El Nigno: What is natural phenomenon leading to

One of the most important reasons for increasing the global air temperature is called climate change, however, from May of this year, the El-Nino phenomenon can be added to this factor.

El Nigno (Spanish – Baby, Boy) – a natural phenomenon that causes the warming of the surface waters of the Pacific Ocean and, as a result, has a significant impact on the climate of the entire planet. This is expressed in the form of waves of severe heat with record -high temperatures, heavy rains, drought, other anomalies.

In an interview with Anadola, the head of the Center for Applied Climate and Politics at the University of Blya, Professor Dr. Levent Kurnaz, said that with the El-Nignio water phenomenon, in the Pacific Ocean, warms up more than usual, and this primarily affects the effect on Regions with coasts with oceans.

According to the professor, the El-Nigno phenomenon was first recorded in the western part of the Pacific Ocean, in countries like Japan, China, Taiwan and Australia.