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Europe has found a replacement for Russian coal
China and India reduce effectiveness of anti -Russian sanctions?
Five new unstable members of UN Security Council were elected
Five countries elected to serve on UN Security Council
NATO and Japan are natural partners, says Chair of NATO Military Committee
Japan raised fighters because of Russian aircraft
Russia: sale of expensive cars has abruptly collapsed
IOC Heeds Calls to Embed Rights: Olympics
Call to Expand International Right to Education
North Korea launched eight ballistic missiles
Japan will freeze cooperation with Russia because of Ukraine
Portuguese business turning leftover fish into dog treats
China is preparing for military conflict
Over billion methamphetamine tabs seized in East and Southeast Asia
World Leaders Pledge to Fight for Freedom and Values with History at Turning Point
Private Sector Sends Powerful Market Signal to Commercialize Zero-Carbon Tech, as Key Coalition Tops 50 Members
Governments Harm Children’s Rights in Online Learning
Biden declared a war in Ukraine a global problem
Biden again confirmed invariability of US position on Taiwan
Japan transferred United States 30 kg of highly enriched uranium
Biden: Putin “must pay a high price” for invasion of Ukraine
Chief Economists Outlook Warns of Dire Human Consequences from Fragmentation of Global Economy
Biden announced launch of Indo-Pacific Economic Structure
Biden and Kisida will monitor military cooperation of Russia and China
Biden announced growth of GDP in United States faster than in China
Bolster Justice Efforts Worldwide: EU
United States is ready to protect Taiwan by military means in event of an invasion
Japan-Trained Officer Among Abusive Forces in Myanmar
WHO Director-General announces Global Health Leaders Awards
Anti -Russian demarche at APEC summit
G7 will allocate to Ukraine about $ 20 billion dollars
Russia will not be invited to ceremony of victims of atomic bombing of Hiroshima
Beijing began military exercises against background of Biden’s trip to Asia
What will Prime Minister of Japan do during visit of Biden
Allied Chiefs of Defence discuss collective defence
Promote Rights in North Korea: US/South Korea
Spotlight Rights, Democracy in Asia: Quad Leaders
Japan approved a plan for drain of radioactive water into sea
Japan and United States promised to “restrain” China
Heat in Europe will not let Gazprom suffer
Italy intends to transfer a large batch of weapons to Ukraine
Moscow Exchange has reached trading of Armenian dramas
IMF Concludes Quinquennial SDR Valuation Review and Determines New Currency Weights for SDR Valuation Basket
Mosbirzha will consider launch of trading Arab dirhams and Armenian dramas
G7 promises to isolate Russia and give Ukraine “how much” weapons “
China ships entered zone to controversial to Japan islands
United States will transfer non -lethal equipment from air base in Japan to Ukraine
Japan’s largest oil company stops purchase of Russian oil