Turkish Pamomukkale awaits influx of tourists from China

The popular tourist area of ​​Pamukkale in the Turkish province Denizley awaits the influx of tourists from China against the backdrop of the abolition of prohibitions introduced by the Chinese authorities as part of measures to combat pandemia Covid-19.

China authorities allowed tourist agencies and online platforms to organize visiting group tours in 78 countries, including Turkey since August 10, 2023. The ban on the departure of group tours to foreign countries began to operate in March 2020 after the start of the pandemic Covid-19.

Pamukkale is usually the most preferred direction for tourists from the countries of East and Southeast Asia.

In an interview with Anadol, the Deputy Head of the Federation of the hotel in Turkey (Türofed) Gazi Murat Shen said that the number of tourists who arrived in Turkey from China in 2019 was 426,344 people.

, however, with the beginning of the pandemic, this figure was reduced to 30 thousand. At the same time, 89,515 tourists arrived from China in 2022, ”said Shen.

According to him, the issuance of permission for group tours can return the indicators to the previous level. After lifting the ban, we record a significant increase in the number of applications submitted to travel agencies for travel to Turkey, Shen noted.

“Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, China are countries from where the largest number of tourists came to the region. At the same time, China led this rating. With a decrease in the number of Chinese guests, we already had difficulties with the fulfillment of the tasks. With the discovery of China in 2024 We will begin to actively accept tourists from East and Southeast Asia, in particular in Pamukkala and Helcerapolis. This is very good news. The performance for 2019 demonstrates the importance of China for the region. In 2019, more than 426 thousand Chinese visited our country. 90 percent Their this number falls on Pamukkala and HieraPolis, ”added Shen.