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Prime Minister of Japan fired his son because of scandal with party
Head of Pentagon visitors, Singapore, India and France
China deepens cooperation with Russia contrary to pressure of West
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: result of meeting G7 became passages of anti -Russian and anti -Chinese nature
Biden announced defense aid package for Ukraine in amount of $ 375 million
Beijing: “Big Seven” prevents international world
Biden and Zelensky will meet on May 21 in Hiroshima
GDP per capita in Russia approached record
Quad leaders will meet in Hiroshima
G7 summit started in Hiroshima
Poll in Kazakhstan: Erdogan is most popular foreign leader
Pentagon is not against supply of F-16 fighters to Ukraine by other countries
Japan is concerned about military cooperation of Russian Federation and China in Asia
Cappadocia awaits record number of tourists
Japan placed Patriot (PAC-3) missiles near Taiwan Strait
Flagship of Turkish Navy arrived in Izmir
Flagship of Turkish Navy headed from Istanbul to Izmir
Population of Japan by 2070 will be reduced by 30% – forecast
Russian Foreign Ministry allowed rejection of moratorium on placement of RSMD
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on April 23
Japan: consumer inflation was record 3%
In Tokyo Mosque, festive prayer was performed
Tokyo and Paris agreed to strengthen security in Indo-Pacific region
Medvedev: G7 are hypocritical in call to confirm inadmissibility of nuclear war
G7 countries will strengthen cooperation to prevent sanctions against Russian Federation
Countries G7 could not agree on terms of refusal of coal generation
Japan: bodies of crew members of crashed military helicopter were found in Japan
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on April 16
American strategic B-52H bombers flew over Japanese Sea
DPRK experienced new intercontinental ballistic missile
Zelensky participates in negotiations of leaders G7
G7 countries plan to allocate $ 39 billion to Ukraine
Aliyev congratulated Emperor Japan
Japan will allocate billions to Ukraine
Zelensky can take part in meeting of leaders G7
North Korea launched rockets. Tokyo requested an emergency meeting of UN Security Council
Japan sent help to Iranian Azerbaijanis
Japan will purchase from United States up to 500 winged Tomahawk
Germany: meeting of heads of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of G7 in Ukraine is planned
JTI was awarded status of Global Top Employer: 9th in row best employer in world
US intelligence about “missions” of Chinese balloons
Japan again announced “illegal occupation” of southern smoking by Russia
Russia called on Japan to respect
“Neftechchi” signed Brazilian striker
Kremlin: Dialogue about peace treaty with Japan is impossible
Initiator of Russia disconnect from SWIFT is
Girkin spoke sharply to Medvedev
Prime Minister of Japan: future of Asia depends on outcome of war in Ukraine