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Sinzo Abe killer explained his act
Human Rights Council Adopts Four Texts, Including Extending Mandate on Libya
Abe killer confused ex-prime minister with another person?
Human Rights Council Adopts Seven Resolutions
Human Rights Council Adopts Four Resolutions
Human Rights Council Adopts Nine Resolutions
European Union: sanctions against Russia prevented it from producing oil and making Iskanders
Borrel: Europe does not intend to fight with Russia
High Numbers of Civilian Casualties in Ukraine Raise Concerns that Attacks by Russia are not Complying with International
Ukraine reconstruction is ‘long road’ but it must start now: Guterres
Azerbaijani gymnasts and karatists go to world games in USA
A strange refutation of Peskov
Japan imposes new sanctions against Russia
Chinese and Russian ships entered zone of controversial Japanese islands
United States will not protect: Japan was called to create nuclear weapons
US was accused of creating an analogue of TATO in Asia
Russia has established control over oil and gas company. It partially belongs to foreigners
Human Rights Council Holds Urgent Debate on Human Rights of Women and Girls in Afghanistan
China called for negotiations with United States and Asian countries
Madrid Summit ends with far-reaching decisions to transform NATO
Cherries, like an Azerbaijani dream, for which you can sit in prison
NATO leaders meet with key partners to address global challenges, Indo-Pacific partners participate
NATO gears up for Madrid Summit
15 cherries of a rare variety sold for $ 4,440
NATO Secretary General addresses Brussels Forum: “We need a bold strategy for our new security reality”
Western and Central African Leaders Endorse New Roadmap to Tackle Learning Crisis
Secretary General: NATO to agree “fundamental shift” in defence posture
Japan asks citizens to save electricity
Japan has announced new sanctions against Russia
A Russian ship caught fire in Sea of Japan
Russia proposed to celebrate “victory over militaristic Japan”
IHR Emergency Committee regarding multi-country outbreak of monkeypox
Kremlin: Relations with Japan are practically curled up
UN Women Reveals Concerning Regression in Attitudes Towards Gender Roles During Pandemic in New Study
US Moves Closer Toward Global Ban: Landmines
Eliminate nuclear weapons before they eliminate us: UN chief
Migrants from Kyrgyzstan choose a job in South Korea instead of Russia
Japanese banks reduced financing of Russian projects
Japan said that China will have an impact
Somalia Implements International Monetary Fund’s Enhanced General Data Dissemination System
Europe has found a replacement for Russian coal
China and India reduce effectiveness of anti -Russian sanctions?
Five new unstable members of UN Security Council were elected
Five countries elected to serve on UN Security Council
NATO and Japan are natural partners, says Chair of NATO Military Committee
Japan raised fighters because of Russian aircraft
Russia: sale of expensive cars has abruptly collapsed
IOC Heeds Calls to Embed Rights: Olympics