US Secretary of State condemned deepening of military cooperation between DPRK and Russian Federation

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken condemned the deepening of military cooperation between North Korea and Russia.

According to the US State Department, a deepening of military cooperation between Pyongyang and Moscow, “including the exchange of weapons in violation of resolutions of the UN Security Council” The Secretary of State was discussing in a telephone conversation with the South Korean colleague Cho Tae-Yul. The heads of diplicts of the United States and South Korea agreed to cooperate on issues related to the DPRK.

According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap, Cho Tae-Yul also held a telephone conversation with the Japanese colleague Yoko Kamikawa.

The Foreign Minister of South Korea said that they agreed to strengthen cooperation in the field of security with Japan and the USA against threats of North Korea.

– Putin’s visit to North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin made an official visit to North Korea on June 19. As part of the visit between the parties, an agreement on a comprehensive strategic partnership was signed.

The head of state said that the Treaty of Comprehensive Strategic Partnership signed by the Russian Federation and the DPRK provides for the provision of mutual assistance in case of aggression against one of the participants. Putin added that Russia does not exclude for itself the development of military-technical cooperation with the DPRK in connection with the signed agreement on strategic interaction. At the same time, the head of the Russian state escaped the use of the word “alliance”.

The DPRK leader Kim Jong -un called the Covenant’s agreement and emphasized that the relations of Pyongyang and Moscow “rose to a new high level of allied relations.”