of Defence discuss operationalisation of Madrid Summit decisions
Chair of NATO Military Committee praises Estonia for its resilience and digital innovation
Russia ceases to be party to European Convention on Human Rights
ECHR judgments: New factsheet on protection of property
NATO exercises with new maritime unmanned systems
No impunity for Russian aggression against Ukraine
Secretary General deplores Russian plans for referendum to annex Ukrainian territories