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European Wrestling Championship starts in Baku
President of Moldova: Germany is strong and important ally of republic on way to EU
Iran: during operation against Satanist group, 261 people were detained
Parliament of Moldova appointed presidential elections for October 20
Referendum on entry of Moldova in EU will be held on October 20
ECHR rejected objection regarding ban on wearing hijab in Flemish schools in Belgium
Volodin accused Kyiv of drawing in United States and European countries “in big war”
Czech Republic announced support of European integration process of Moldova
12 terrorists of RSC are neutralized in north of Iraq
Tokaev: Germany – strategic partner of Kazakhstan in European Union
Moldova and Netherlands discussed ways to expand trade and economic cooperation
US Secretary of State met with representatives of Dejure Foundation and Corruption Countering Center in Kyiv
Anthony Biginen: USA bring Ukraine closer to NATO
Georgian Prime Minister negotiated with assistant Secretary of State
Kremlin stated ban on US imports from Russian Federation by manifestation of “unfair competition”
Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan: Baku regards Delimitation as historical event
European Council extended liberalization of trade between EU and Moldova for another year
Azerbaijani President: It’s time to abolish Minsk OSCE group
Azerbaijan exported more than 4 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: US and NATO policy in Central Asia are in danger of “color revolutions”
UN Secretary General Gutherrish condemned attacks on UN staff in Gaza
Foreign Minister of Armenia: Yerevan is interested in restoring railway message with Azerbaijan
Three terrorists of RKK are neutralized in north of Iraq 13 May
Turkish special services neutralized one of leaders of RKK in Iraq 13 May
Türkiye defeated Che by Taekwondo
Georgia: shares on bill on “transparency of foreign influence” are ongoing in Georgia
Mete gas won European shooting championship from classic onions
Group of activists burst into territory of Tesla plant near Berlin
Residents of many regions of Northern Hemisphere observed northern lights
Turkish Female Fatherland Firing Block Luke has become European champion
Prime Minister: Difficulties in relations of Georgia and EU will be overcome
Turkish Armed Forces neutralized 17 terrorists in Iraq and Syria
President of Moldova: Ukraine is fighting to preserve peace throughout Europe
Head of European Commission: Free Ukraine will soon become part of EU
Lockheed Martin General Director said “exciting” opportunity to work with Turkey
Zelensky announced need for timely defense support
Erdogan called on EU “not to make dead end” relations with Ankara
Leader of Main Opposition Party announced victory in elections in North Macedonia
79 years have passed since day of victory over fascism
Turks of Western Thrace protest against decision to release Racist Mikhaloliakos
Aliyev: Azerbaijan is actively working with partners, including Bulgaria, according to cable of green energy
Moldova and Norway discussed aspects of bilateral cooperation
Free economic zone for Hungarian and European companies will be created in Uzbekistan
Azerbaijan and Slovakia signed declaration of strategic partnership
Asthma annually takes away lives of more than 450 thousand
Turkish Ministry of Defense: 4 PKK/YPG terrorists are neutralized in north of Syria
Turkish company implements largest project in Slovenia
Chairman of State Duma of Russian Federation: “The problem of Ukrainian refugees” threatens migration crisis in Europe