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Mingyachevir State University became winner of Erasmus+ program
US is preparing to create a command center in Germany
Denounce Israel’s Apartheid at Association Council Meeting: EU
Human Rights Council Starts General Debate on Human Rights Bodies and Mechanisms
Chavushoglu about role of Azerbaijan in energy security
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with its Advisory Committee and Starts Interactive Dialogue
Rubinyan: Erdogan and Pashinyan can meet in Prague
Bayramov and Dumon discussed normalization of Azerbaijani-Armenian relations
UNEC became winner of two projects under ERASMUS+ program
NATO Allies enhance readiness in Latvia exercise
EU wants to ban contracts with Russian oil companies
Pashinyan goes to Prague with draft peace treaty
Europe can be left without mobile communications
Strong Trade Competitiveness, Financial Sector, and Well-functioning Cities are Critical for Sustained Growth
Northern stream leaks were discovered near leakage of Russian Federation
Pentagon disowned explosions in “northern streams”
Sandu hopes: victory of Ukraine will help to solve problem of Transnistria
Addressing Legacies of Colonialism Can Contribute to Overcoming Inequalities Within and Among States and Sustainable Development
“Russia brought invasion of Ukraine to a new level”: European Union announced new sanctions
Human Rights Council Holds Panel Discussion on Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Begins Interactive Dialogue with Expert Mechanism
Statement on negative impact of legacies of colonialism on enjoyment of human rights
USA, Germany and Sweden hit Himars
Zelensky thanks Erdogan for fundamental position
Ireland must step up its fight against human trafficking
American general: Armed Forces may be in Crimea next year
Global Recession Increasingly Likely as Cost of Living Soars, say Chief Economists
Parviz Shakhbazov on contribution of Azerbaijan to energy integration of Turkic countries
Member of European Football Championship received a summons in army
NATO Secretary General at EU Parliament: stay course on Ukraine
Azertelecom and Kazakhtelecom signed a memorandum of strategic partnership on Trans -Caspian project
Kremlin: Russia suffers losses from accidents in “northern streams”
Human Rights Council Holds Annual Discussion on Integration of Gender Perspective
Migration and Refugees: Republic of Moldova fact-finding mission
Migration and Refugees: Poland fact-finding mission
Committee on Migrant Workers Discusses Draft General Comment on Convergence of Convention and Global Compact for Safe
Poland found a replacement for Russian gas
Ramin Gadzhila objected to prosecutor: start investigation again
Putting children at centre – Council of Europe and EU synergies in protecting children’s rights
War in Ukraine, Covid and climate change key challenges for national minorities
Committee of Ministers calls on member states to recognise right to clean, healthy and sustainable environment as human right
Statement Regarding BSR’s HRA for Meta on Palestine & Israel
In Azerbaijan imported drugs, a dangerous substance was found for weight loss
What happened on North Stream and North Stream-2 gas pipelines?
Committee of Ministers adopts guidelines on preventing and remedying violations of European Convention on Human Rights
Unlawful dismissal: France violates European Social Charter
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with Fact-finding Mission on Venezuela
ILO welcomes first global agreement on working conditions and rights of professional football players
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Romania