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Scientists have identified key mutation of “Indian strain” Coronavirus
Human Rights Council to Hold its Forty-Seventh Regular Session from 21 June to 13 July 2021
Japan: created edible masks to protect against Covid-19
100 Start-ups Join World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers Community in 2021 Cohort
Brussels Summit Communiqué issued by Heads of State and Government participating in meeting of North Atlantic Council
Landmark G7 agreement pledges 870 million COVID-19 vaccine doses, half by end-2021
G7 announces pledges of 870 million COVID-19 vaccine doses, of which at least half to be delivered by end of 2021
Tofik Musaev gave way to Tokyo to Japanese Brazilian
Statement for healthcare professionals: How COVID-19 vaccines are regulated for safety and effectiveness
World’s best city for life
Member of Olympic Committee of Japan committed suicide
Azerbaijan judoist sensationally defeated Japanese, and then became winner of World Cup
Azerbaijani boxers won two licenses for Olympics in Tokyo
Putin: USSR and Russia never agreed to transfer of Japan four Kuril Islands
Houthis Risk Civilians’ Health in Covid-19: Yemen
Australian delegation unveils artwork donation to International Criminal Court
Global Firms Back LGBT Non-Discrimination Act
Two vessels collided off coast of Japan
Human Rights Council Establishes International Commission of Inquiry to Investigate Violations
Human Rights Council Opens Special Session on “the Grave Human Rights Situation
Japan’s emperor congratulated Ilham Aliyev
Thai State-Owned Company Funds Junta: Myanmar
New Momentum to Reform Transgender Law
Japan mulling to prevent Russia’s actions in Arctic
UN urges worldwide support for cultural sector to aid COVID recovery
From where I stand: “I deserve to live, and work and do whatever is needed to make my daughter happy.”
Missed Opportunity on Gender Recognition: Spain
US will receive a new hypersonic rocket
Doctors in Japan called on to cancel Olympics in Tokyo
Oil continues to rise 18 May
For passenger traffic: Japan will create intercontinental space ships
83 percent of Japanese opposed Olympics
Committee on Rights of Child Opens Online Eighty-Seventh Session, Elects New Chairperson and Bureau
US Air Force will define in Japan high-altitude drones Triton
Defying Predictions, Remittance Flows Remain Strong During COVID-19 Crisis
Famous Azerbaijani artist died of Covid-19
Act to Avert Looming Covid-19 Disaster: Nepal
Japanese frightened by Union of Russia and China
Statement on transparency and data integrityInternational Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities and WHO
Twitter has failed
Japanese will create zones of “green energy” on liberated territories
Latvia’s human rights record to be examined by Universal Periodic Review
Junta Bans Satellite Television: Myanmar
From where I stand: “The more Roma women are visible, more impact they have on society as
Among Indian delegation at G7 meeting found two patients with COVID-19
Asian Ports Dominate Global Container Port Performance Index
UN envoy Gordon Brown urges G7 countries to fund global COVID vaccination push
Scientists revealed relationship of blood group and leaning to alcoholism