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France denied accusations of violating Niger airspace
France: in fire in guest house for disabled, 9 people were killed
Military presence of France in Niger is in question due to disagreements with junta
Ecowas: opinions about military operation in nichera were divided
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on August 6
Family of 20-year-old student Akyn Gench is waiting for justice in France
Ecowas defense ministers are discussing situation in Niger
Morning briefing of Anadolu Agency for August 2
France does not yet plan to evacuate military personnel from Niger
In France, they presented design of torch of Olympic Games
Hams export from Turkey since beginning of year exceeded $ 5.8 million
Azerbaijani President: Launch of Zangezur corridor will create additional opportunities to increase cargo flow
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for July 24
Dane Jonas Winghegor won cycling “Tour de France”
Hakan Fidan held consultations with chapters of Iraqi, Saudi Arabia and Egypt and Prime Minister of Libya
Hakan Fidan held consultations with chapters of Iraqi, Saudi Arabia and Egypt
France: more than 1 thousand
France: police officers were detained for use of excessive power against protesters
Japan and France will first hold joint military exercises
Homeland Saxophones: Historical City of Dinan
Brussels: meeting of Es-Azerbaijan-Armenia was announced
Lukashenko: desire of Minsk and Paris for cooperation stumbles upon artificial obstacles
Ukraine will receive more than 1.5 billion
France parliament approved an increase in military spending
Lavrov: emergence of F-16 fighters in Ukraine will be considered by Russian Federation as threat in nuclear sphere
France does not strive for escalation in Ukraine – Foreign Ministry
UN Human Rights Council condemned facts of burning Qur’an
Erdogan active diplomacy includes series of meetings at NATO summit in Vilnius
Export of cars from Turkey in half year reached $ 5.4 billion
Number of multiple births in world grows after pandemic
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation announced liquidation of almost 5 thousand
Export of Turkish auto industry in EU grew by 20%
Paris and Yerevan discussed course of negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan
Export of Turkish auto industry in first half of year reached $ 17.3 billion
Residents of suburbs of Paris complain of manifestations of racism and police violence
Zakharova: Protesters in France use weapons that West supplies Kyiv
About 90 organizations of France called for march against police violence
Muslims of France perceive riots as “protest against discrimination”
Speaker of State Duma of Russian Federation criticized policy of President of France
Ilham Aliyev: France is one of countries continuing neocolonial policy
France: 3,625 people were detained from beginning of riots
In France, they develop regulatory content in social networks Law
Macron announced readiness to fine members of Protesters families
Erdogan: burning of Qur’an is not freedom of expression
Number of detainees during riots in France reached 3.2 thousand
France: on night of July 3, more than 150 participants in unrest were detained
Switzerland: teenagers arranged pogroms following example of France
France: 45 thousand