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ECB to redesign euro banknotes by 2024
Sahel Leaders Commit to Ambitious Reforms to Support Access to Quality Education
Two provinces of Nepal equipped with increased oxygen generation capacity in preparation for potential Covid surges
IMF Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Fiji
IMF Staff Concludes Virtual Visit to Iraq
IMF Staff Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on an Extended Credit Facility Arrangement with Zambia
Saint Lucia Builds Investment Reference Guide to Boost Sustainable Development
Strong Producer Organizations Key to Vibrant Farming Sector
IMF Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Uruguay
First Deputy Managing Director Geoffrey Okamoto to Leave IMF, Gita Gopinath to Be IMF’s New First Deputy Managing Director
Algeria at Crossroads
World Bank Provides $200 Million to Strengthen Irrigation Services in Logone River Valley
Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities is Crucial for Sustainable Development of Latin America and Caribbean
GCC returns to growth amid high oil prices and strong responses to Covid but large wage bills threaten its economies
IMF Staff Completes Mission for 2021 Article IV Consultation and Reviews under Policy Coordination Instrument
World Bank Provides $100 Million to Accelerate Rwandas Digital Transformation
Amidst Strong Economic Rebound in Russia, Risks Stemming from Covid and Inflation Build, Says World Bank Report
Uganda Economy to Rebound but Could Take Longer to Become Lower-Middle-Income Country
Saint Vincent and Grenadines Receives US$40 Million from World Bank to Support Volcano Eruption Recovery
World Bank Supports Croatia in Transforming Its Primary Education and Offering Better Learning Opportunities
IMF Management Completes First Review of Staff-Monitored Program with Guinea Bissau
World Bank supports Uruguay as country advances its commitment to agro-ecological production
Small Businesses Adapting to Rapidly Changing Economic Landscape, Study Finds
An Uneven Recovery: Impact of Covid on Latin America and Caribbean
IMF Concludes Eleventh Periodic Monitoring Report on Status of Management Implementation Plans
Indian State of West Bengal Gets $135 million World Bank Loan to Improve Efficiency, Reliability of Electricity Supply
IMF Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Mongolia
IMF Staff Completes Mission to Central African Republic 27 November
Support for Post-Pandemic Recovery, Resilience and Jobs in Tonga
IMF Holds Informal Briefing on Venezuela
IMF Completes Third Review under Extended Credit Facility for Liberia, and Approves US$23.64 Million Disbursement
Ghana Can Create Better Jobs through Accelerated Economic Transformation
IMF Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation
Iraq: Rising Fiscal Risks, Water Scarcity, and Climate Change Threaten Gradual Recovery from Pandemic
Survey on Access to Finance of Enterprises: availability of finance improved amid increase in turnover
IMF Staff Concludes Visit to Benin
IMF Staff Concludes Visit to Chile
New World Bank Project to Improve Quality of Learning for Over 5 Million Students Across Andhra Pradesh
IMF Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Algeria
IMF Completes First Review Under Stand-By Arrangement for Ukraine, Approves Extension of Arrangement
Eurosystem publishes new framework for overseeing electronic payments
Gambia Secures Additional Funds to Improve Health Care
IMF Approves New Two-Year US$50 Billion Flexible Credit Line Arrangement with Mexico
First-of-a-Kind Global Resource for Central Bank Digital Currency & Stablecoin Launched
IMF Staff Completes 2021 Article IV Mission to People’s Republic of China
IMF Staff and Jordan Reach Staff-Level Agreement on Third Review Under Extended Fund Facility
World Bank Prices Record NZD 1.5 Billion 5-Year Sustainable Development Bond
New World Bank report: RemoteLearning during pandemic: Lessons from today, principles for tomorrow