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Additional Financing to Enhance Access to Food for Poor and Food Insecure Households in Liberia
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with India
New World Bank Financing Will Expand and Strengthen Egypts Flagship Social Protection Program
IMF Executive Board Completes First and Second Reviews of ECF Arrangement for Chad and Approves US$ 149.3 Million Disbursement
World Bank Provides $200Million to Support Accelerated Human Capital Development in Rwanda
IMF Executive Board Completes Third Review of the Extended Arrangement Under the Extended Fund Facility for Argentina
Strengthening Somalias Institutions to Improve Service Delivery to Citizens
World Bank increases support to El Salvador to strengthen integral early childhood development
Democratic Republic of Congo: World Bank Approves $250 Million to Improve Stability and Resilience in Conflict-Affected Eastern Provinces
IMF Executive Board Concludes Annual Discussions on CEMAC Common Policies, and Common Policies in Support of Member Countries Reform Programs
IMF Staff Concludes Staff Visit to Kuwait
IMF Executive Board Completes the Second Review Under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF), Approves US$ 52.6 Million Disbursement, and Concludes the 2022 Article IV…
IMF Executive Board Completes First Review under the Stand-By Arrangement with Georgia
IMF and Uganda Reach Staff-Level Agreement on the Combined Second and Third Reviews under the Extended Credit Facility Arrangement
World Bank Approves $311 Million to Increase Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Capacity in West Africa
New Financing to Support Cambodias Economic Recovery and Long-Term Resilience
IMF Executive Board Discusses the Adequacy of the Fund’s Precautionary Balances
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2022 Third Review Under the Extended Credit Facility Arrangement with The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Austria contributes €14.9 million to IMF’s PRG-HIPC Trust in support of Somalia and Sudan Debt Relief
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Maldives
European Commission joins World Bank in supporting Djiboutis MSMEs
IMF Holds Informal Board Briefing on Iran
IMF Executive Board Approves a 2.4 billion EUR Stand-by Arrangement for the Republic of Serbia
ECB reviews its risk control framework for credit operations
World Bank Approves Support to Improve Flood Resilience and Risk Management in Indonesia
Lebanon: US$8.86 million Grant to Support Solid Waste Management and Reduce Public Health and Environmental Impacts
China: Domestic and External Conditions are Leading to a Weakened Economic Outlook
IMF Board discusses Program Monitoring with Board involvement for Ukraine
Pakistan: World Bank Approves $1.692 Billion for 5 Projects to Support the People of Sindh in the Flood-Affected Areas
IMF Executive Board Completes Fourth Reviews of EFF and ECF Arrangements for Kenya Providing a US$447.39 million Disbursement
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Cambodia
IMF approves $3B loan to Egypt for 46 months
IMF Updates 2022 Safeguards Assessments Policy Review
IMF Board Approves Plan to Improve Safety Measures
IMF Completes 2022 Djibouti Mission
Niger: Strengthening Resilience and Investing in People
World Bank Boosts Uzbekistan’s Strategic Reforms
Multi-Donor Trust Fund Set Up to Aid Ukraine
ECB publishes enhanced rules for private financial transactions of high-level officials
World Bank Boosts Food Systems Resilience in Sierra Leone
World Bank Grants $246M for West Africa Coastal Resilience
IMF Agrees with Jamaica on PLL, RSF and 2022 Article IV
World Bank Grants $70M for Water, Ag., Livestock in Somalia
Namibia Joins IMF’s Data Dissemination Standard
ECB extends liquidity lines with non-euro area central banks until 15 January 2024
IMF: Zimbabwe Visit Concludes Successfully
Monetary policy decisions: ECB 16 December
Sierra Leone Seeks Growth, Welfare Challenges Remain