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Japanese Ministry of Defense is preparing record military budget for $ 53 billion
Patrushev: United States expand military infrastructure in Asia -Pacific region
US Navy, Australia, Japan and India conduct joint military exercises
Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombardment: beginning of nuclear century
Kisida: path to world without nuclear weapons becomes even more complicated
Press Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation: Ukrainian membership in NATO will lead to consequences for security in Europe
South Korea protested Japan from due to islands TOCE
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for July 24
Japan and Great Britain will jointly develop new type of nuclear power plant reactor
Japan and France will first hold joint military exercises
UAE and Japan signed 23 documents on cooperation in various fields
Japanese Prime Minister went on tour of Arab countries
Second day of NATO summit started in Vilnius
Japan announced missile launch of DPRK
Japan: five people were killed due
Meeting of presidents of United States and Ukraine will be held in Vilnius
Japan intends to launch its first module for study of moon
Before NATO summit at Vilnius Airport, Patriot complexes were placed
NATO leaders will discuss important decisions at summit in Vilnius
Vilnius is preparing to accept NATO summit
Erdogan: Turkey is aimed at developing cooperation with Japan in many areas
China warned Seoul and Tokyo against revival of Cold War mentality
Ex-President of Russian Federation: every war can be completed by peace or nuclear weapons
State Duma Speaker: Citizens who left Russian Federation collided with an attitude as second grade
60 years have passed since world’s world
Japan: popularity of delivery of goods using drones is growing
Japan: two officers were killed as result of shooting at training ground
Stage of world women’s basketball series starts in Shusha
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for June 12
In northern Japan, an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred
Turkish athlete became winner of tennis horizontal bar in Jakarta
Two planes collided at Tokyo Airport
Ambassador of Japan is called to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation in response to supply of military equipment to Kyiv
Prime Minister of Japan says ready for an imminent meeting with Kim Jong -un
Japanese Foreign Minister congratulated Hakan Fidan
Prime Minister of Japan fired his son because of scandal with party
Head of Pentagon visitors, Singapore, India and France
China deepens cooperation with Russia contrary to pressure of West
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: result of meeting G7 became passages of anti -Russian and anti -Chinese nature
Biden announced defense aid package for Ukraine in amount of $ 375 million
Beijing: “Big Seven” prevents international world
Biden and Zelensky will meet on May 21 in Hiroshima
GDP per capita in Russia approached record
Quad leaders will meet in Hiroshima
G7 summit started in Hiroshima
Poll in Kazakhstan: Erdogan is most popular foreign leader
Pentagon is not against supply of F-16 fighters to Ukraine by other countries
Japan is concerned about military cooperation of Russian Federation and China in Asia