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And Germany warns its citizens in Turkey
Embassy of United States and France in Turkey warned of possible terrorist attacks
Head of Ministry of Defense of Italy: Third World War would have begun at moment when
USA on entry of Finland and Sweden to NATO
Turkey urged Europe to respond to stocks with burning of Qur’an
Azerbaijani in world: terrorist attack in Tehran is crime against humanity
Zakharova: EU attempts to strengthen in Armenia are able to damage
Regata on occasion of 100th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev is included in calendar plan of European Canoe Association
EU Ambassador is shocked by an attack on Azerbaijani embassy
Magate: Powerful explosions are rattling near Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant
Pase supported resolution on creation of special tribunal for Russia and Belarus
EU Commissioner will visit Azerbaijan
Peskov about involvement of West in war in Ukraine
Serbia can join sanctions against Russia
Təbi̇b gave recommendations in connection with influent epidemic
American missiles can fly to Nizhny Novgorod
Application of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan
Russia was deprived of right to conduct UEFA Super Cup
Biden phoned Western allies
Iran answered sanctions
Czech Republic of Czech Republic predicted mobilization in Europe in event of war with Russia
Putin accused United States of occupation of Germany
Putin reproached European elites “for servicing other people’s interests”
Turanbank completed fourth quarter of 2022 with profit of 1.9 million manat
Georgian Foreign Ministry caused temporary attorney in Ukraine
Zakharova: United States draws Europe into big war
Kremlin considers “failure” supply of American tanks to Ukraine
Berlusconi knows who can resolve war in Ukraine
Advisory council of southern gas corridor will gather in Baku
Grossy denied application of Russian intelligence on weapons at Ukrainian nuclear power plants
Four countries ask EC to ensure gas supply from Azerbaijan to Europe
Deputy: burning of Qur’an cannot be responded with violence
Azerbaijani fighter, winner of Olympics and World Champion, will be judged in Baku court on serious crimes
NATO: path to world is to make it clear to Putin that he will not win
Poland asked Germany to allow Kyiv to transfer Leopard tanks
Bank of Republic in 2022 reached highest results in its history
Thousands of Ukrainian military on border with Belarus
Baku answered decision of European Union
Vuchich: Europe is at war
Strelkov said that war in Ukraine will end soon
European Union approved new tranche of help from Kyiv
EU will direct mission to Armenian-Azerbaijani border
Italy has stated condition for peace negotiations with Russia
Kremlin announced “an increase in nervousness” among NATO members
Head of Ministry of Defense of Germany called on “think well” about supply of tanks to Ukraine
EU Foreign Ministers will discuss new weapons supply to Kyiv
Italy said wanted by Russian oligarch
To reduce dependence on dollar: Brazil and Argentina create joint currency