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Foreign Minister of China and Britain discussed war in Ukraine
El Nigno: What is natural phenomenon leading to
Japanese Ministry of Defense is preparing record military budget for $ 53 billion
Patrushev: United States expand military infrastructure in Asia -Pacific region
Turkish Pamomukkale awaits influx of tourists from China
United States will send written off medium -range air defense systems to Ukraine
Around Taiwan, fighters and ships of Army of PRC were again seen again 11 June
Two planes collided at Tokyo Airport
China violated airspace of Taiwan
Ministry of Defense: China does not exclude use of force to reunite with Taiwan
Beijing: “Big Seven” prevents international world
Japan is concerned about military cooperation of Russian Federation and China in Asia
Japan placed Patriot (PAC-3) missiles near Taiwan Strait
Tokyo and Paris agreed to strengthen security in Indo-Pacific region
Khodorkovsky: West will have to choose between three options
China outraged words of Secretary General NATO
NATO: appearance of “Second Ukraine” in Asia was predicted in Asia
US intelligence about “missions” of Chinese balloons
An earthquake occurred in Taiwan
CIA: China is preparing to establish control over Taiwan
US General warns of an ambulance with China
Strategic bombers of China invaded Taiwan Air Defense zone
Ex-president of Poland is confident that world is on verge of third world
China sent record number of military aircraft to Taiwan
Biden signed record military budget of United States
Japan increases military power: defense budget will become third in world
US Senate approved record military budget for 2023
Japan will purchase from USA “Tomagavka”
Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland on entering war with Russia
Taiwan will help Ukraine against Iranian drones
Russia is most dependent country on China after DPRK
China and United States restore military communications
United States imposed sanctions against Armenian company
President Taiwan: China’s invasion may take place in very near future
China first demonstrated supersonic anti -ship missile
Chinese planes and ships move towards Taiwan
Putin: Why was it necessary to drag this grandmother on Taiwan?
China threatened those who wanted to separate Taiwan
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Commend Saint Kitts and Nevis on Adopted Policies
Prime Minister Taiwan answered mask
China wants to apply experience of war in Ukraine
China ambassador thanked mask
China answered a Mask on Taiwan
Musk expressed an opinion on Taiwan’s status
China directed 22 aircraft to Taiwan
Biden promised to fight for Taiwan in event of a Chinese invasion
At UN, Foreign Minister Wang Yi sees ‘hope’ in turbulent times, reaffirms ‘One China’ policy
USA and China exchanged warnings