Taiwan: 5 Chinese balloons were discovered near island

Taiwan Ministry of Defense announced the discovery of five China balloons near the island.

On the eve of the islands, three and north – two Chinese balloons were discovered in the south of the island, the department said in the social network x.

One of the balloons, crossing the “Middle Line”, that is, the air and sea line, which is supposed to distinguish the zones of the influence of the parties in the Taiwan Strait, flew over the island.

The Ministry of Defense also reported that 10 military aircraft and 6 ships belonging to the People’s Liberation Army of China were noticed in the island area.

It is noted that the activity of the Chinese balloons near the island intensified on the eve of the elections that will be held in Taiwan January 13.

The number of balloons discovered next to the island from December 17, 2023, that is, since the first mention of them from the Taiwan Ministry of Defense, has reached 35.

daily reports on balloons since the beginning of the year

Since the beginning of the year, at least one flight of a Chinese balloon is reported daily.

It is assumed that electronic intelligence equipment was installed on the balloons.

These flights are interpreted as a sign that the Beijing administration activates its efforts to collect operational information during the electoral process.

In addition, the increased activity of balloons is also considered as an attempt by Beijing to influence the inhabitants of the island during the electoral process and emphasize their claims to sovereignty.

Representatives of the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs questions about the availability of balloons answer that “they are not aware of the situation and this question has nothing to do with international relations.”

Critical elections on the island

January 13, the elections of the head of the Taiwan administration and the elections to the legislative Yuan – the island parliament.

will be held.

In the election, the leader and composition of the Taiwan government for the next 5 years decide. At the same time, the current leader of the island, Leader Tsai Yin-wen, will not be able to run for, since it completes the two times of her stay in power. The favorite of the election race is the current deputy head of the Taiwan administration, a representative of the ruling democratic progressive party of Lai Tsinde. It is predicted that in the event of his victory in the elections, the current tense relations with China will remain.

During the electoral process, a number of Chinese officials made statements that imply that “the risk of conflict and war will increase” if the barking, which they call the “supporter of independence” and “separatist”, will win the elections.

Taiwan has a de facto has independence since 1949. The separation of mainland China and Taiwan, which arose after the Civil War, continues so far.

The Beijing Administration, which has strengthened the military pressure in Taiwan in recent years, emphasizes that it does not exclude the possibility of using force if necessary to reunite the island with the mainland.