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Congratulations are received addressed to new Foreign Minister of Turkey Hakan Fidan
Export success of Turkish drones Anka formed basis of plot of film
Moldova: II summit of European political community starts
Putin signed Denunciation Law of Dovs
Head of Pentagon visitors, Singapore, India and France
Erdogan: conditions for return of refugees to Syria are formed
Ministry of Internal Affairs of France: In 2022, every 12 minutes reported on loss of child
Military Britain, Romania and France will hold exercises in Moldova
Erdogan announced implementation of return plan up to 500 thousand
Turkey remains in top 3 countries according to number of beaches with “blue flag”
GDP per capita in Russia approached record
Turkish citizens abroad began to vote in presidential election
France: an investigation began on fact of public insulting macron
G7 summit started in Hiroshima
Turkish archers made two bronze medals at tournament in PRC
World press widely covers elections in Turkey
In France, far -right, they allowed to organize conference
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: London transmission Storm Shadow missiles to Kyiv leads to serious escalation
Erdogan told “shameful” statements about intervention of Russian Federation in elections in Turkey
France prosecutor’s office demanded trial of ex-president of Sarkozy in case of “Libyan money”
France called on PRC to convince Russia to respect sovereignty of Ukraine
France Parliament called on EU to recognize Wagner PMC with terrorist organization
Medvedev predicted loss of Germany’s leadership in Europe
Many countries continue to evacuate citizens from Sudan
France covered new wave of mass shares against pension reform
Fitch reduced default rating of issuer of France to level of “aa-“
Baku answered claims of Foreign Minister of France
France: head of intelligence warns of Russia’s penetration into political networks
Bayramov: Baku expects from Yerevan to return to negotiation process
Moscow: USA and EU failed an application for an honest broker between Baku and Yerevan
Crisis around Ukraine increased deadlines of sea oil transmission
Professor Meirovich: parallels between events of 1915 and Holocaust are unacceptable
Baku said statements of Paris on Lachinsky road unreasonable
G7 countries will strengthen cooperation to prevent sanctions against Russian Federation
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Moscow alone confronts “military-industrial conglomerate” of NATO and Ukraine
Export of air conditioning systems from Turkey in first quarter reached $ 1.7 billion
11 policemen suffered in Paris in Paris
Protests against pension reform continues in France 13 April
Export of related sectors of Turkish auto industry exceeded $ 3.6 billion for 3 months
Baku called Paris to refuse to support provocations of Armenia
Participants of meeting of G20 in India did not agree because of Russia and China
Macron urged China to put pressure on Russia
European countries can conclude an agreement between Ukraine and NATO
Paris announced strengthening of military support of Ukraine
Conferences League: Can Karabakh write story in general?
Student stabbed teacher in lyceum
France is concerned about possibility of conducting nuclear tests
Austria called on Russia to return to compliance with Treaty on offensive weapons