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As EU Seeks to Cut Fossil Fuel Ties with Russia, CEOs Step Up with Action Plan on Energy and Food Security
Macron urged Georgia to impose sanctions against Russia
Unlocking Triple Returns from Social, Tech and Green Jobs
European Union froze four times less Bank of Russia assets than USA
NATO Deputy Secretary General opens “Defence Disrupted” innovation and technology conference
Israel President Calls for ‘Renewable’ Middle East Shaped by Dialogue and Tolerance
Greece will give United States Iranian oil from detained Russian tanker
Britain Foreign Minister: “We need to answer Russian aggression only by force”
Italian prosecutor’s office demanded six years in prison for Berlusconi
Michelle “noted” President of Russia and urged to stop distributing misinformation
Kyiv commented on Italian plan in Ukraine
Italy, Hungary and Cyprus require negotiations with Russia
Conversation with Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
‘New dawn’ for Europe as War in Ukraine Strengthens EU and Support for Enlargement
Reskilling Revolution: Leaders Preparing 1 Billion People for Tomorrow’s Economy
United States can withdraw part of sanctions from Iran
New Accord to Improve Health and Vaccine Equity for 1.2 Billion People in Lower-Income Countries
Zakharova: EU wants to wedge into process of agreements between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia
Prime Minister Moldova about country’s application to European Union: “It is very important that we are not forgotten”
Italy froze property of simultaneous Russians
Global CEOs Commit to Collective Action on Cyber Resilience
This time sugar: India shakes world market again
European Commission thought about gas pipeline between Spain and Italy
Poland proposed introducing a fee for countries importing oil from Russia
Russia-Ukraine war increases financial stability risks, ECB Financial Stability Review finds
Soros called on West to defeat Putin
Romani Refugees from Ukraine Face Segregation in Moldova
In Paris, they unanimously voted for Farid Gaibov
State Department answered Henry Kissinger
France welcomes meeting of Ilham Aliyev and Nikola Pashinyan in Brussels
Borrel called on European Union to study “Language of Power”
Charles Michelle wrote about meeting of Mustafaev and Grigoryan
Executive Secretary of United States: War in Ukraine may get out of control
World’s richest countries damaging child health worldwide: UNICEF
Business Leaders Call for Common Standard on ‘Onerous ESG Frameworks’
Colonel killed in Tehran planned an attack on ambassador of Israel to Baku
Geopolitical Crises Forcing Leaders to Face up to Difficult New Realities
Head of European Commission: Russia uses hunger and grain for sake of power
Outlook Is Grim for Global Recession but Experts Are Divided on Just How Grim
United States confiscated Iranian oil in Russian tanker in Greece
Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez Champions Freedom, Democracy and Post-Fossil Fuel Era
NATO Secretary-General Tells World Leaders ‘Freedom Must Come Before Trade’
International Plant Health Forum was held in Baku
NATO Secretary General at Davos: “freedom is more important than free trade”
EC President Von Der Leyen Condemns ‘Russia’s Blackmail’ on Food and Fuel
Medvedev insulted Poles and Baltic
Company exported to Azerbaijan Sol Enterprise stopped work
Patrushev: Anglo -Saxons implement idea of “golden billion”