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World Bank Group Launches Global Shield Financing Facility to Help Developing Countries Adapt to Climate Change
Indias Urban Infrastructure Needs to Cross $840 Billion Over Next 15 Years: New World Bank Report
World Bank Vice President Reiterates Support to Bangladesh for Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Growth
World Economic Forum, Indonesia Launch New Initiative to Support Sustainable Ocean Economy
Central Asian Countries Show Commitment to Cross-regional Approach to Pandemic Prevention
IMF Managing Director Welcomes Debt Treatment Agreement Reached by Chad and its Creditors under G20 Common Framework
G20 hosts Official Launch of Pandemic Fund
IMF Holds Informal Briefing on Venezuela 12 November
IMF Team Reach Staff-level Agreement with Mauritania on three-year Extended Credit Facility and Extended Fund Facility Arrangements
IMF Reaches Staff Level Agreement with Cabo Verde on First Review of Extended Credit Facility Arrangement
World Bank Vice President Martin Raiser to Visit Bangladesh
Pakistan Urgently Needs Significant Investments in Climate Resilience to Secure its Economy and Reduce Poverty
World Economic Forum Alliance Adopts Newly Released Guide to Strengthen Private Sector Action on Air Pollution
New Report by World Bank Identifies Key Challenges and Opportunities for Tunisias Development
World Bank Group Appoints New Country Director for Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe
Mali: Improving Agricultural Productivity and Strengthening Resilience of Rural Households Living in Drylands
Climate Change Inaction Threatens Iraqs Social Stability and Long-Term Economic Development Prospects
World Economic Forum and Partners Launch Guide for Sustainable Ocean-based Carbon Markets at COP27
Covid Elevated Poverty in Gambia
IMF Staff Reaches Staff-Level Agreement with Bangladesh on Extended Credit Facility/Extended Fund Facility and Resilience
ECB Consumer Expectations Survey results 9 November
Zanzibar Can Accelerate Poverty Reduction by Seizing More Opportunities to Diversify its Tourism Sector
World Bank Group Announces Major Initiative to Electrify Sub-Saharan Africa with Distributed Renewable Energy
Stronger Climate Action Will Support Sustainable Recovery and Accelerate Poverty Reduction in Philippines
IMF Reaches Staff Level Agreement on Fourth Reviews of Extended Fund Facility and Extended Credit Facility for Kenya
Sovereign Green, Social, and Sustainability Bonds Set to Grow as Emerging Markets Focus on Sustainability
Indonesia Receives First Payment for Reducing Emissions in East Kalimantan
World Bank Group Presents New Fund for Lowering Emissions
World’s Leading Agri-Commodity Companies Deliver Roadmap to Reduce Emissions from Land Use Change
IMF Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on First Review for Georgia’s Stand-By Arrangement
Migration Can Boost South Asias Recovery and Support Long-Term Development
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Mexico
IMF Staff Completes 2022 Article IV Mission to Morocco
US$20 million Grant to Help Djibouti Mitigate Food Security Risks Resulting from Multiple Crises and Climate Change
IMF Staff Completes 2022 Article IV Mission to Türkiye
With Prompt Reforms, Cameroon Can Turn Wealth into Green and Resilient Future for All World Bank
World Bank Approves $497 Million in Financing to Lower South Africas Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Support Just Transition
World Bank partners with UK, Canada, CIF to support geothermal exploration in Saint Lucia
IMF Staff Reaches Staff-Level Agreement with Benin on First Review under Extended Fund Facility and Extended Credit Facility
Proposed Law Enforcement Principles on Responsible Use of Facial Recognition Technology Released
ECB publishes consolidated banking data for end 4 November
Countries Could Cut Emissions by 70% by 2050 and Boost Resilience with Annual Investments of 1.4% of GDP
Countries Need to Fundamentally Change Health Systems to Better Prepare for Future Shocks
Climate Action Can Help Kazakhstan Diversify its Economy Away from Oil and Create New Drivers of Growth
IFIs Partners Launch Climate Finance Video Campaign Ahead of COP27
IMF Managing Director Names Julie Kozack as Director of Strategic Communications
IMF Staff Reaches Staff-Level Agreement with Serbia on Third Review Under Policy Coordination Instrument and Stand-By Arrangement
Western Hemisphere Regional Economic Outlook: Navigating Tighter Global Financial Conditions