Formula-1 won Grand Prix of Japan

At the Suzuka Avtodrome, Formula 1 Grand Prix of Japan ended. His winner was the Pilot “Red Bull” Max Ferteppen.

The second was finished by the Dutchman’s partner Sergio Perez. The top three closed the Ferrari pilot Carlos Sayns.

Max Fersstappen won the Grand Prix for the third year in a row, having won the 57th victory in his career and the third this season.

“It was a good race. The main thing was to resist at the start. The car was getting better and better along the race, everything went well – Pete Stop, strategy. It could not be better. Yes, difficulties arose in the last weekend, But we are again at the top – it’s very cool to win here. The next weekend will be with a sprint, only one training, despite the fact that we have not performed in China for a long time, so it will be very interesting, ”said the winner after the race.


In the meantime, Max Fersstappen overcame the mark of 3000 circles, during which he was the leader of the championship races. This happened at the Japanese Grand Prix, on which the three-time formula-1 champion 1 became the winner.

It is worth noting that the Dutch pilot became only the fourth racer in history, who overcame this mark.

Lewis Hamilton (5455 circles of leading), Michael Schumacher (5111), Sebastian Vettel (3501) remained in front of him.


General test (top 10):

1. Max Ferstappen (“Red Bull”) – 77 points

2. Sergio Perez (“Red Bull”) – 64

3. Charles Lecler (“Ferrari”) – 59

4. Carlos Sains (“Ferrari”) – 55

5. Lando Norris (“Maclaren”) – 37

6. Oscar Piaste (“Maclaren”) – 32

7. George Russell (Mercedes) – 24

8. Fernando Alonso (“Aston Martin”) – 24

9. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – 10

10. Lance Stroll (“Aston Martin”) – 9

The first five in the overall standings looks as follows:

Cup of designers:

1. “Red Bull” – 141 points

2. “Ferrari” – 120

3. “McLaren” – 69

4. “Mercedes” – 34

5. “Aston Martin” – 33