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“Neftechchi” signed Brazilian striker
Kremlin: Dialogue about peace treaty with Japan is impossible
Initiator of Russia disconnect from SWIFT is
Girkin spoke sharply to Medvedev
Prime Minister of Japan: future of Asia depends on outcome of war in Ukraine
Washington and Tokyo announced continuation of Ukraine’s support
Murderer of ex-Prime Minister of Japan was charged
Killer of ex-Prime Minister of Japan is recognized as sane
In Japan, they can produce electricity from snow
Prime Minister of Japan: Russia uses energy as weapon
Saudi Arabia reduced oil prices for Asia and Europe
Britain advised DPRK to engage in welfare of its citizens
Kim Jong -un: Washington creates “Asian version of NATO”
US will test visitors from China
Astana announced negative impact of anti -Russian sanctions on Kazakhstan
North Korea is angry with statements by United States and Japan
Malawi: Child trafficking and forced labour push thousands to work on tobacco farms
Children working on tobacco farms remain out of school, say UN experts: Malawi
Around the world: 16 Days of Activism
Deputy is concerned about small number of male teachers
UN Women Executive Director visits Japan, calls for creating more opportunities for women and girls in Japan and globally
Levon Ter-Petrosyan was taken to hospital
As biodiversity degrades, nature’s solutions are lost for ever
Japan increases military power: defense budget will become third in world
Multi-Donor Trust Fund Set Up to Aid Ukraine
Zelensky invited Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine to Christmas
US, Europe Lead in Daily Calorie Intake
Japan will purchase from USA “Tomagavka”
Submission to UN Committee on Rights of Child in Kyrgyzstan
Medvedev seems enemies around world
Japan will use chairmanship in G7 for anti -Russian measures
New generation fighter will create Britain, Italy and Japan
“Shock-prognoses” for 2023 from Saxo Bank
Statement by Volker Türk, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights at Global Forum on Human Rights Education
Sandu wants in NATO
World Cup 2022: Spain lost to Japan and did not let Germany into playoffs
Billionaire Jack Ma quietly moved to Tokyo and was carried away by drawing
Prime Minister of Great Britain: “The Golden Era of Relations with China is over”
Dengue Surge Exposes Climate Risk in Nepal
NATO’s flagship cyber defence exercise kicks off in Estonia 29 November
World Cup 2022: Costa Rica beat Japan
Iran Must Stop Violence against Peaceful Protesters, Release All those Arrested, and Impose Moratorium on Death Penalty
Human Rights Council Establishes Fact-finding Mission to Investigate Alleged Human Rights Violations
Lost another favorite of World Cup 2022 – Germany
Japan: third minister in month resigned
Kim Jong -un and launched rocket, and his daughter showed world
Emerging roadmap to regulating sanitation services
DPRK launched within economic zone of Japan