Japan is concerned about military cooperation of Russian Federation and China in Asia

The Japanese government is concerned about the military cooperation of Russia and China in Asia, believing that the security of Europe is closely connected with the processes in the Indo-Pacific region. This was stated by the Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimas Hayashi, speaking at a meeting of the heads of diplomacy of the countries of the Indo-Pacific region in Stockholm.

According to him, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine struck on the basics of the world order, which “requires a joint response of the entire international community.” “Otherwise, similar challenges will take place in other parts of the planet, which will destroy the system that forms the foundations of today and well -being,” the head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry warned.

At the same time, he attracted attention to the actions of Beijing, trying to unilaterally change the status quo in the East Chinese and South Chinese seas. China also increases the actions of the Armed Forces in the Taiwan area, he stated.