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11th meeting of Committee on Legal Affairs and International Relations of Turkp was held in Baku
Taxi drivers in France blocked auto track leading to Paris
Lavrov grinned in response to question of Macron’s statement about sending troops to Ukraine
Europe has increased power of LNG Terminals from February 2022 by 53.5 billion cubic meters
Number of European countries filed complaints about META
Senate of France approved bill securing woman’s right to abortion in Constitution
Speaker of Sejm Lithuania: statement of President of France – signal to both Kyiv and Moscow
China plans to carry out 100 space launches in 2024
Chairman of State Duma of Russian Federation accused Macron of attempts to reimburse Third World War
Kyiv: 52 UN and EU countries called on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine
France will supply Armenia of air defense system of small, medium and high range
Yerevan was called to avoid damage to prospects of world of statements
Kremlin: Armenia officially did not notify suspension of membership in CSTO
Hakan Fidan met with colleagues from Saudi Arabia and France
In Kyiv, they discussed preparation of bilateral security agreement between Ukraine and Italy
Gas consumption in Europe in 2023 fell to lowest in 10 years
Macron’s unreasonable claims against Azerbaijan were condemned to Baku
France will continue to support Armenia and provide this country with weapons support
Prime Minister of Armenia arrived on visit to France
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: second meeting of UN Secretary General with special representatives in Afghanistan failed
Foreign Ministry of Turkey: Ankara will continue to play role in formation of future NATO
Zelensky: decision to withdraw Armed Forces of Ukraine from Avdeevka is made to avoid loss
Prime Minister of Armenia: Yerevan does not discuss possibility of joining NATO
Italian farmers plan large protest campaign in vicinity of Rome
Russia’s ambassador was called to Foreign Ministry
KGB of Belarus: in UAE, wide contacts with West in matter of fight against terrorism are established
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation: Sun delivered 37 high -precision strokes for military facilities in Ukraine in week
Protests of representatives of agricultural sector continue in France
Moldova President discussed European integration issues with France and Germany ambassadors
France: court gave suspended term to defendants in high -profile case of police violence
Ambassador of France was called to Russian Foreign Ministry
Volodin: State Duma of Russian Federation will turn to parliament of France due to incident with “mercenaries” in Kharkov
Zelensky and Macron agreed to start preparing visit of French president to Ukraine
Mongolia: winners of International Ice Festival “Mazaalai” are
France and Ukraine announced creation of “artillery coalition”
Azerbaijan’s parliament answered resolution of French Senate
Senegal – favorite place of riders
In France, they tried to set fire to mosque
Gathering of landslide in Columbia took lives of 6 people, dozens were injured
Dozens of flights were canceled due to lightning strike at airport dispatch tower in France
Foreign tour of Istanbul in January-November 2023 grew by 9%
United States, Germany, Great Britain and France condemned nuclear program of Iran
Ambassador of Azerbaijan was called to Foreign Ministry
Constitutional Council of France will check controversial law on migration
Baku said two employees of French Embassy by persons non-grata
Best football players 2023
Head of Ministry of Energy: Belarus can become one of world leaders in share of atomic generation in energy balance
Putin signed law that partially cancel tax agreements with “unfriendly countries”