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“French Trump” Creates its own movement – “Reconquista”
Aydin Mehtiev died
French Republicans decided on presidential candidate
Statement of Tripartite Commission Thirty cases of missing persons from 1990-1991 Gulf War officially closed
Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination closes one hundred and fifth session after adopting concluding observations
Rector of Kiev University in an interview with “Pandemic has forever changed education system”
EU’s insistence on expanding Frontex’s powers is disappointing
Turkey ranked second in GDP growth rates
“French Trump” will compete with Macon for post of President of France
“Omikron” has been revealed almost in 20 countries and regions of world
UN chief calls for nuclear weapons-free Middle East
Implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments 30 November
Saakashvili said that Georgia lost independence
Omikron covers Europe
France: ex-minister accused of rape
WHO urges caution over travel bans linked to new Covid variant
Drowning of 27 migrants in English Channel is worst disaster on record: IOM
Is new head of Interpol involved in torture?
Johnson threatened Macron forces
Bodies of dozens of refugees found in La Manche
First meeting of Scientific Advisory Group for Origins of Novel Pathogens
Human Rights Watch Briefing Note for Twentieth Session of International Criminal Court Assembly of States Parties
Famous football player was sentenced to prison for blackmail
France: number of cases COVID-19 among children has increased dramatically
New threat: in 41 countries fixed outbreaks of bird flu
Hot meals helping Haiti’s children recover from earthquake
French found “hand of America” in laboratory origin of COVID
Iran declared a condition for successful nuclear transaction negotiations
Military exercises of Navy, Air Force and Ground Forces will start in France
What did Lavrov Maas and Drian rewritten?
Remittance Flows Register Robust 7.3 Percent Growth in 2021
UN plans to ensure regular, healthy school meals for every child in need by 2030
UN Agencies Back Bold Plan To Ensure Every Child In Need Gets Regular Healthy Meal In School By 2030
Third Consultative Group Meeting on Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Framework
UN Security Council does not plan to convene a meeting on situation in Azerbaijani-Armenian border
Macron asked Putin to use influence on Belarus
Europe: stated that Lukashenko will not block supply of gas
COP26 closes with ‘compromise’ deal on climate, but it’s not enough, says UN chief
France and US discussed Ukraine and Iran
Between Iran and Saudi Arabia melts ice
Lukashenko: USA took macron and “lowered” into ocean
UNESCO celebrates 75th anniversary, logo lights up Eiffel Tower
Lavrov with Shoigu discussed with French colleagues Karabakh
Migrants beat new records: through La Mans in Britain
Promises ‘ring hollow’ when fossil fuels still receive trillions
Ex-president of Bulgaria in an interview with “In Bulgaria, you dream about returning to Azerbaijani market”
Lavrov said that France is waiting for a serious conversation
Bayramov and Mirzoyan at meeting at Foreign Ministry