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Number of victims of mud lava and floods in Indonesia grew to 67
Number of flood victims and landslides in Indonesia has increased to 15
Indonesia: due to eruption of Ruang volcano, over 11 thousand evacuate
18 people became victims of landslide in Indonesia
An earthquake of magnitude 6.6 occurred in Indonesia
Fire occurred in weapon warehouse in Indonesia
Kremlin: Russian Federation does not accept imposed “rules” to resolve conflict in Ukraine
Ministry of Industry of Turkey: Preparation for launch of Türksat 6A communication satellite will begin in early July
On island of Java into Indonesia, an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred
Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred on island of Java in Indonesia
Indonesia has almost 40 thousand
Tanker with chemicals turned over coast of Japan
Ex-President of Russian Federation proposed alternative to Kyiv “Formula of World”
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: second meeting of UN Secretary General with special representatives in Afghanistan failed
In Indonesia, they choose new president
WHO: In world, there are 1.25 billion adult consumers of tobacco
Indonesia: over 6 thousand were evacuated due to volcanic eruptions
Indonesia: over 1.1 thousand were evacuated due to volcanic eruption
An earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred in Indonesia
Large airport was closed to Indonesia after eruption of Merapy volcano
Iran approved an agreement on abolition of visa regime with 33 countries
Due to eruption of volcano Merapy, 11 climbers were killed in Indonesia
An earthquake of magnitude 5.5 occurred off coast of Indonesia
Leaders of United States and China met in San Francisco
Xi Jinping arrived in San Francisco to participate in APEC summit
Erdogan met with president of Indonesia
An earthquake of magnitude 6 occurred in Indonesia
About 1 million
Halal Expo 2023 opens up new opportunities for exporters
Erdogan: Mikta created 10 years ago has come long way based on common vision and values
G20 leading summit starts on September 9
Indonesia introduces “gold visa” for investors
Strong earthquake occurred in Indonesia 29 August
Anti -Islamic provocations continue in Denmark
Morning briefing of Anadolu Agency for August 2
Ambassadors of Denmark and Sweden were called to Foreign Ministry of Indonesia
Türkiye and Indonesia have potential for cooperation in many areas
Representatives of foreign companies are satisfied with results of IDEF-2023 exhibition
Lentatek will introduce Kargı to IDEF-23 Drones
Strong earthquake occurred in Indonesia
Malaysia intends to cooperate with Ilona Mask
Foreign Minister of Turkey discussed with US Secretary of State Summit and situation in Afghanistan
Turkish Foreign Minister discussed with Stoltenberg implementation of decisions of Vilnius Summit NATO
In Jakarta, they discussed cooperation of Turkey and Indonesia
Lavrov discussed in Jakarta an increase in cooperation of Russian Federation with countries of ASEAN
Astana and future capital of Indonesia have become scraping cities
Stockholm: burning of Qur’an can negatively affect image of Sweden
SpaceX rocket brought into orbit an Indonesian communication satellite