Chinese ships entered territorial waters of Japan

Three ships of the Chinese coastal protection were included in the territorial waters of Japan in the area of ​​the disputed islands of Senkaku in the East China Sea.

According to the 11th headquarters of the coast guard of the Nakha district on Okinawa, Chinese vessels entered the territorial waters of Japan and approached the Japanese fishing vessels.

violators left the district in response to the demand to leave the territorial waters of Japan.

Violation of the territorial waters of Japan by Chinese ships is recorded for the 21st time since the beginning of the year.

The disputed islands of Senkaku (Diaoyuidao)

The Archipelago in the East Chinese Sea, called Japan Senkaku, and China Diaoyudao, consists of 8 islands covered with rocks.

The archipelago is not inhabited and is the subject of a territorial dispute between Japan and China.