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Gathering of landslide in Columbia took lives of 6 people, dozens were injured
Dozens of flights were canceled due to lightning strike at airport dispatch tower in France
Foreign tour of Istanbul in January-November 2023 grew by 9%
United States, Germany, Great Britain and France condemned nuclear program of Iran
Ambassador of Azerbaijan was called to Foreign Ministry
Constitutional Council of France will check controversial law on migration
Baku said two employees of French Embassy by persons non-grata
Best football players 2023
Head of Ministry of Energy: Belarus can become one of world leaders in share of atomic generation in energy balance
Putin signed law that partially cancel tax agreements with “unfriendly countries”
In France, they robbed apartment of football player of Turkish national team
Ilham Aliyev: number of Western countries made unreasonable accusations to Azerbaijan
In France, they considered “discriminatory” decision to reduce state support for Muslim lyceums
National Assembly of France rejected controversial bill on migration
Authorities of France stopped state support for private lyceum for Muslims
Foreign Minister of Venezuela and Gayans discussed controversial region of Essekibu
France “froze assets” of Yahya Synera, which does not exist
Drawing of final stage of Euro-2024 took place
In Germany on Saturday, draw of Euro-2024 will take place
Dubai discussed bilateral relations of Kyrgyz and UAE
Türkiye was elected member of World Heritage Committee
France: famous Napoleon hat will put up for auction
Senate of France is discussing controversial bill regarding refugees and migrants
G7 will continue to support Ukraine and economic sanctions against Russian Federation
First Turkish electric car TOGG is exhibited in France
Two cruise airliners moored in Turkish Antalya
Italy has dead and missing due to storm “Kiran”
President of Uzbekistan guaranteed to create amenities for French companies
Storm “Kiran” hit north of France
Messi won Golden Ball for eighth time
France will put air defense system in Armenia
Ilham Aliyev: Most of colonial crimes were committed by France
French court issued an arrest warrant of 4 high -ranking officials of Syrian army
France: basketball clubs opposed ban on hijab
Aliyev: If any new confrontation occurs in region, then France will be guilty of this
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is accused of two new crimes
French consider ban on hijab at Olympics meaningless and shameful
In France, they are unhappy with ban on hijabs during Olympics-2024
Baku rejected unreasonable accusations of Foreign Minister of France against Azerbaijan
Salt Mountain in Nakhchyan – source of healing
Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan: False statements of French Minister do not contribute to world
Birth rate in France has fallen to lowest level over past 80 years
Macron allowed prospect of autonomy for Corsica
World Champion Gattuzo headed Marseille
Ambassador of France left Niger
Only 40% of international companies left Russia
UN criticized decision of France regarding prohibition of wearing shawls during Olympics
France: discrimination of dark -skinned