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WB has increased forecast of economic growth in Turkey
European Union has submitted new plan for fight against illegal migration
In north of Syria, Terrorist YPG surrendered to Turkish military
Istanbul: preparations for final of UEFA Champions League were completed
Shmygal: destruction of Kakhovsky hydroelectric power station is fraught with an ecological disaster for south of Ukraine
Azerbaijan Foreign Minister performed at meeting of OSCE Permanent Council in Austria
Appointed chief adviser to Turkish President
Turkey: record export indicators in 2023 predict records
Turkish Ministry of Defense: 2 YPG /PKK terrorists are neutralized in north of Syria
An earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred in Indonesia
̇STANBUL PUBLISHING FELLOWSHIP 2023: Dialogue about future of publishing business
European Union is ready to invest in renewable energy of Kyrgyzstan
In southeast of Turkey, 3 terrorists of RKK were liquidated
Azerbaijan and Hungary signed new contract for gas supply
Switzerland parliament rejected proposal for re -export of weapons to Ukraine
Gazprom suspens “Turkish stream” due to technical work
Turkish athlete Ramil Guliev aims at gold of Olympiad
Tokaev noted priority nature of strategic partnership of Kazakhstan with EU
Turkish triathlonists will take part in Che in Spain
Moldova: restrictions on civilian flights were canceled
US Secretary of State arrived in Finland
Anthony Blinken arrived in Finland
Charles Michelle: next meeting of leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia will take place on July 21 in Brussels
Great Britain allocated to Moldova 10.5 million pounds
Passenger air transportation in world increased by 45.8% per year
European summit in Moldova: EU announced support of Moldova and Ukraine
Turkish military in north of Iraq surrendered 3 terrorist RKK
Turkish motorcyclists will take part in stage of World Cup in Italy
Caspian region has turned into an energy hub – head of Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan
EU allocated to Moldova non -lethal military assistance for 87 million euros
Istanbul Airport served more than 205 million passengers from opening
Ministry of Finance: Turkey – in second place in growth rates in OECR and EU zone
Moldova: II summit of European political community starts
University students of Turkey were among winners of Huawei Innovation Competition
Erdogan: winner of elected marathon became Turkish people
European Union doubled volume of macrofinance assistance to Moldova
Russia heads list of exporting countries to Turkey
Lavrov: RF Armed Forces have funds to respond to possible supply of F-16 Ukraine
Putin signed Denunciation Law of Dovs
Foreign Ministry: Türkiye will continue to fight manifestations of xenophobia and Islamophobia
Greece blocked 11th package of EU sanctions against Russia
Azerbaijan: railway is being built in direction of “Zangezur corridor”
Tragedy in Zolingen: Crime without statute of limitations
Deputy Chairman of Security Council of Russian Federation “Pred” to Ukraine to fate of Libya and Syria
Turkey: operation of electric trains of domestic production begins
SpaceX brought to orbit communications satellite of Arabsat
Prime Minister: Georgia expects only correct decision from EU – providing status of candidate
Garibashvili: Georgia expects only correct decision from EU – granting status of candidate