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Athens Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence and Rule of Law
Ministry of Justice declared extradition of a fraudster from Montenegro to Azerbaijan
Poland calls by Bayden to hardness in negotiations with Putin
ECB to redesign euro banknotes by 2024
Dad met with migrants and urged Europe to stop “crash of civilization”
In European Parliament nominated ultimatum Moscow
Two provinces of Nepal equipped with increased oxygen generation capacity in preparation for potential Covid surges
Bloomberg: “Stressful dispute” took place between Lavrov and Blinkken because of Ukraine
‘Trafficking is crime can happen in front of our eyes’
Omicron got to another European country
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet concludes her official visit to Niger
Minister of Defense of Ukraine announced price of war with Russia
In WHO reported that Omicron strain was discovered in 38 countries
Excess salt in soils puts food security at risk: FAO
Request for proposal: Technical support to SAGE executive secretariat
Implementing ECHR judgments: latest Committee of Ministers decisions
UN Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination publishes findings on Chile, Denmark, Singapore, Switzerland and Thailand
Council of Europe at Internet Governance Forum 2021
Schistosomiasis: large-scale treatment decreases prevalence by 60% among school-aged children
Saint Lucia Builds Investment Reference Guide to Boost Sustainable Development
Iran was disappointed in negotiations in Vienna
Croatia: anti-torture Committee publishes report on 2020 ad hoc visit
Conference on Integrity in Sport in Rome
ICRC: Omicron highlights need to step up global vaccinations, including in conflict zones
Rector of Kiev University in an interview with “Pandemic has forever changed education system”
EU’s insistence on expanding Frontex’s powers is disappointing
Sanction NSO Group Over Abusive Spyware: EU
Decades after Balkan wars, UN expert urges new push for justice
UN rights expert calls for renewed transitional justice process after 90’s conflict: Croatia
Bayramov in negotiations with Blinken
Bayramov, Culba, Zalkaliani and Popesca held a meeting in Stockholm
Allies select initial two Pilot Training Campuses for NATO Flight Training Europe
West urged Russia to “reduce temperature in region”
Protesters Targeted in March Massacre in Myanmar
Nobel Laureate: After victory in Karabakh, Turkic world will reach a new goal
Global displacement rising despite lockdowns that kept billions grounded
ICC hosts Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar of Judges on Rome Statute and International Criminal Court
Despite Covid connectivity boost, world’s poorest left far behind
Protect Peng Shuai: Olympics
Saint Vincent and Grenadines Receives US$40 Million from World Bank to Support Volcano Eruption Recovery
World Bank Supports Croatia in Transforming Its Primary Education and Offering Better Learning Opportunities
Turkey ranked second in GDP growth rates
World trade reaches all-time high, but 2022 outlook ‘uncertain’: UNCTAD
“French Trump” will compete with Macon for post of President of France
Secretary General shares ideas on NATO’s next Strategic Concept
Increased trafficking in counterfeit medicines: countries urged to ratify MEDICRIME Convention
History teaching to foster reconciliation in Europe: First annual conference
In Rada, they were offered to transfer platform for negotiations on Donbass to Turkey