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Biden: results of “referendums” are fabricated in Moscow
France for placement of observers on Azerbaijano-Armenian border
Human Rights Council Starts General Debate on Human Rights Bodies and Mechanisms
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with its Advisory Committee and Starts Interactive Dialogue
Bayramov and Dumon discussed normalization of Azerbaijani-Armenian relations
NATO Allies enhance readiness in Latvia exercise
Europe can be left without mobile communications
White House said “ridiculous” words Zakharova
Pashinyan holds a closed meeting with single -partyists
States Should Act to Protect Human Rights in Palestine, and Dismantle Israel’s Apartheid: statement
Macron sends his special support to Baku and Yerevan
Kocharyan about anti -Russian sentiments in Armenia
Human Rights Council Holds Annual Discussion on Integration of Gender Perspective
France sends a delegation to Armenian-Azerbaijani border
Statement Regarding BSR’s HRA for Meta on Palestine & Israel
Macron wants to talk with Ilham Aliyev 27 September
Unlawful dismissal: France violates European Social Charter
“Erablur” Blocked for Pashinyan
Biden and Macron will meet in White House and discuss Ukraine
Macron called on Azerbaijan and Armenia to sit at negotiating table
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with Fact-finding Mission on Venezuela
Azerbaijan will not take part in “Children’s Eurovision Council-2022”
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Romania
Pashinyan flies to meet Macron
Mali reports progress in political transition process, fighting terrorism
Countries G7 considered mobilization in Russia “step to escalation”
In France, they to outplay: Tagizade from government of Azerbaijan, Russian Embassy and Colonel GRU Bykov
Office of High Commissioner Describes Climate of Repression in Belarus, Deterioration of Human Rights Situation, Serious Violations
Security Force Abuse Amid National Dialogue in Chad
Jayhun Bayramov demanded to punish attackers of Azerbaijani embassies
Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine to Human Rights Council
Zakharova: Foreign Minister of Federal Republic of Foreign Affairs and France requested a meeting with Lavrov
International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia Finds Reasonable Grounds to Believe that Federal Government
Jaykhun Bayramov: “Giving oxygen” revengeists – great irresponsibility “
Macron: France is not fighting with Russia
Renewable energy jobs rise by 700,000 in year, to nearly 13 million
Renewable energy jobs hit 12.7 million globally
At UN, Iran’s leader decries West’s ‘double standard’ towards country’s nuclear programme
Conditions for Untold Numbers of Innocent People in Myanmar Have Gone from Bad to Worse to Horrific
Türkiye needs to strengthen effective torture prevention measures, UN experts find
Bidden is dissatisfied with number of members of UN Security Council
Anti Racism Commission calls for French progress on police identity controls and minority rights
Macron: “Armenia can rely on me”
Refugee and migrant health at centre of discussions during 77th UN General Assembly
Macron stated neutrality in Ukrainian issue by complicity
Influential young changemakers recognized by UN
Macron condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as ‘return to imperialism’, calls on UN to support path to peace
Macron wants to reform UN