Beijing made it clear to United States that Taiwan should not support and prevent development of PRC

Church of China Xi Jinping, at a meeting with US President Joe Bayden in San Francisco, made it clear to the Washington administration that she should not support Taiwan’s independence, and also try to prevent China’s technological development through export restrictions, investment control and unilateral sanctions.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, during the meeting, the leaders of the two countries exchanged views on comprehensive and strategic issues affecting the direction of the Chinese-American relations, as well as the world and stability around the world as a whole.

During the meeting, Xi Jinping focused on the main issues of disagreements regarding the Taiwanese question and technological competition, as well as on the principles of maintaining healthy relations between the two countries,

“The United States should take specific steps to fulfill its obligations to refuse to support Taiwan’s independence, stop the militarization of Taiwan and support his peaceful reunification with China,” said the Chairman of the PRC.

The Chinese leader emphasized that Beijing is full of determination to achieve reunification with the island and it is impossible to prevent this.

Xi Jinping noted that the recent US export restrictions in the microcircuit sector, control over investment in advanced technologies, as well as unilateral sanctions will damage the legitimate interests of China. “To impede the technological development of China means the suppression of quality development and the deprivation of the Chinese people of the right to development,” said the chairman of the PRC

According to the Chinese leader, the world is quite large for both the United States and China. “The success of one country is an opportunity for another,” he said.

The Chairman of the PRC emphasized that the leaders of the two countries are greater than their people, the world and history for responsible leadership.

“Two large countries as China and the USA cannot afford to turn back to each other. On the planet Earth is enough for these two countries to be successful,” said the Chinese leader.

The Chairman of the PRC indicated that there are two ways in the relations of China and the USA. “One is to promote global security and prosperity through solidarity and cooperation, the other is to provoke hostility and confrontation,” he outlined.

Xi Jinping emphasized that China is not striving for hegemony and will not wage a cold or hot war with anyone.

“No matter what stage of development of China has achieved, it will never strive for hegemony or expansion and will never impose its will on others,” summed up the Chinese leader.