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Special education of France – New Caledonia became an arena of unrest using violence
Presidents Macron and Zelensky discussed situation in Ukraine by phone
Chairman of State Duma of Russian Federation: “The problem of Ukrainian refugees” threatens migration crisis in Europe
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported on application of 25 “group strikes” in Ukraine for week
France urges Rwanda to leave territory of DRC
Baku strongly rejected unreasonable accusations from head of Ministry of Internal Affairs of France
Foreign Ministry of Turkey: resolution of National Assembly of France about Assyrians and Chaldeans has no basis
Ilham Aliyev: France, India and Greece arm Armenia against Azerbaijan
UEFA included in judges of Euro-2024 Turkish arbitrator
Bishkek discussed cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and France
Salikha Korkmaz and Meriem Bekmes won ticket to 2024 Olympic Games in Paris
Turkish manufacturer of TOGG Electric cars began developing T8X model
Turkish motorcycle racers will take part in prestigious competitions in France, Netherlands and Bulgaria
Scientists have discovered largest star black hole in galaxy
France withdrew its ambassador in Azerbaijan for consultations
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: President of France “plays with fire” with discussions about possible sending of military contingents to Ukraine
Ex-president of Russian Federation declared leaders of United States, France, Britain, Germany accomplices in Crocus City Hall
Türkiye suspends participation in contract on ordinary armed forces in Europe
Kremlin: Moscow will appreciate negotiations of Armenia, EU and USA after appearance of official statements
Baku: Italian policy should serve as an example for European countries
Ministry of Defense of Turkey congratulated NATO on 75th anniversary
Sergey Shoigu: Russia has information about Ukrainian trace of organizing terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall
France published pictures with most clear image of human brain
Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry: It is unacceptable for French side to accuse Azerbaijan of aggressive rhetoric
Estonian Prime Minister Kallas can become new NATO Secretary General
Poland suspended action of DOVS
By 2030, 62,300 MW atomic energy will be put into operation in world
Head of SGB of Azerbaijan: Paris intends to provoke Yerevan to new war
Tokaev spoke in China about international initiatives of Kazakhstan
Head of National Assembly of France arrived in Ukraine
Foreign Minister: Türkiye “drove into corner” of terrorists of RKK
Senior Advisor to President of Turkey condemned attacks on Turkish citizens in Europe
Chairman of Mazhilis of Kazakhstan: Astana makes significant contribution to ensuring peace and development
Austria is held in case of Ramazan
Paris announced need to shed light on terrorist attack in Krasnogorsk near Moscow
Paris refused to comment on information about presence of military in Ukraine
Kremlin considered Macron “very consistent” in thesis of sending of troops to Ukraine
Tunisia President Cais Said pardoned 1467 prisoners
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Macron contradicts itself
UN General Assembly adopted draft resolution on fight against Islamophobia
Kremlin connected frequent attacks in regions of Russian Federation with an attempt to “throw shadow” to polls
Macron: war is already in Europe
Resolution of European Parliament was condemned in Baku
President of Ukraine: French army has no reason to fight while Kyiv is firmly opposed to Russian Federation
State Duma of Russian Federation called for Bundestag to investigate participation of German military in hostilities in Ukraine
Turkey: last stage of World Cross on Snowmobiles ended
Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry: We demand that France do not interfere in internal affairs of Azerbaijan
Estonia contributes to search for potential shell suppliers for Ukraine